Text Only Browser for Web Surfing and as Proxy Server

A slow internet speed or a low data plan doesn’t allow us to surf the internet properly but with a text-only browser we may manage to surf the web easily if it is text that we are after. The text browser is one such browser inspired by Lynx and allows you web browsing through text. It never uploads images or other data heavy content on a website. Thus it is very light on your data plan and you can save data when you do not intend a graphic rich net experience. While Lynx requires installation, text browser is run in Google cloud and is powered by Google apps script.

The scripts require access to your Google docs account, the first time you run it. Be assured that the script does not track your browsing activity or any of your documents. The script also sends you an email that tells you of instructions to uninstall the association in a click.

The text browser not only loads a page but also the links embedded in it. It can also be used as a proxy server. As a proxy server you can access news articles or social networking sites that may be blocked at your office.

When you request a web page, the script first downloads that page on Google server and then transfers the content on your screen using the Google apps script. Thus blocked sites can also be surfed indirectly using text browser as a proxy, at your office.

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