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theScore is an Android App to for sport lovers who want to get Sports Breaking News and Alerts in real time. The app brings all the latest scores and news from all the big leagues in the world including NFL, NBA, MBA, NHL, EPL Champions and many more. theScore gives you an ultimate mobile sports experience and keep you updated with the latest activities taking place in the sports world. It is free of cost and does not consume much space on your device.

Moving to the interface it can be said that it is quite intuitive and user-friendly as the new are displayed very categorically that it becomes very easy to navigate through different sections. The controls are displayed in an uncluttered manner. To get theScore app on your device you just have to download it from the Google Play store and install it. After that you can launch the app where you will be directed to the main screen of this app. A screenshot of the same is shown below.

thescore Android app

A link has been provided at the last of this article to have theScore app downloaded on to your windows machine.

How To Get Started With theScore app

In the above screen you can see the way in which the news is being displayed when you have chosen a particular sport. You get to see the news when you click on the corresponding sections which you can easily turn on or off in the settings. There are different news categories present among the sports namely top news and breaking news for instances. Top news bring the latest information of sport and all the headlines that are viral in the recent past so that you can never miss interesting stuff going around. News Off season tracker is another section for transactions. The app brings all the scores, betting odds, stats, game preview, recap, top stories and league standings. There are free push alerts so that you never miss key moments of the game and keep you on top of all the location anytime and anywhere.

An interesting addition in theScore app is the widget that you can set on the home screen in a compact manner. You can get the scores of the top 5 leagues on your home screen right away in a convenient manner and it also supports the lock screen in some of the android versions. For sharing news that you like you just have to tap to spread it via Facebook or twitter. There is a section where you can customize the app functions as per your need. You can follow a particular team under this section. Also you can do the in-depth analysis of a team and player performance. Live chats and blogs are also updated with latest feed to keep you more informed. This is basically what you all need to know to work with this app.

Key Features Of theScore App

  1. New design for league news information
  2. News from all the big leagues in a detailed manner
  3. Sharing snapshots via social websites
  4. Available for completely Free
  5. Very easy and simple to use User-Interface
  6. Player Card Profiles for the team performance analysis
  7. Addition of standings and series scores in match up pages

Conclusion: theScore is a nice app for people in the west since most of the news that it covers are of the sports famous in this particular region. theScore app is useful in the sense that it gives a wider and detailed analysis of the game and the teams. Although only a few sports are missing in the app but it’s a good app to have on your mobile. Please do comment your views on this in the box provided below:

Link: theScore

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