Tips to Mirror Galaxy S4’s screen on your TV

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has revealed a bigger screen than previous Galaxy series. After touching a big-screen experience with Galaxy S4, some users want to view media files or play a game on the TV screen. These media files can be YouTube video or personal recorded video, captured image album. Now Samsung developers have arranged for this.  They developed a user-friendly support to mirror Galaxy S4 screen on the TV’s big screen. Using this option, you can play games, enjoy music video on your TV screen while your Galaxy S4 works as a controller.

The S4 introduces a few setup to mirror your phone’s screen onto TV, so that anything you view on your S4’s screen is what shows on the TV. The setup can be used with two tips which are wired or wireless. With offering the two connectivity solutions, you have to decide which setting suits you more.


HD videoThe S4 phone USB port lets you to view output and 7.1 surround sound by default. With this wire connection you will be tied to your TV. But, the advantage of wire connection is that you will get problem-free mirroring while wireless mirroring can sometimes displays tinny audio and tall and thin video.

galaxy s4 screen on tv

1.  Wired mirroring

To set up the wired mirroring,

  • At first, you will need or purchase Samsung’s MHL-to-HDMI cable.
  • Before connecting with the USB cable, you have to do simple setup on your phone. To do so,
  • Go to Settings and tap on My Device tab at the top side.
  • Now select Accessory option and tap on Audio output option.
  • Here, check the box nearby Surround option.
  • Now connect the MHL-to-HDMI cable to S4’s phone and your TV’s HDMI-in ports and your wall charger to the input on the side of the adapter.
  • At last, switch the input source on your TV.

Then anything you view on your S4’s phone that will display on the TV screen at the same time. Besides this, the output audio will be listened by your home-theater.

2.  Wireless mirroring


Wireless mirroring works on Samsung Smart TV 2013 models that haven’t yet been come on the market. So, if you want to connect other HDTV brand to start the wireless mirroring then use the Samsung dongle as an alternative. The dongle is also available at more discounts at Amazon store or Samsung store for purchasing.

To setup the wireless mirroring on your HDTV,

  • Connect your HDTV with the Samsung dongle and switching to the source input.
  • When the light on the center changes to red, press the reset button and the screen will turn blue.

To setup the wireless mirroring on your Galaxy S4 phone,

  • Go to settings panel and tap on connections in the list.
  • Now tap on Screen mirroring option.
  • After some snooping, the connected dongle should appear in the device list.
  • Then tap on it and your Galaxy S4 screen will start mirroring wirelessly on the TV screen.

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    wired connection is simple than wifi connection.