Tips to Share or Download Android Apps on Google Plus

Android occupies a gigantic share of tablet and smartphone OS market and with a creator like Google, the Android experience always seems to get better. Google has always believed in linking all it’s applications and services so that a single account may serve for all the fun you can have with your Android smartphone. Since Google Plus is the search engine’s own social networking site and the Google play being the Android app store, Google has ensured that the two remain connected so that an Android and a Google Plus user may effectively share her/his application experience with friends. There are two very simple ways by which you can either Download an android app from Google+ or may share it on your Google+ account. Following are the two ways you can do the same:-

1. Enter the Google play website. Then go over to your favorite app and right click there. A copy this link to’ option appears. Select that to copy the link address and then you can paste it as your status update or a comment in your Google Plus account. It is copied with an install option so that any of your friends may be directed to the play site to install it. With this, you can now share applications or play games with them online on your Google plus account.

2. Another very simple tip to share an application comes with the +1 option available with every app present in the play store. Clicking on +1, that particular app gets shared on, your Google+ account, but without the install option.
The uses of such integration between plays store and GOOGLE+ are many. You can now tell your friends about the games you play, interesting applications you use, the music you listen or even share the trailers or previews of your favorite upcoming movies. Moreover, Google shall send you notifications that will inform you of the latest application updates and new apps to be downloaded or shared. This especially works for people who use apps as Instagram to share photos etc.

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