Top 4 Virtual Keyboard Extension for Google Chrome

Keyboard is the most essential part of a computer. Without it, proper handling of your work on a computer seems to be insufficient. You all know that you can use a virtual keyboard as well when you are feeling not to use your keyboard but feeling to do all the works instead with mouse. This could be performed easily. Below is a list of top 4 virtual keyboards which you can use while browsing through various websites using this with the help of your mouse only.

Here is a list of top 4 Virtual Keyboard lists which you can use on Chrome. 

1. Chrome Virtual Keyboard

Chrome Virtual Keyboard is a free virtual keyboard which you could get from the Google Chrome Extension. Clicking on the below link will take you to its place where you can simply have this app installed to your computer. It has the layout completely to that of a simple keyboard. You can have different layouts using this app like English, French, Russian, Slovenian, Tamil, Polish, and Spanish. The most important feature which it supports is that simply hovering over the mouse will click on the keywords automatically. Thus you won’t even have to click any specific keyword on your keyword.

Link: Chrome Virtual Keyboard

2. Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro

It is again a free virtual keyboard extension for chrome users. you can have this app by searching it in Google chrome store. Installing this app on your chrome browser will present you an on-screen virtual keyboard when you enter text input fields. It shows you a normal keyboard which you can use to type any text using your mouse.

Link: Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro

3. Hot Virtual Keyboard Extension

Hot Virtual Keyboard Extension is a free virtual keyboard extension for chrome. This app offers you simple on-screen keyboard. It becomes effective when you enter any text input to this keyboard. This extension is developed by the same developer who has developed the comfort On-screen keyboard Pro. There are some exciting things added to this app which were not there in the previous extension. The feature is that the keyboard doesn’t remain static on the screen i.e. it keeps on moving. When you are typing it goes down.

Link:  Hot Virtual Keyboard Extension

4. Virtual Keyboard

This is one of the most fantastic online keyboard extension for chrome. Like the Chrome Virtual Keyboard, it too allows you to have multiple layout of keyboards here. When you install this app, it will start to appear in each page you open to do some works, reading etc. It works in a very efficient and effective manner. It comes in a variety of languages like English, Arabic, Deutsche, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Africa, Latin and many others. As it comes in a variety of languages, people love this app for their native language in combination with the language they want to use. You can control this virtual keyboard and opt to enable/disable simply by pressing Ctrl+Space or by clicking on its icon located on Omnibox in your Chrome browser. Once you have select the layout, it also provides you the facility to change the layout.

Link: Virtual Keyboard


These four above mentioned virtual keyboards are mostly used on Google Chrome. However, there is one thing about which you must be sure that, after installing any of this free virtual keyboard Chrome add-on, refresh your browser, otherwise icon and keyboard shortcuts will not work. Install any of these free virtual keyboard Chrome add-on in order to type in multiple languages.

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