Top 5 Windows Phone 8 Apps for Kids with Download link

Initiation of  Windows Phone 8 has been marked by numerous applications. You witness ‘Kids Corner’ on Windows Phone 8 to keep engaged your Kids with popular Games, Music, and Videos. Inclusion like ‘Kid’s Corner’ is unable to access important stuff of Windows Phone 8. Whether you are looking for all important Windows Phone 8 app, especially designed for Kids, then follow the rest of the article.

There are plenty of free and paid Windows Phone 8 apps to keep entertaining your Kids. I have picked 5 Windows Phone 8 apps that are made especially for Kids. These handpicked apps are: Kids TV, Kids Tube, Draw Free, Face Warp and Angry Birds. You may find key specifications, as well as download links of above mentioned Windows Phone 8 apps in the remaining part.

Kids TV

Kids TV is a cool Windows Phone 8 app. It comes with nice panorama of popular cartoon characters including Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse etc. The app has image galleries, favorite kids shows with videos. Every week new shows are added into deposit. Kids TV app does not cost in your pocket. Anyone can install Kids TV app on Windows Phone 8, using below link.

Download Kids TV (Windows Phone 8 App)

Kids Tube

Most of us have reservations to access YouTube videos at premature age. If you think same way then Kids Tube would be a nice alternative of YouTube. The particular app is powered by YouTube for safe and clean viewing videos at young age. Having installed Kids Tube app on Windows Phone 8, parents need not supervise what their Kids are viewing or searching. This free to use app can be installed easily with below link.

Download Kids Tube (Windows Phone 8 App)

Draw Free

Draw Free is the most popular drawing tool for Kids. Exercise of drawings anything with fingers is fabulous to watch. This free to use application is made for such cause. The particular app comes in 4 MB size and it can functions equally well on Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 7.5 and 7 as well. Once you need to install Draw Free application then use appropriate link.

Download Draw Free (Windows Phone 8 App) 

Face Warp

Face Warp app offers real-time video effects on Windows Phone. You can choose plenty of colorful, face squashing, twisting, warping, bolting effects to apply on images. One can pause stream or save images for show off. Face Warp needs Windows 8 or Windows 7.5 device to well execution. Downloading link is kept for installation of free to use Face Warp app.

Download Face Warp (Windows Phone 8 App)

Angry Birds 

It is wonderful kids entertaining app. Angry Birds app is all about survival stories that abides kids by multi-layer challenges. Each of 225 level requires logic, skill to solve the puzzle and crush the enemy. The Angry Birds app needs Windows Phone 7 and latest version to function. If you are looking to install Angry Bird on Windows Phone 8, you should be ready to pay.99 USA dollar.

Download Angry Birds (Windows Phone 8 App)

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