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Whenever discussion comes on the point to choose the best Windows Phone Game Apps, most of people go with Xbox gaming console. Undoubtedly, Xbox leads the chart of the best Gaming Apps since launching. Apart from Xbox Gaming application, there are plenty of funny Gaming apps available to entertain Windows Phone users. I select 5 important Game Apps for Windows Phone from store of independent game developers. Hoping these gaming apps provide enough respite of holiday madness.

In accordance with selecting Windows Phone Gaming Apps, I recognize innate application of following app as well as status of downloading in 2012. These high five are: Super Voltage, Armed, Starcrossed, Ant Smasher and Ragdoll Run. You may find everything out as Aptness & Downloading link, related to these Windows Phone Gaming Apps in remaining article.

Super Voltage 

Super Voltage is a favorite puzzler. It offers wonderful gaming experience. Gaming app needs constant attention while trying to zap monsters. Monsters become tougher over time so do your armory. Super Voltage Game app is compatible with Windows Phone 7.5 and the latest version as well.  Windows Phone users may get Super Voltage App without paying anything.

super voltage game download

download super voltage game


It is a sci-fi turn based Windows Phone Gaming App. It allows more than one player involvement. The Game App puts you in charge of fleet of next gen tanks and robots with solo mission to penetrate enemy territory. Well, sound and graphic effects are distinguished. The particular Gaming Apps suits with Windows Phone 7 and higher version. It costs 2.99 US dollar in your pocket for purchasing. You may download ‘Armed’ leading gaming app for Windows Phone from below link.

armed game download

download arms game


Starcrossed is a queer gaming app. It uses 2D platform for offering nice experience. In gaming app, you will have to guide a crash landed astronaut to come back successfully to his home planet. The Starcrossed app suits with Windows Phone 7.5 and the latest version. You will have to pay 0.99 USA dollars for Starcrossed gaming app. Link of downloading Starcrossed is placed just completion of this line.

starcrossed game download

download starcrossed game

Ant Smasher 

As name suggests so does function of Ant Smasher Gaming app. It is free to use Windows Phone Gaming app. Ant Smasher allows you to smash the bug, avoid the bees. Realistic sound effects of Ant Smasher makes feel marvelous with natural surrounding. The Ant Smasher executes with not only latest Windows Phone but also Windows Phone 7.5.

ant smasher game download

download antsmasher game

Ragdoll Run 

Ragdoll Run fetches endless fun to all inclusive Windows Phone. It uses colorful 3 D graphic. Ragdoll has ability to keep things simple and interesting. Ragdoll Run app runs on Windows Phone 7.5 & higher version of Windows Phone. If you are looking to experience 3 D Gaming, you may download it through provided link. The Ragdoll Run Gaming app does not cost any penny of users pockets.

ragdoll run game download

download ragdoll run game

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