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It is been a tough task for me to pick out top 10 Android Apps. However, number game to hit popular App position is always on. Taking cognizance of it, I choose those Android Apps which made their presence and rock Android Apps market. I am jubilant to say that act of picking best Android Apps to be done by me in various aspect. My finding ‘Best Android Apps’ to be categorized under the section of Utilities & Fun apps.

In the section of Utilities Apps, I pick Best Apps Market, Dolphin Browser, Widgetsoid, Chrome Beta & iTriage Mobile Health. Fun Section has Xbox SmartGlass, Instagram, Google Sky Map, Pinterest & Flixster. Next part of particular article elaborates functioning of each of above mentioned Android Apps.

Best Apps Android

1. Best Apps Market 

If you are looking for reliable app discovery tool then you may rely on Best Apps Market. It offers an elegant way to search for Free Top Apps & Top Games.  Best Apps Market provides independent reviews as well as it shows money saving option. For using this Android Apps, you are not required to pay a single rupee.

best app market download

download best app market for android

2. Dolphin Browser 

It is one of the popular mobile browsers. When it comes to speed of Dolphin Browser, it compares well to Google Chrome. Most common activity like Web Searching, Sharing, Bookmarking etc could be done easily through Dolphin Browser. It offers navigation with voice commands. You may get Dolphin Browser absolutely free.

dolphin browser android

download dolphin browser for android

3. Widgetsoid

It allows you to create own Widgets on your Android Phone. You may create clock widget to display whatever information you needed. It is a very helpful app, available in both free and paid version.

4. Chrome Beta 

When matter relates to speed and simplicity, you need to switch Chrome Beta on your Android Device. Though default Android Web browser has enough potential but wanting to meet with ultra speed browsing experience then option leads to Chrome Beta. You may download free to use Chrome Beta from below link.

chromebeta android

download chrome beta for android

5. iTriage Health 

The iTriage Health app is designed to give quick medical information. The app shows nearby treatment center, urgent care pharmacy, and the emergency unit as well. A few click needs to function iTriage Health app. iTriage Health doesn’t charge any penny to utilize with Android device.

itriage app android

download itriage app for android

6. Xbox SmartGlass

It lets you bring interactive experience regarding watching favorite TV shows, Movies, Live Sports Events etc on Android Phone. Using this application, you will be able to connect with your Xbox friends. You may use Xbox SmartGlass app without paying any Indian rupee.

xbox smartglass android download

download Xbox smartglass for android

7. Instagram 

Whether you are fond of sharing photos of your world. Thinking like this leads you to use Instagram application. As you know Instagram is Facebook owned image sharing application. Instagram app is now available for Android Phone. You may get Instagram free to use application from below link.

instagraam app download

instagraam app for android download

8. Google Sky Map

The Google Sky Map is a nice application. It uses Global Position System to depicts Stars, Constellation, Planets in the wide open sky. While you turn on Google Sky Map, it shows whatever you want to look for. Google Sky Map application is extremely helpful for finding any heavenly body of our solar system. Anyone may get this Android App without paying nothing.

google sky map app android download

download google sky map app android

9. Pinterest

As you know Pinterest is the tool to discover and share inspiration. By using the Pinterest app, you will be able to gather nice things. You may plan important projects. It also allows to create own visual concept boards and gather thoughts on numerous topic. As far as availability concern, Pinterest app could be downloaded from below link. Android users are not required to pay any fee for using this app.

pinterest app for android download

download Pinterest app for android

10. Flixster

Flixster app is developed for movie lovers. It displays movie trailers, reviews, and showtimes as well. App displays exact movie listing at nearby theaters. You may browse movies sequence or what’s playing nearby with help of Flixster app. You may access RT reviews of any movie after single click on this app. Not a single rupee to be charged on you for using this Android App.   

flixsrter app adownload

download Flixster app for android 

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