Ultimate Guide to Play My Talking Tom On Smartphone

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My Talking Tom is one of the most prevalent and engrossing game for kids as well as for elder over the smartphone. Once you start playing this game, you feel a Yourself a part of this game and the tom as one of your friend which you have to take care of. There are lots of other games attached to this game helps you in reaching next level and buying different stuffs for your Tom. The most exciting about this is he can talk to you by repeating the same words spoken by you. Believe me, you feel very nice while Tom imitates your speech or words.

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The interface of this game is pretty simple, however you can make it look cool and really awesome by buying different things and arranging them properly. A screenshot of this game is shown below:

Ultimate Guide to Play My Talking Tom On Smartphone

Speaking Tom

This is what your tom looks like initially. It is a small kid you have to feed, talk with him and make him sleep. A link has been provided at the last of this article from where you can access this app.

How to play this game

Playing this game is very simple. All you have to do is to play pre-added games so that you can buy gold which is necessary for buying food and many different entertaining things. There are four sections to this game.

Section:1 Playing Games 

Ultimate Guide to Play My Talking Tom On Smartphone

Playing with Tom

Here, in this section, you can click on the joystick option to open different games pre-installed along with this game like Flappy Bird, Match Figures, Memorize things, dress Up and many others. These games basically help you in making gold. Save your gold, it will help you a lot. Play those games which give you maximum number of gold in least time.

Section:- 2 Feeding Your Tom

feeding your Tom

This is the most favorite section as you can feed your Tom anything here. I personally enjoy slapping him and make him eat more and more even after his stomach is full. There is a store located just in the leftmost corner where, you can buy anything as per the gold in your bank. You can buy food, instruments, Clothes, Goggles, Caps, Fur, bedroom sheets, dinning sheets, frames, Chairs etc. There is a Potion which you can give to your Tommy to make him hungry so that he could eat more and more and grow up faster. There are other potions too like: Fat Burner, Energy Burner etc.

Section:- 3 Bathroom

Ultimate Guide to Play My Talking Tom On Smartphone

talking tom bathroom

Here, You can send your Tom to toilet for regular stuff. He is looking dirty here in this picture, this is because he has not taken bath today. There is a shop to bathe him and a shower to remove the soap from his body. You can see him fresh in the previous section which has been taken after he has taken bath. He is yawning, which means he needs to sleep as he hadn’t taken that. Let’s go to the bedroom.

Section:- 4 Bedroom

Ultimate Guide to Play My Talking Tom On Smartphone

talking tom bedroom

Here, you can make him sleep by switching off the light. Once, his sleep is complete, he asks for turning on the light. In his sleep he dreams too. Except for this last section, he can listen to you and repeat those words.

The expression which is shown by him are beyond comparison whether it be for asking food, turning off/on the lights, asking for going to bathroom and yawning.  You will surely love this game. Give it a try. If you have any query, write below.

Download:- Talking Tom

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