How to use Apple iCloud service on a Windows PC

The users who own an Apple devices like a Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and obviously they also have PC in their houses so they are quite accustomed with the use of the iCloud services. This is a free service which has built in all the iOs devices and Macs wherefore the user can store all the content on the cloud services so that it can be accessed anywhere, anytime with any device.

Every buyer who buys an Apple product gets an access to iCloud where he can create an account and get 5 GB of cloud storage for free. This service also helps in accessing the emails, contacts, calendar, and reminders from a web browser also. If the user has a PC, then there is no need for an Apple product, but an Apple hardware running MacOS X or an iOS is required which is used to get an Apple ID without which the user cannot sign in to the services. One of the features which are well noted is the presence of a control panel for Windows which keeps all the calendars, contacts, bookmarks, and documents in synchronization among the Mac, iOS devices, and PC.

This article is all about how the iCloud Control Panel works on Windows. However the Control Panel is supported by Vista SP2 and higher versions such as the Windows7 and Windows 8.

Step 1: Make a download of the latest version of the iCloud control Panel from the link Apple. Support. Then, run the setup file to install the software on the PC. It should be noted that a prompt will be made to shut all the outlook programs while the installation is in progress. Follow the simple instructions and install it.

Step 2: After the successful installation, run the program. A dialog box

will be shown where you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and the

password which has been created on the Apple devices. After clicking the Sign in Option, a dialog box displays the message “Do you want to send diagnostic and usage info to Apple”. According to your requirements, you can click on Automatically send or do not send. The iCloud service is improved by the use of this information.

Step 3: The next page shows all the related information such as the

Apple ID, the space available on the iCloud account, and the user can choose the iCloud services that are required to be enabled on the PC. A dialog box shows up. The first option uploads everything on the iCloud service and the second option uploads only a selected number of files. In this way, you can choose the option best suited for you.

This way your task is complete. Now, every bit of your selected information appears on the cloud service from where you can use it anywhere, anytime.

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