Play Disney’s Where’s My Perry, Where’s My Water in Windows Phone 8 /10

Disney makes this holiday season more special by offering twin mega-hits ‘Where’s My Perry’ and ‘Where’s My Water’ at mere price for all-inclusive Windows Phone users. Since existence these two are leading collection of popular fun and adventure gaming apps. Disney turns the laws of physics into fun while making both ‘Where’s My Perry’ and Where’s My Water gaming apps. If you like to confront adventures along with fun on your Windows Phone 8 (WP 8) then ready to pay just $.99 dollar.

Where’s My Perry 

Perry is on mission in Where’s My Perry gaming app. In midway, it asks for help to accomplish in-hand mission. Once in the way of headquarters Perry stuck into transportation tubes and needs your help. Amid of trapping, Perry asks to know about using all forms of water such as liquid, steam and ice to operate generator. In span of 80 puzzles across 4 chapters gaming application lasts. You may install ‘Where’s My Perry’  app on Windows Phone 8 after purchasing online with below link.

Download Where’s My Perry (Windows Phone 8) Game App

Where’s My Water 

In Where’s My Water, you play important part to help Swampy and Cranky (alligators) so they can clean their dishes after a while long city sewers day. Lost Levels and Duck Level mystery add more fun and stories as well in Where’s My Water. There are more than 400 puzzles kept solving while going through Where’s My Water gaming app. The gaming console needs Windows Phone 8 (WP 8) platform to function smoothly. If you are willing to use this gaming app on Windows Phone 8, then place your order through below link.

Download Where’s My Water (Windows Phone 8) Game App

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