How to Use Shortcut Keys to Operate SBI Net Banking


Login and Post Login Operations in SBI Online Banking with Shortcut Keys

Many people face problems  during logging in SBI Net banking due to lack of acknowledgement of shortcut keys. We can also use shortcut keys during login  SBI internet banking to save our time and irritation. If we do not know about these shortcut keys then we have to read and click on desired place as we want by using the mouse. If this mouse does not work properly then we can not able to login SBI internet banking, there we have to apply only shortcut keys to login. If you use shortcut keys in operating your SB Net Banking your account will be more secured and safe.

Here few shortcut keys are prescribed to operate login and post login SBI net banking activities. If you are using  Internet Explorer then you have to use the Enter key with the following access keys. And if you are using Mozilla FireFox then you have to use the Shift key with the following access keys. You will be able to login in Personal Banking login page. For this, you have to go through the official website of SBI i.e.

Login SBI Net Banking with Shortcut Keys

1. To lock internet access to your account you have to use the Alt + 0 key.

2. To view help you have to use the Alt + 1 key.

3. To Login you should use the Alt + 2 key.

4. To view Instructions you should use the Alt + 7 key.

5. To view FAQ you have to use the Alt + 8 key.

Shortcut keys to Operate Post Login Activities in SBI Net Banking