Use Simplewall to Simplify Firewall on Windows

Methods to use Simplewall to Simplify Firewall in Windows 10. – The Simplewall uses firewall trespass prevention system to block unwanted traffic. The Internet has now turned into an important part of life these days. But the challenge now is blocking and allowing the needful programs. Windows tries to cater to user’s needs through Firewall yet some users feel the need for third-party software.

So you will get here a guide on how to use Simplewall to Simplify Firewall on Windows. This security need of the users is taken care of by the software. Simplewall, a program for all Microsoft Windows devices, permits or denies programs while using the Internet. See a similar article – How to Overcome Privacy Concerns on Windows 10 with W10Privacy. While using Simplewall to simplify Firewall on Windows you may find our guide helpful.

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Methods to Use Simplewall to Simplify Firewall on Windows

Download Simplewall

Step 1 – Go to this page and download this lightweight Simplewall software.

Step 2 – Now, follow the guidelines on the screen to finish the installation process for using Simplewall.

System Requirements

Simplewall has a portable program as well as a version that demands installation. It is completely up to the user to choose their type. This software includes both 32-Bit and 64-Bit executables setup files. It supports all kinds of Microsoft Windows, right from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

How to Use Simplewall

Adding Programs in Simplewall

To add programs in Simplewall just drag that particular program and then drop it inside the software box.

How does Simplewall work

The program’s standard mode of functioning is to allow just the whitelisted programs to work when connected to the Internet. In simple terms, it blocks all programs from using the Internet if not whitelisted manually.

Simplewall provides users with two other options also. One of them is switching to the blacklist mode. Here any program works on the Internet until and unless it is blacklisted by the user. Once the user blacklists a particular program then only that particular will stop working once the device comes in contact with the Internet. To enable this mode the given steps will help.

Step 1 – Choose the Settings tab which is the fourth one on the Simplewall box.

Step 2 – Here from the given options select Mode. In the next list of options, opt for the option Blacklist (Block Selected).

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Step 3 – Click the Yes button to confirm if asked.

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Step 4 – Now move to the original box of Simplewall and click on the Install Filters tab.

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With this, all the programs you drag and drop in the box will be blacklisted and not allowed to run on your device.

The second option is to trust no app and block all the apps from running on your device until the time you whitelist a few apps.

How to Whitelist or blacklist apps

In order to whitelist or blacklist any app select the app in the box as per the applied mode of the software.

How to show the entire path in Simplewall

Simplewall gives you the option to show the full path in the display box and not only the filename.

Step 1 – Go to the View tab at the top of the box and click on the same.

Step 2 – Then uncheck Show Filenames only to show the complete path of the program in the list.

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Security Features

The useful feature from the security point of view is the system rules section of filters. It lets you allow or block a few types of traffic and services.

Step 1 – Click on the Settings tab to see a few options on the screen.

Step 2 – Here select System rules to find a huge list of options. From here choose the items to block.

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Closing words

So, use Simplewall to keep a check on your internet traffic, and also it helps to allow and deny the usage of programs as per your wish. Though the user interface of the software needs a few changes here and there. But its features compensate and it looks quite promising in the near future. Therefore download and use Simplewall and keep an eye on the data.

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