How to view POP mail in windows 8 mail app

The problem that may arise with Windows 8 is that orthodox users that have been sticking to old ways or say, sticking to those ways which are not supported by MICROSOFT may find their windows 8 experience irritable. In this context, when we talk of the present mailing services most of the popular mail services as GMAIL, OUTLOOK, YAHOO! use the IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol) protocol to render mail services. Yet it may happen so that you are using a mail service as MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD which still offers the POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) way of mailing.

The common problem that users face is that, while they do sign up for such mailing services, the mail service provider never informs them about the fact that they are using the POP. Once such a mail application ends up on a MICROSOFT Windows 8 platform, they stop working simply because MICROSOFT doesn’t support POP 3 in windows 8 mail app. So how do you retrieve POP 3 Inbox in WINDOWS 8? This post will provide tips to solve. So, follow:

1. Log into your account at ‘’. If you do not possess an outlook account then make an account.

2. On the upper right hand of the account page, you will see the settings option. Once you click on that, you will see another option in the window as ‘MORE MAIL SETTINGS’. Click on that.

3. A screen appears with a title ‘MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT’. Below that, you have three options. Click on the second one which says ‘SENDING/RECEIVING EMAIL FROM OTHER ACCOUNT’.

4. You now see another window displayed with the title ‘YOU CAN RECEIVE MAIL FROM THESE ACCOUNTS’. Below that is the option to ‘ADD AN EMAIL ACCOUNT’. Click on it.

5. A screen will now be displayed asking for your email id and password. Enter your email id and then select the option ‘ADVANCED SETTINGS’. The advanced options should appear.

6. The elongated window asks for your POP SERVER ADDRESS/NAME, username, password, SSL preferences, etc. Fill up the needed data and click NEXT.

7. A new screen comes where you are asked where you would like to save your received mails. There are two options, either you create a separate outlook folder or you simply allow them in your Inbox. Select your choice and hit SAVE.

8. You will now receive an email from MICROSOFT in your POP Inbox concerning the verification of your email address. Click on the link provided in the mail and verify your email id. You will receive a SUCCESSFULLY VERIFIED sort of message. Your outlook account shall now show all your POP mails in its Inbox.

9.  The main job is done. Now proceed to your WINDOWS 8 mail app. Click on the settings option and then click on accounts. Select outlook in the options following:

10. Then put in your email-id and password and hit connect. You can now see all your POP mails in your outlook account.

Windows 8 is quite new. It might get problematic at times to adjust to the features provided, but with more understanding of the ways you can use to work to your advantage, it will surely turn out to be a better experience on the whole.

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