Webxicon.org Windows 8 / 10 App – Know Meanings, Pronunciation in Easy Way

Webxicon.org is a Windows 8 app. This dictionary app is a Windows version of its original site Webxicon which is an online dictionary. This app can be used to know the meanings of different words and phrases. Using this app, you can find out the pronunciation as well as translation of different words in different languages. You can see a full definition of different words on the right panel of Webxicon.org app by just clicking on them. This app also lets you know whether the searched word is a verb, adjective etc.

The interface of this app has been designed in a very interesting manner especially the background part which seems to be quite adorable. A screenshot of its interface of this app is shown below:

Webxicon.org Windows 8 app

A link has been provided at the last of this article from where you can access Webxicon.org  app.

How to use Webxicon.org Windows 8 App

Once, you have installed Webxicon.org app on to your windows machine, run this app and you will see an image like the above shown screenshot. Here, you can see a lot of options of searching, history, trends and many others. All you have to do is to select a word and find its meaning as well as translation after searching the name you wish to. This app is like the way of Vocabulary.com provides you a word which is called the word of the day. In this way, you can come to know about a new word on daily basis. Using this app you keep on discovering a new word daily. The word you come to know about is not a random one, but it is something a difficult one but is used in normal cases.

Clicking on the Word of the day will open the full detail about the word like its meaning, translation, pronunciation etc. Note that all the searches which you made in a single day would appear just on the left side of the page in a vertical panel. There are various options present on this page. Some of them are described below:

  1. History: It consists of all the words you have ever searched in this app right from the starting. You can look for the old searches by clicking on the Previous searches.
  2. Searching: This is the heart of this app which allows you to search for any particular word that tells you the meaning of that word in any prescribed language. Before start searching, you have to select the intended languages which are to be selected in the From and To section. After that, click on the search option of the app, and the app will open up the Windows 8 Search Charm using which you can search. The moment you plugin the word or phrase here on this search button, it will show you the translated form of that word or its meaning as well as pronunciation too. It supports a large number of languages. Some of them are English, French, German, Danish, Italian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Czech, etc.
  3. Trends: It consists of all the popular searches all across the world.
  4. Pronunciation: This option is quite helpful for learning pronunciation for words and phrase.

Key Features of Webxicon.org Windows 8 app

  1. A completely free app.
  2. Good Graphics.
  3. Very Simple and easy to understand Interface.
  4. Support many languages like English, Italian, French, Danish, Dutch.
  5. Get meanings and translations for words and phrases.
  6. Listen to pronunciation of words.
  7. Available at Book Category in Windows 8 Store.

My Note

Webxicon.org is a nice app of windows 8 letting its users know about different words, their spellings, pronunciations, meaning in a very cozy way. This app also lets its users know about different phrases and their meanings. Overall this is a good app to try on with no lags and crashes.

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