What are the Benefits of Office 365 Integration with Adobe?

The time has come when employers do not need to spend a lot of time in sending their documents for signatures to other managers in the department. For any business organization, plenty of time and money can be saved if proper measures are taken. One of the ways to save time is to deploy all the formalities in business transactions on the internet. Microsoft Office 365 helps to serve this purpose when it joins hands with Adobe. We shall look at the benefits of Office 365 integration with Adobe in this article.

What are the Benefits of Office 365 Integration with Adobe

Benefits of Office 365 Integration with Adobe

Here are the Benefits of Office 365 Integration with Adobe –

Shorter Time Durations for Signatures and Document Transfer

The Adobe Document Cloud has given the Office Applications a better way to manage file sharing and e-signatures. A number of parties need to sign a document before sending it for the final approval. The overhead expense in the business organization increases if the hard copies of the document travel all the responsible employees. Therefore, a compact scheme of decision making is necessary.

The navigation window present in MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint now allows the user to access the several PDF options. This means no extra costs for ink, paper, and transportation when bulk paperwork is present.

Staying in the native environment you can create files in MS Office and simply convert into equivalent PDF format. You are able to merge multiple together to form a single PDF and protect against malicious users after using a password for locking the plaintext.

Microsoft launches the application Onedrive to ease out the process of data isolation. This tool allows users to upload their documents and acts as a storage facility. The Benefits of Office 365 Integration with Adobe helps them to directly edit their works from their storage location in Onedrive.

Lastly, for receiving signatures of the different concerned parties, MS Word has taken a new approach called e-signatures. The employees can use this facility irrespective of their location and login device to approve the deal using their e-sign.

Fewer Chances of Error and Repeated Checks

When the process of approval goes on chances are high that some error will crop up owing to the long process. These glitches if present in the document are clearly detected during the final step of the registration as a result of which it is returned back. Sharepoint saves us from this hectic work as you can make numerous changes in the file before sending it for final checking.

The information of the consumers and buyers automatically combine to the contract forms that help the process smoothly go on.

You can send the documents to the appropriate parties through a network in Sharepoint which requires the signatures. The user himself is able to choose whom to send the document and whom not to. Different routes are available to reach out to different parties.

Finally, if the application requires some changes then, you can easily implement after the charter comes back to Sharepoint.

Using Tools for User Document Modifications

One of the benefits that this integration has brought about is the use of automatic tools to make a change in the user’s documents. It is possible to carry out the changes in the Cloud documents from the MS word application in the computer. You can change the documents present in the cloud using MS word from the computer.


We will now govern the workflow of the document verification process and see the different stages in great detail.

The first stage involves the process of document creation in Sharepoint. The functionalities in Acrobat Reader lets you use to combine a number of files together using the tools present here.

Adobe Sign allows forwarding the document in order to order the purchase.

You can send orders to different parties through separate routes in Sharepoint. The parties then give their approval using the e-signature facility.

Adobe e-sign lets you provide a signature on the document.

Finally, Sharepoint stores the order along with the purchase receipt for everyone to access.

Security of Documents

When you send the documents through the network Office 365 gives a protective layer of security to them. The security ensures that third parties do not intercept the plaintext. The integration secure the storage and transfer and don’t anyone can’t hamper. The security features in the Adobe Cloud include ISO 27001 and SOC 2-Type 2.

Thus, you see that collaboration between Microsoft and Adobe has helped industries to promote a growth in their business transactions. The world of the Internet has given a different dimension to the entire process of file verifications and approvals.

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