What is TBX File Type and How to Open .tbx Format

TBX File Type or extension every detail and the name of the software that help you opening .tbx Format

TBX file type

There are tons of extensions and file types that you may come across on your operating system. Among them, many serve multiple purposes depending on the type of format it is being subjected to. Here we have the TBX file type with extension .tbx. The file extension has basically been found to be used as two file types.

You might have tried to extract .tbx file after downloading. But only a few software help to open this file type. Let us have a look at each of them to understand better.

.TBX File Types

Type 1: ArcGIS for Desktop Toolbox File

What is a TBX File Type?

TBX file type is commonly used in ArcGIS Desktop software. The file contains a toolbox having one or multiple scripts or tools, that are used to perform various functions. ArcGIS Desktop software helps GIS developers to create map by analyzing, managing and sharing geographic information. It can be launched on multiple operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and Mac. Such file types are used for calculating statistics, creating buffers, and performing overlays.

The TBX file types are located in the below folder type on your system in Windows 10 and other versions of Windows – C:\yourusername\AppData\ESRI\ArcToolbox\My Toolboxes

Type 2: TermBase eXchange File Type

What is a TBX File Type?

A Term Base eXchange (.tbx) file is an XML file in order to the exchange of structured terminological data. This extension is used when exchanging terms and glossaries for different languages. TBX files are helpful for archiving information in a termbase (a database containing terminology information). Besides, it allows exchanging information between systems.

How to open the TBX file type?

Well, there are chances that you may or may not be able to open the file on your system. The process is very easy, you need to simply click on TBX file and access it. But you may receive an error such as “This File cannot be opened”, because your system may not have proper tool or software to open the extension.

In such cases, you can use some official software on Linux, Windows, or Mac. One of the most common types of software compatible with these three OS to open the TBX file type is the Wordfast Pro program.

TBX file type has been always one file extension that has been the most unclear and has been used by multiple formats. In this case, as mentioned above we have the XML and ArcGIS format. In ArcGIS, this files may contain system toolboxes packaged with ArcGIS for Desktop or custom toolboxes created by a user.

Software to open this File type

You can open the file extension using the following Software on Window, Linux and Mac –

1] memoQ translator pro

2] JiveFusion

3] Wordfast Pro

4] Glossaryconvertor

That’s all!!!

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