What is the Role of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Blogging

seo roleTHE NECESSITIES OF SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING – The necessary requirement of any web page or a website or blog owner is to make both the user and the search engine robot aware of the content of website or blog so that they understand better. Search engines nowadays are extremely advanced but, still they are not able to get a grip of content to such an extent in a way a human being does. This is where comes the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which helps the Search Engines understand the content better. Let us take a situation where a website or blog has posted an image of a small girl playing near the seaside. The website blog visitors can give their comments in different ways such as “really a cute girl”, “playing in the sands of time”, “amazing picturesque”, etc. but a search engine might struggle completely to understand what that engine is about. Therefore the Webmasters are allowed by the SEO’s to provide clues that can be useful by the search engines to understand the content which would help them to return better results. The content of the website or blog should be properly structured for helping out the SEO. The modern search engines are undoubtedly amazing. The technologies which they use, the complex algorithms which allow them to crawl through the content for returning the best possible results is nothing sort of a great human achievement in the field of Artificial Intelligence. But, there are certain problems or rather technical limitations which creates problems during inclusions and rankings.

  • Indexing and Spidering problems: Search engines are not able to accomplish the tasks of completing online forms as log in, so a content may be hidden that is contained behind them. A CMS (Content Management System) using websites or blogs try to replicate their own pages duplicating themselves thus confusing the Search engines about originality. The errors such as robots.txt which occur in the website’s crawling directives may lead to the blocking websites completely. If the link structures remain poor, then the search engines fail to entirely reach the website’s content. And moreover, it becomes very difficult for the search engines to understand the non-HTML content, such as flash files, audio, video, images, or the plug-in content.
  • Matching of the content and the query: The most important thing for any website owner to understand is what are the terms which a web searcher uses to search content. For example, if an article has been termed as watching units when a search on television is usually made. And one more problem is the local spellings and the subtitles, such as the difference between the colour and color. The targets should then also be dedicated to particular countries to get the maximum traffic from that country.
  • Marketing of the content: There might be a huge building in a locality thousands of years still maintaining its charm but it goes un-noticed until a day when it is declared that it is haunted. From, that day it becomes a hot spot for scientists and the researchers. The same happens with the website. It may have a wonderful, unique, out of the world content, but until it is marketed well, until it is promoted well to create links, it is generally ignored on the internet. If no links are created to the website, then the search engine also ignores it. A wonderful content can be analyzed by a human being, but the sophisticated search engines do not have such a knowledge. Only creating a content is not a matter, it should be talked about, it should be popularized to get links and get recognized by the search engines. And once, it starts getting a good traffic, it will also get good ranking.

Hope, these tips will help you a lot to get good rankings. Do not forget to leave your comments. 

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