WhoCrashed: A Tool to analyze Dump and reveal culprit driver on Windows

The tool WhoCrashed runs Crash Dump analysis, detects the reason, and provides guidance to deal with blue or black screen on Windows.


Blue Screen of Death bugcheck or Black ‘screen’ mostly occurs because of crash of faulty driver or Kernel Module. Whenever this error appears with an accidental reboot of system without showing any prior notice the Windows by default generates a memory dump file. Using the Setting the system also restarts upon crashing and throws blue or black screen. WhoCrashed is a small handy utility to analyze the dump and reveal the drivers which could be the factor of the crash. A similar tool might also help you – How to Use BlueScreenView to Detect the Cause of Blue Screen.

This dump analyzer has the ability to spot the offending drivers precisely that have been causing setback in your system in the past. It does a posthumous crash dump study and presents all gathered information in a comprehensible way. If you have debugging skills and a collection of debugging tools you can do crash dump analysis yourself. When using WhoCrashed you do not need to bother about finding out what drivers are causing trouble to your computer. See – Dump File Location Windows 11 or 10.

How to use WhoCrashed

Here is how to use WhoCrashed in Windows –

  1. First of all, go to this link.
  2. Click on WhoCrashed 7.01 download linkĀ (or which version is shown).
  3. Double click on the executable setup file whocrashedSetup.exe.
  4. Select Yes on the User account control prompt.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and launch the utility.
  6. Click on Analyze.
How to use WhoCrashed
  1. WhoCrashed dump analysis will start running. On the same page, you can see the report of the analysis.
crash dump analysis
  1. After the process ends up, scroll down to the bottom part of the same page. You will find the report such as which driver is the culprit for the crash or blue screen on your system. Apart from this, guidance will be given to fix the problem.

You can use this tool for computer crash with blue or black screen and unexpected reset or shutdown of the system. After the analysis, WhoCrashed will inform about the glitch-creating drivers and suggest how to proceed with this situation. Furthermore, when a system crashes in the boot phase this tool is useful especially when you run it in safe mode.

Note that this utility cannot always be precise about the root cause of a system crash. But in most of cases, its analysis is correct.

You can say that WhoCrashed is a rescuer to find the root cause of the problem and a solution if available. The best part is that the utility will analyze the crash dump files with a single click of a button. Since problems are triggered by defective drivers, it will tell you what driver is likely to be responsible for crashing. Suppose the issue occurs due to hardware failure, it will guide you with the most likely root cause and how to fix the problem.

After completion of the process, WhoCrashed will provide a report that presents recommendations on how to proceed in any condition. Besides, it also places internet links which will help you further troubleshoot any identified problems.

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The Crash dump analyzer Features

This utility has extended the variety of options that can help set Crash dump configuration, run crash dump test, CHKDSK, MDSCHED, SFC, Event Viewer, and Windows update applet.

To access this setting, click on Tools from the interface followed by Tools.

The best thing about WhoCrashed is this utility thoroughly guides configuring the settings on system and device to avoid any type of crash.

If the system encounter crashes and bug check repeatedly, you are in a better position to trace out the behavior of the error. However, so long as the problem does not happen you still have no proof that an issue is solved, having a reproducible case generally is a great help to solve a problem. In order to find a way out spending some time and reproducing an issue is often a good idea.

As a preventive measure, you should install automatic updates regularly and keep your system up to date. The manufacturers roll out driver updates on quite a regular basis and work continuously on bugs and problems. So installing them might help you get rid of the crash directly sometimes. WhoCrashed is fully safe to use.

That’s all!!

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