Why mobile should synchronize with our PC

Mobile phones nowadays are becoming more and more powerful with faster processing speed and larger memory space. It is becoming most efficient device to use. Beyond making calls, it doubles up as a digital camera, an mp3 player and much more.
Many mobile versions of productivity software also allow us to create documents and spreadsheets without even the use of the laptop or a PC. So when everything is present on the phone then why the synchronization? Synchronizing the mobile device helps us to store our data everywhere we need it since it is very painful to lose it.

  • The calendar, e-mail, and the contacts should never be mixed up. Smartphones manage a lot of time by reading mails, saving contact info and others. So, it is very important to get all the contacts , appointments and the e-mails in sync with the PC so that they can be worked on both the devices. If a vital info is being tracked on the phone then it is needed to be coordinated with the info of the PC. The phone and the PC harmonize automatically on being synced.
  • As the smartphone allows to create all Office documents. So, now carrying laptop is a thing of past. The Office Mobile helps us work on Word, Excel spreadsheets and notes. In this case, it is required that all the documents created on phone need to be present on to be present on both the devices to be managed on anyone. The Office Mobile is available to purchase from Windows Marketplace for Mobile which can be purchased and installed.
  • It is not convenient for us to carry our digital cameras everywhere. But, we always have our smartphones with us. So, some special or unexpected moments are usually shot in it. And now, with the advent of the mobiles like Nokia PureView, the need for carrying cameras has become the thing of the past. But, mobile phones are not a convenient storage media for the moments which we want to retain for years to come. However, when a mobile device on being in sync with the PC sends all the photos and videos to the computer system which is the convenient place to store our media.
  • The mobile devices can be  subjected to loss and theft. It is easier for us to lose a mobile phone than a PC. So, in such a case it becomes a night mare for us if we had not kept our phone in sync with the PC. Our contacts, e-mail id’s, photographs and our favorite collections are lost. So, our computer can act as a backup storage and can always help us in such situations. For Windows phone users, My Windows Phone Service should be used which is free of cost. This service backs up all the content from a Windows phone to the My Phone website which remains password protected. So, the vital information on our phone can later be retrieved from the website.

So, these are some of the good reasons for why smartphones and computers must go hand in hand.

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