Why people are so crazy about iPhone 5

iphone 5 image Glimpses of much-awaited iPhone 5, developed by Apple Inc, has become evident. Wait to get smartphone like ‘iPhone 5’ is over after barring all speculation and anticipation, about launching of multi-featured iPhone 5. Apple Inc has announced, that on 12th September 2012 it will unveil the iPhone 5 globally. The Much-created hype of new-born technology places iPhone 5 into most needed gadgets of techno savvy youths.

The new model of smartphone ‘iPhone 5’ carries the brand name of Apple Inc. It would be the sixth model of iPhone introduced by Apple. Since the existence of smartphone in 2007, mobile phone industry has grown to its max strength. Initial opportunity in the field of Smart Phone was created by Apple. But after the arrival of another player Apple could not sustain their position. Experts say that Apple Inc is looking to shun increasing trends of its nearest rival by the help of buzzing demand of another smartphone ‘iPhone 5’. As you know, Samsung Electronics has grabbed a lion share of smartphone legacy. To garner public support and consolidate its position, Apple Inc has to come up with new innovation ‘iPhone 5’.  Unlike iPhone, 4S new iPhone will also be in a sleek design. Someone who claimed, that he or she has been seen a larger iPhone 5 prototype, it would be an advancement of technology.

iPhone 5 will work on the fastest wireless networks around the whole world including with Asia, Europe, and America. Surely, it would be the better option for those looking to more speed. Sign of jubilation might be seen on those faces, who wish to experience more advanced technology. Now, I am going to address inherent features of iPhone 5.
Lookup of ‘iPhone 5’iphone 5 outer look
At first, I intend to discuss ‘iPhone 5’ outer shape. It is really tough to believe any smartphone could be as slim as iPhone 5. In beautiful aluminum framing, iPhone 5 looks more vibrant. iPhone 5 measures as 112 grams in weight and 7.6 millimeters thin, which is less than 20% lighter and 18% thinner respectively than its previous ‘iPhone 4S’ smartphone.

Retina Display Screen ratina display screen

Now, Screen size and Resolution of ‘iPhone 5’ is other issues to discuss. Any leading manufacturer may deal with larger smartphone display. The Risk of being oversized made Apple to sticks with a not much larger display. The expansion of screen size is caused to support tablet PC market. iPhone 5 comes with 4 inches large size and could be curved glass screen as well. It is bigger than iPhone 4S but same in width measurement. The larger Retina display gives the experience of high-quality technology. The latest technology inducts 326 pixels in per inch which relatively higher than any other smartphone screen display. Improved function of color saturation gives a vibrant look. We have witnessed looks of the front panel of new iPhone. It suggests a larger 4.06-inch screen with 16:9 aspect ratio. As far as screen resolution concern iPhone 5 does fit in 1136*640. That’s why when you read or see the image or play games in iPhone 5, seems unmatched experiences.

iSight Cameraisight camera

iPhone 5 Camera another features to elaborate. As you know the camera of ‘iPhone 4’ was made by Sony. Beyond of earlier technology Sony introduces best sensor technology and same to could be installed in iPhone 5 Camera. The new iPhone camera has the same amount of 8 megapixels power with back-illuminated stacked CMOS image sensors. Certainly, it will be rated most popular camera in the world. The photo snapped by iPhone 5 hard to believe that it was taken with any mobile phone. The gyroscope, A6 chip and Camera app work together to create a seamless review. up to 28 megapixels. The Camera apps of iPhone 5 feature 40 % improvement in capturing an image in extreme conditions. Therefore, you may snap more shots with more clarity than ever before.  Front facing camera of iPhone 5 enables you to make video calls in such condition, whenever WiFi connection is not available. You may use front camera for taking 720p HD video recording.

Ultra Fast Wireless Connectivity  iphone 5 connectivity

Another features iPhone 5 has connectivity. As you know the time of 4G connectivity has come. And iPhone 5 supports 4G / LTE connectivity. Due to the row of spectrum auction, the feature of 4G could not be installed in  India properly. In such condition people of Indian territory could not get the benefit of 4G connectivity. To evade such condition, iPhone has LTE support function. As you know LTE function allows users to jump easily between 4G networks in different countries and continents as well. The Act of browsing, downloading and streaming content could be done at ultrafast speeds. Dual-band wireless connectivity enhances Wi-Fi experience too.

A6 chip

Most important features of iPhone 5 have it specs. Based on the requirement processor becomes upstage. As you know the speed of  Process depends on chips whichever installed. Penultimate version of iPhone was inbuilt with A5 chips. While A6 chips is installed in new smartphone ‘iPhone 5’ consequently produces higher speed. A6 chips accelerate processor speeds almost twice to A5 chips. Now, launching Apps, loading web pages, and attaching email information are just like touch and go. A6 chip also offers better graphic performances. So, you can power through intensive apps and games. A6 chips is designed to work with iOS 6, which helps to work in power efficient condition. iPhone 5 has more the battery power than either smartphone. Claims about supporting up to 8 hours of browsing or continuous talk time and 10 hrs of video playback time are made by iPhone 5.


Another features iPhone 5 has all new EarPods. Apple EarPods are a much-improved version which offers wonderful experiences. EarPods are designed with three microphones. One each in either side of back and front and remaining one at the bottom. The front and back microphones work together and recreate beam-forming.  The new technique helps the iPhone to focus on desired sound of a particular location; Be either at solitary places or heavily rushes locations. New technology has the power to reduce background noise and gives clear sound effects. Therefore, when you hold iPhone up to your ear and in a more loud room, you hear whatever choice in the list. Not matter how much voice-porous people around you.

Lightning connectoriPhone 5 connector

Lightning connector is another feature which is introduced by iPhone 5. As discussed above iPhone is made thinner and lighter. Such changes cause to replace an older version of the connector, which has usually 30 pins altogether. The new connector has eight signal designs that are more durable than 30 pin connectors. The new designs of connector do not allow to plug wrongly in the cable.


One of the important features of iPhone 5 has ‘iCloud’. It is built to instant access of anything. Browse the web page on one’s device and pick up where you left off on another time could be done easily by the help of functioning of iCloud. It helps also to locate your phone in misplacing condition.

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