Windows 10 – How to Access and Use Storage Sense

Storage Sense is an advanced option on Windows 10 to let you know the status of space available on your PC. You can access it here through PC settings app and use it very comfortably.

Windows 8.1 had a feature called Disk Space. But Windows 10 brings a Storage Sense for its users. Storage Sense lets you know the amount of free space and the amount of space being used by your computer. You will get to know everything that holds a space on your computer. Be it the drives, apps, emails, games, downloads, etc, you will get information about everything. As this is the new option on Windows 10, we will share you the process through which you can open the Storage Sense and use it appropriately. Lets’ plunge into the steps now –

How to Open and Use Storage Sense in Windows 10

  • Open Start Menu.
  • Click PC Settings.
pc settings start menu
  • Go to the bottom of the page and there you can see Storage Sense.
  • Click on the Storage Sense.
storage sense option
  • Now on the left pane, click on Storage Overview.
  • On the right pane of the Storage Overview, you will see This PC and other drives listed there.
Windows 10 - How to Access and Use Storage Sense
  • Click on This PC.
  • When you click on This PC, you will get the details of everything that is present on your computer.
this pc data storage
  • Starting from System and reserved, desktop apps, mail, pictures, videos, downloads, other users, etc are listed there.
  • One more interesting thing is there. When you click on any individual item, you will get more options to manage it.
  • Click each and every option and see the available options using which you can manage your storage space.

Respective buttons take you to the locations or folders from where you can take various actions to manage storage.

1. When you click System and reserved you access Windows Features automatically.

manage windows feature


Here you can enable or disable any feature and have control your PC drive space.

In this way hitting on Desktop app accesses Uninstall program button and pressing this button launches Uninstall or change any program window.

You know how easily you remove programs from your PC using this location.

When you click on Apps and games, a window having list of all apps opens. From here, you can uninstall any app quite easily.

  • To uninstall app hit on the app you want to remove.
  • A dialogue box prompts comprising Uninstall button.
uninstall an app


  • Click the Uninstall button.

You can remove the apps having large amount of space on your Windows 10 PC from here.


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