Windows 10 – 5 Ways To Know BIOS Version of MotherBoard

In any case, if you wish to know about your installed BIOS (Full form – Basic Input/Output System) version of your computer’s motherboard you might be aware of the old method of checking it manually by restarting your computer. That is the most time taking and boring method of finding your installed BIOS version. Well, if you are using Windows 10 OS, you have multiple ways of finding the version. In this article, we will jot down How To Know BIOS Version of MotherBoard on Windows 10 machine attending to 5 distinct ways having recourse to Function Keys, 3rd party software, Powershell, etc.

How To Know BIOS Version of Motherboard in Windows 10

1. Restart Computer and Enter the BIOS

This method is treated as the standard or the regular method of finding the BIOS information. But to some extent, this is the most time-consuming and also a very long process. In several computers, the BIOS information peeps while the machine is starting but if you could not see then you should strive to ingress to the BIOS manually. All you need to do is strike either of F9, F10, and F12 function keys during the starting period of your computer.

process to enter bios setup

The information page of BIOS will showcase the facts the PC’s motherboard grabs.

2. System Information Tool

The System Information tool concerned with Windows 10 permits you to identify the installed version of your BIOS. So first of all, you have to bring the System Information tool on your Computer screen. And to launch it

  • Navigate the following path:

Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> System Information

System Information in Adminstrative Tools
  • System Information statement will spread up on your screen. Implement a Click on the System Summary option on the left fringe of the System Information. See the list on the right pane and you will see an item named BIOS Version/Date. The version and date of the BIOS can be observed under the Value list of the spread System Information.
BIOS Version of MotherBoard, Date System Information Window

3. Through Registry Editor

  • Jointly press Windows and R keys and type regedit in the command field of the Run dialog box. Implement a hit on Ok button to carry forward. When User Account Control spreads on the screen, press Yes button.
  • In the Registry Editor open the keys according to the path underneath:


  • The right pane of the System key contains two registry keys termed as SystemBiosDate, as well as SystemBiosVersion. The values of the two registry keys render you the requisite details.
SystemBiosDate in Registry Editor Window

4. Using Command Prompt

  • Running a specific Command also brings the details of the BIOS. Expand the elevated Command Prompt via any of the methods that suit you. How to Launch Elevated Command Prompt on Windows 10.
  • Copy the underneath distinct command and paste into the command prompt afterward hit Enter.

systeminfo | findstr /I /c:bios

  • When press Enter key, you will see the BIOS Version of MotherBoard being exhibited in the Command Prompt.
Command Prompt Window
  • If you wish to see only the BIOS version of Motherboard and not its release date, type the following command:

wmic bios get manufacturer, smbiosbiosversion

  • Only the version will be presented here So you can’t see the Date of release.
smbiosbiosversion shown in Command Prompt Window

Apart from this executing a hit after copying the underneath command  and pasting into the Command Prompt showcases the BIOS version of Motherboard details:


Hardware Description in Command Prompt Window

The entries named as BIOSVersion and BIOSReleaseDate are one you were looking for.

4. Through PowerShell

Spread up the PowerShell with the course of steps which satisfies you with the help of the matters written in the article How to Run PowerShell as administrator in Windows 10.

Window PowerShell in Start Menu
  • Copy the underneath-typed particular command and paste into Powershell pursued by tapping on Enter:

Get-WmiObject win32_bios

Windows PowerShell Window
  • The first entry is the SMBIOS Version, the information you were looking for.

5. Third-Party Software like CPU-Z

  • In case you prefer not to use any of the mentioned methods and wish to take help of the third-party software like CPU-Z, then download it first. After installing the software take yourself to the Mainboard tab were under the BIOS section you will find the BIOS Version of MotherBoard.


Share these ways with your friends and help in finding their BIOS version of the motherboard. And also let us know which method has impressed you and also its reason.

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