Windows 10 Build 19559 Changelog

Changelog of Windows 10 Build 19559 rolled out to Fast ring Insiders.

Windows 10 Build 19559

Microsoft rolls out another important preview build to the Fast Ring Insiders. Windows 10 Build 19559 Changelog does not include any new feature but definitely mitigates lots of common issues. Whether the problems with East Asian IMEs or crash of explorer.exe, Event Viewer, the giant software company tries to resolve all of them. With the advent of this build, users with arm64 devices will be able to see and install Hyper-V features.

Similar to other releases, build 19559 also contains some known issues that the team is trying to fix. So in this article, you will find everything that this release includes for its Fast Ring Insiders.

Windows 10 Build 19559 Changelog

Here is the list of general modifications, developments, and fixes that Windows 10 Build 19559 Changelog has to offer you –

  1. One of the most annoying problems with the IME candidate window for East Asian IMEs is resolved in the release. For example, on certain recent builds, Japanese IME, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese were not opening.
  2. Build 19559 mitigated the issue that was resulting in explorer.exe crashing. It happens while backing out of folders containing .heic or RAW files.
  3. Another explorer.exe issue gets a solution in this release where it was hanging while attempting to delete a few large .tif files.
  4. While counting the fixes, the team resolves an issue resulting in the top few pixels of a window getting clipped. It occurs when using Win+UP followed by snapping the window to the side using Win+Left/Right keys.
  5. When choosing certain events, the Event Viewer will not crash anymore.
  6. Hyper-V features are available to view and install for Insiders using an arm64 device. For example, Surface Pro X, running Enterprise or Pro edition.
  7. Last but not least, Microsoft fixes the issue where a few Insiders were confronting a green screen with error KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED in recent builds. 

Known Issues

  1. Certain modifications in the operating system between some Insider Preview builds and some versions of BattlEye anti-cheat software resulted in their incompatibilities. In order to protect affected users, the software corporation pertained a compatibility hold on such devices. As a result, they will not be offered affected builds of Windows Insider Preview.
  2. NVDA and Narrator users with latest Microsoft Edge Chromium are confronting certain difficulties. They face problems when reading and navigating to certain web content. Thankfully, all three individual teams of NVDA, Narrator, and Edge are completely aware of the issue. However, the good point is that users of legacy Microsoft Edge will not be affected. Well, NVAccess has rolled out beta of NVDA that mitigates the known issue with Edge.
  3. When you make an attempt to install a build, the update process hangs for a prolonged period. The team is looking into the reports.
  4. Some Insiders might not be able to update to newer builds as they come across error 0x8007042b.
  5. Error 0xc1900101 also shows up to certain Insiders when their attempt to update to newer builds fails.
  6. Certain East Asian IMEs might go missing from the keyboard/language switcher. For instance, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and the Japanese IME. It happens after upgrading from 20H1 Build 19041 to lower builds to Windows 10 Insider Preview build (19536 or higher) and in case if you have several keyboards/languages added. Though the team is investigating the issue, in the meantime, try to remove and re-add keyboards that are missing from the keyboard switches. To do this, open Windows Settings, go to Time & Language => Preferred languages. Fortunately, the problem does not pop up if you updated from build 19536 or higher.
  7. Privacy settings page contains a Documents subsection that displays a broken icon (only a rectangle).
  8. Some devices are no longer sleeping on idle. The root cause is known to the management and will come forward with a fix in the upcoming flight. However, if your device is impacted, sleep should work manually. Just go to Start => Power button => Sleep.
  9. Upcoming flight will include a fix for WSL Issue 4860. Certain Insiders are facing this error message while using WSL2: A connection attempt failed on Windows.
  10. An issue with the clipboard history is quite prominent here. If you fire up clipboard history and dismiss it without pasting anything, input in a number of places will stop functioning. The problem persists until you restart Windows 10 PC.

That’s all!!!

Source – Windows Blog

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