Windows 10 Build 20175 Features, Improvements, and Fixes

Windows 10 Build 20175 Features, Improvements, and Fixes and download link.

Windows 10 Build 20175 Features, Improvements, and Fixes


Windows 10 Build 20175 is the latest Dev build available to the members of the Windows insider program. Unlike the Build 20170, this build is for the users on PCs with AMD processors as well. Some attractive improvements, including the Eye contact feature during Video-calls, has been brought in by this update.

In this article, we discuss in detail, the key features, improvements, and highlights contributed by this particular insider update. We also brief the known issues with this build and as to how you can be a part of the Windows Insider Program too.

Windows 10 Build 20175 Features, Improvements, Fixes

Here is Windows 10 Build 20175 changelog –


Reset Appxpackage command

This allows us to reset certain components that we cannot reset from the Settings app. The tool resolves what used to be a blocker when we faced issues with some of the system components. However, note that running this can remove any associated app-specific data as it resets it to the default experience. The syntax of the command is:

Get-AppxPackage *app* | Reset-AppxPackage

Eye Contact feature

Particularly to Surface Pro, the build adjusts the gaze during a video call to look like you are gazing at the camera. The feature simply allows the users to have a relatively much better experience during video conferencing or face-timing.

New icons

Previously, Microsoft introduced an updated icon for the Settings app as a part of an attempt to improve the iconography of Windows. Now we see more new icons streaming up in the process. This time, the applications for which the new icons are brought in include Snip & Sketch app and Sticky notes. We have to admit, they do look cool with the theme aware tiles introduced a while ago.

Windows 10 Build 20175 other fixes and improvements in

Following are some of the other major fixes and improvements included in Build 20175:

  • Improved experience with pinned websites on Microsoft Edge
  • There is a resolution for HYPERVISOR_ERROR bugcheck crashes.
  • Windows 10 Build 20175 works on the problems causing Start menu tiles sometimes flashing unexpectedly animating and certain other flickering, graphic, and display issues.
  • The build fixes issues with shortcut keys.
  • The team has also worked on issues related to the Narrator not working with touch and Search not shutting after selecting some items in the search results.
  • Also, there is a solution to the problem of Settings crashing if it’d been opened but minimized to the Windows Update page.
  • Finally, this also resolves the issue of Control Panel not closing under certain circumstances.

Build 20175 Known issues

If you are an insider, here are some of the known issues that you may face after updating to Windows 10 build 20175. Microsoft team is of course working to resolve them as soon as possible.

  • Either of min, max, or close buttons may get stuck in their original positions even after you resize a Universal Windows Platform app. The position will update in case you move the app window.
  • There have been reports that the new taskbar experience may not work for some pinned sites.
  • In some cases, when you select close all windows in the taskbar, it doesn’t shut all of the open tabs.
  • Some of the Microsoft Store games protected with Easy Anti-Cheat may not launch.
  • The update process may freeze or hang for extended periods of time while the users try to install any new build.
  • In some cases, the sites that have been pinned don’t show all open tabs for a particular domain. (As a workaround, you can try pinning the site’s homepage instead of a sub-page.
  • Alt + Tab shortcut to a browser tab moves the previously active browser tab to the front of the Alt + Tab list in some cases.

How to sign up for the Windows Insider Preview program?

Would you like to be a part of Microsoft’s first circle of users who get to check out the latest features in development earlier than others? You can sign up for the Insider program. Be warned though, the updates released to insiders, particularly the fast ring, can have some unknown glitches. Here is how you can sign up for the Insider program.

  • Open Windows Settings –> Update & Security –> Windows Insider Program.
  • Click on “Get started” button.
  • On the next page, select Link an account, continue.
  • Going ahead, you’ll be selecting the type of content and the level of risk you’re willing to take by choosing Fast ring or Slow ring. You’ll find the onscreen instructions you need to follow.
  • Once completed, you’ll just need to restart the computer. That’s it. You’re a Windows Insider now.

Download Windows 10 build 20175 x64 and x86 from here.

Source – Windows experience blog.

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