Windows 10 Build 20226.1000.(rs_prerelease) Dev 21H1 Features, Fixes

The latest Windows 10 Build 20226.1000.(rs_prerelease) Dev Channel Features and Fixes.

Windows 10 Build 20226.1000.(rs_prerelease)

Insiders have an opportunity to be happy today as a new build is arriving for the Dev channel. Windows 10 Build 20226.1000.(rs_prerelease) is the update in 211H1 version bringing some features Storage settings and your Phone app and multiple fixes.

You can download Windows 10 Build 20226.1000 from the Settings app by checking for updates.

Windows 10 Build 20226.1000.(rs_prerelease) Dev channel 21H1 Features, Fixes

Windows 10 Build 20226 changelog –


A new feature for Storage health monitoring to protect user data

The build introduces a feature to detect hardware anomalies for NVMe SSDs. This will also notify users about the same with sufficient time to act. You are recommended to immediately back up data after getting a notification.

Windows 10 Build 20226 notification to backup data

You can enable or disable the setting through Settings – System – Storage – Manage disks and volumes – Properties.

A new feature for Storage health monitoring to protect user data

Your Phone app will provide settings for seamless device management

The Your Phone app brings Settings to manage linked devices. From the settings page, you are able to link remove an old device, a new device, and switch between active devices furthermore, experience visual improvements. Additionally, each device is identifiable on its own device card with synchronized wallpaper.

manage linked devices Windows 10 Build 20226

This feature will be gradually rolling out, therefore it may take some extent of time to appear in the Your Phone app.

Windows 10 Build 20226.1000.(rs_prerelease) Changes and Improvements

  1. The team is beginning to roll out a change that will disable the theme syncing. As a result, you will be unable to view Theme in Sync your settings. Furthermore, the changes made to your background will no longer sync across devices. If you want to manually access theme synchronization, you can access %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\WallpaperBackup.
  2. The current build will re-enable the ability for Notepad windows to persist update and restart (if Restart apps is enabled in Sign-in Settings).
  3. You will see PWA under Applications rather than Background Processes in Task Manager if you have installed it from Microsoft Edge. Moreover, you will see the app icon associated with the PWA.
  4. File Explorer is receiving an update as a result you will see Extract All option after right clicking on a zipped OneDrive file, same as if the file was available locally on the PC. This change is applicable to the zipped OneDrive file that was set to online-only.
  5. Also, you will find new DNS option in Settings to make a static DNS entry. This is required when you enter a static IP, and to make gateway not a required field.
  6. In the new build, you will experience an updated N’Ko keyboard layout. When you will press Shift + 6 it will now insert ? (U+07FE ) and press Shift + 7it  will now insert? (U+07FF).


  1. Windows 10 Build 20226.1000.(rs_prerelease) fixed the Settings crashing problem for some Insiders that occurs when launching Manage Disks and Volumes.
  2. They fixed  WSL 2 distros with the error – The remote procedure call failed on startup. Get details on this GitHub issue for more.
  3. Windows 10 Build 20226 21H1 solved activating Speech Recognition under Ease of Access category in Settings that was unexpectedly requiring administrator permissions.
  4. Furthermore, they fixed the drop shadows would unexpectedly re-appear on opening Task View even after turning off Drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop.
  5. They solved a dialog asking to turn on caret browsing that would appear after hitting F7 in the File Explorer search box.
  6. The latest update solved Focus Assist that was considering Screensaver to be a full-screen app and suppressing notifications when it was running.
  7. Windows 10 Build 20226 21H1 solved an issue that was impacting explorer.exe reliability for some Insiders in the earlier few flights.
  8. Also, the team from the company solved certain apps in the Windows Accessories folder in all apps list on Start that would unexpectedly show the name Accessories. The problem occurs when they are pinned to the Start menu in the previous few builds.
  9. The developers of Windows insiders also solved the problems that impact taskbar reliability and performance on two-in-one convertible devices.
  10. They solved a few problems that impact the reliability of Action Center.
  11. Additionally, they solved a couple of issues that impact Settings reliability.
  12. The latest build solved the Settings icon that was unexpectedly small when pinned to the Start menu and using the small tile size.
  13. Furthermore, 21H1 Dev channel update solved Touchpad Settings where the header for the Taps filed was unexpectedly missing in the previous few flights.
  14. Windows 10 Build 20226 solved the Meet Now problem because of which the flyout crashing if you pressed the Esc key while it was open.
  15. The build solved “ShellExperienceHost” that would crash when Meet Now was opened before launching a jump list from the taskbar.
  16. You will notice some fixes to improve the Meet Now flyout accessibility. Moreover, it also fixes tab order, marking the image so it’s not read out by Narrator, adjusting the contrast of the buttons, making the arrow keys navigate between the buttons, and fixing an issue where the focus wasn’t returning to the previous location in the taskbar after pressing the Esc key.
  17. The update solved certain apps that failed to install, indicating a lack of internet connectivity, when IPV6 was enabled.
  18. The new build solved new DNS options in the Network Settings problem due to which switching back automatic DNS from custom would lose connectivity.
  19. 21H1 Dev channel update fixed typing with the Pinyin IME cannot allow to insert the full-width question mark in recent builds.
  20. The rollout fixed the Japanese IME crashing problem that occurs on initialization.
  21. The current build fixed the Bopomofo IME 2 problems that impact Ctrl and Shift key usage in apps when the IME was active.
  22. Latest update for 21H1 version fixed missing keys for ö  and ü in the Turkish one-handed touch keyboard layout.
  23. The Microsoft experts team fixed space bar UI appearing stuck in a pressed state that occurs when using the Japanese touch keyboard layout.

Windows 10 Build 20226 Known issues

  1. The company is studying the update process hanging for long when trying to install a new build.
  2. The experts are working on a fix in order to enable live preview for pinned site tabs.
  3. Additionally, they trying to enable the new taskbar experience for existing pinned sites. However you are still able to unpin the site from the taskbar, by removing it from edge://apps page, and then re-pining the website.
  4. The team is trying to fix some Office apps missing or crashing or after receiving to a new build.
  5. They are trying to fix KMODE EXCEPTION stop error when using certain virtualization technologies.
  6. They’re working on a fix for DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION bugcheck.
  7. They’re studying a bug causing vEthernet adapter in WSL 2 distro to become disconnected after a duration of use. For full details please follow this GitHub thread.
  8. Windows 10 Build 20226 Dev channel for 21H1 known issue in which some users encounter a Compatibility Assistant notification – Microsoft Office is no longer available. Regardless of the notification, Office should still be there and working fine.

Source – Windows experience blog.

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