Windows 10 Build 21292.1000 RS_PRERELEASE Released to Dev Channel

New update Windows 10 Build 21292.1000 RS_PRERELEASE released.

Windows 10 Build 21292.1000

Development channel insiders have received an update as the first build of the new year 2021 after the fest leave. Windows 10 Build 21292 is the release that has increased some features and brought improvements for News and interests. Besides, a number of fixes for multiple awaited issues are there available in the Windows update.

You can install Windows 10 Build 21292 (RS_PRERELEASE) automatically using the default update settings. This build is being offered to all Insiders in the Dev Channel. All Insiders in the Dev Channel will now receive the same build going forward.

Windows 10 Build 21292.1000 RS_PRERELEASE Released

Here is the changelog –

Improvements to news and interests on the taskbar

  1. The build fixed various issues impacting performance plus reliability.
  2. Experts solved an empty flyout that would be displayed after launching news and interests.
  3. They solved the text on the taskbar button was not readable for screen readers furthermore some tooltips were lost.
  4. Also, they fixed the news and interests feature in the taskbar that was not showing correctly when small taskbar icons was set.
  5. Additionally, they solved the news and interests button that would temporarily show no content.
  6. They solved news and interests flyout that would not close by clicking outside the window or again on the taskbar button.
  7. Windows 10 Build 21292 settled the content of the taskbar button that would look blurry.
  8. The update solved news and interests that won’t display fresh content after toggling the background apps setting.
  9. The experts fixed flyout would not dismiss when hovering off the right edge.
  10. They fixed navigation into the flyout using the keyboard is impossible.
  11. Finally, they solved the news and interests taskbar setting that would be reset to display icon and text after updating to a new Windows version.

Introduced in the previous build, news and interests on the taskbar provides you quick access to weather reports and news headlines. Moreover, you view real-time traffic conditions and alerts that update throughout the day. Clicking the Traffic card will reveal the details of the traffic alerts, cameras, and distance and times between nearby cities with a bigger map.

Windows 10 Build 21292.1000 will show the current weather conditions right on the taskbar. The feature will allow you to view an accurate visual representation of current weather conditions in your locality, including the temperature. To change the location you can click on the 3 dots on the Weather card and then select Edit location. Clicking through for the forecast is super easy. Simply click the Weather card to view an immersive weather experience with accurate, state-of-the-art forecasts, on interactive, animated maps. This makes the weather easy to understand, along with providing information about timely news for severe weather events.

  1. Clicking the Weather card will expand a full-page view of the weather. This will show you the current feels like temperature, humidity level, and wind accompanying hourly predictions for the temperature and chances of precipitation. You will see a quick view of the 10-day forecast so that you can plan ahead for outdoor errands.
  2. The predictions are powered by radar images that are augmented by spatial, temporal, and social data processed by deep learning in the neural weather model. These reflect small topographical variations in your precise area to see forecasts for your street with predictions on a minute-to-minute basis.
  3. For deeper knowledge, scroll down and see a rich, interactive map of predicted weather conditions over time in your area.  The data here is powered by Bing Maps and MSN Weather predictions. You can observe animations by changing views and zooming your specific location over time. For U.S. users, you can see detailed views of severe weather emergencies such as winter storms, wildfires, and hurricanes.

Changes and Improvements

  1. The current build is updating Settings -> System -> Sounds. As a result, the system will display a message with a link to the microphone privacy settings page. This will appear when microphone permissions have been turned off for the whole system or for all apps.

Windows 10 Build 21292.1000 Fixes

  1. The experts for Microsoft are working on the improvement of x64 emulation on ARM64. This build solved problems in several apps, moreover crashes in Zwift, Serif Affinity Photo, and Your Phone as well as blank pages in Steam.
  2. They solved a message saying – Critical Error: Your Start menu isn’t working in the recent builds.
  3. Also, they solved an issue from the last two builds. The explorer.exe / the Windows shell was hanging and or crashing, specifically after interacting with audio/video.
  4. The professionals solved NTFS was logging false positive torn write events problem.
  5. They fixed Microsoft Teams and some other apps that were unexpectedly showing as only Program (not the app name) in the Startup tab of Task Manager.
  6. Furthermore, they fixed sort processes in Task Manager by Status was not possible problem.
  7. They solved WIN+Shift+S  that was not showing notifications soon after clean installing or resetting your PC.
  8. Windows 10 Build 21292 fixed an Xbox Game Bar problem occurring from the previous build. When it is launched from Start or using Winkey+G when running a text editor, the computer might be unresponsive.
  9. The update solved using scaling greater than 100% problem occurring in recent builds. In this condition, if you opened and closed Task View, the open window would appear unexpectedly large in the transition back to the desktop.
  10. They solved typing “-“ on a number pad when using the Japanese IME that was not taking into consideration whether the IME was in half width or full width mode.
  11. Finally, they solved Hanja word conversion with the Korean TIME that wasn’t working in Excel when the Korean Language pack for Office was installed.

Known issues

  1. Experts are working on a resolution for games such as Assassin’s Creed, State of Decay 2 that may crash or hang when starting.
  2. They are studying an issue for the game Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare may not start with this build. You can use the setting pause updates until the issue is resolved.
  3. You may encounter some graphics or rendering problems after resizing certain apps windows. Minimizing the app windows and opening them again should fix the issue. For this, press the Windows key and D twice.
  4. They are examining an issue where some 32-bit systems may drop network connection after receiving this build. In this case, you may also pause updates until the issue is resolved.
  5. After installing this build, Miracast users may encounter very low frame rates.
  6. They are checking the reports of the update process hanging for long when trying to receive a new build.
  7. In the current build, Aero Shake is disabled. You can manually enable it from  Registry Editor. All you need is to create a new DWORD entry, name it DisallowShaking, and set the value of 0 in the following string –


  1. Windows 10 Build 21292.1000 has not enabled Live previews for pinned websites for all Insiders yet. Consequently, you may notice a grey window when you hover over the thumbnail located on the taskbar. They are currently polishing this experience.
  2. They are trying to enable the new taskbar experience for pinned websites. As of now, you can unpin one from the taskbar by removing it from the edge://apps page, and then re-pinning.
  3. You will encounter news and interests taskbar setting resetting to Show icon and text. This is solved by going forward.
  4. Sometimes the news and interests flyout fails to close with pen.
  5. News and interests feature occupies additional space on taskbar on the left than expected.
  6. The taskbar button can display old information each time the user signs into their Windows session.
  7. You may notice content in a single column on the news and interests flyout before instantly switching to a double column.
  8. You may experience the Text in taskbar button pixelated on the high-resolution screens.
  9. The context menu of taskbar and the feature news and interests will overlap.
  10. In some cases, news and interests feature shows 100% CPU usage on launching.
  11. The flyout gets dismissed when trying to share content.
  12. [ARM64] Insiders may encounter less brightness who installed Qualcomm Adreno graphics driver preview on the Surface Pro X. This will be addressed in a future update.

Source – Windows blog.

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