Windows 10 Start Menu – Tips to Customize

This article will tell you about tips to customize your Windows 10 Start Menu. When Microsoft changed the version of OS Windows, they kept sure of changing its Start Menu or change it to something we call Start Screen. This time, again they have tried to keep the features of the half portion of the screen scilicet the left side of the screen of windows 7. In other words, Start Menu has come back with its new look. Start Menu and its screen can be easily customized by adding live tiles to it.

It not only lets you pin live tiles, but you could also move tiles from one place to another. You can look at them while arranging and if you like it that way, then keep it that way. Let’s learn how it’s done!

Windows 10 Start Menu

Tips to Customize Windows 10 Start Menu on 

Let ‘s look underneath how to change the tiles, move them, and arrange them so that it suits you the most.

How to Add Live Tiles to Start Menu

The most important thing about windows 10 is that one can add now new titles to the start menu which is really a superb thing. While you pinned tiles here, they will automatically present themselves in a separate right column while keeping the rest of the tiles on the left side of the start menu.

  • Make the Start Menu visible on your screen. You will notice that all the applications are listed out in alphabetical sequence.
All Apps of Start Menu in Windows 10 Add an app to live tile in Start Menu
  • While you pinned tiles here, they will automatically present themselves in a separate right column while keeping the rest of the tiles on the left side of the Start Menu.
Calulator live tile added to the Start Menu

How to Resize and Move added tiles to the Start Menu

When you have pinned tiles to the Start Menu, you can pick any tiles and start arranging them.

  • To move the tile, just click and hold on it to select it, and then drag it to its new position.
Change position of a live tile in Start Menu
  • If there is another tile present there, it would be pushed back to a new position.
  • If you have worked with live tiles, you must be knowing about its exciting feature. Same things apply for the tiles as they can be presented in different ways whether it be small, big, medium and wide.
  • When you are willing to resize a tile, just right click there and select the one which you like from Resize submenu.
Resize live tile in Start Menu

How to Adjust Windows 10 Start Menu

  • A very important feature of Windows 10 is that it not only lets you play with the tiles, moving them but also lets adjust the Start Menu ‘s size.
  • They can be arranged in a very specific pattern. Start Menu can be made vertical or horizontal depending on your look-wise.
Change in the size of Start Menu in Windows 10

Note: While you are willing to resize the start menu, you can simply move your cursor to its right corner until it changes towards a resizing handle. After then, you just have to drag the mouse cursor outwards so the shape and size would be adjusted to the start menu.


Start Menu is the most powerful and important feature in windows 10. It could be presented as a combination of windows 7 and windows 8 Start Menu and Start Screen. The start menu has come in its totally different look impressing its users more intensively than its predecessors. Start working on windows 10 and you will get a vibe of liking this OS even more than windows 8.

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