Windows 10 Tips List

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Title Description
How to Enable Narrator Audio Cues in Windows 10 Do you want to hear a sound while running a command or when any suggestions are available? If yes then follow this article and turn on Audio Cues in Narrator
How to View Windows Defender Offline Scan Results in Windows 10 If you are puzzled about the location of result file after running offline scan here you will find your answer.
How to Change Camera Brightness on Windows 10 Simple and straight method to increase, decrease and adjust camera brightness to intensify the picture in Windows 10.
How to Enable Pro Mode in Camera in Windows 10 Best way to turn on pro mode in camera in order to enhance the standard of pictures on Windows 10.
How to Upgrade Windows 10 to November 2019 Update Version 1909 Find the easiest procedures to receive edition 1909 via Windows update and clean install.
How to increase Internet Speed in Windows 10, 8, 7, XP / Check Almost every internet user cares about Internet speed and looks forward to enhancing it. Here you can learn about the most advanced and unique ways for this.
How to create bootable Pen Drive / DVD of Windows 10, 8 A bootable media (either USB pen drive or DVD) is necessary to upgrade the Windows versions from earlier to the most recent. Here you are able to learn the straightforward and effective tool to create a bootable disc.
How to Make Google Chrome as Default Browser in Windows 10, 8 Although Microsoft Edge is the default browser, most people want to Chrome be built-in. Learn some easy and effective ways to make it the original browser through Chrome, Settings App, and Control Panel.
How to Disable Smart Screen in Windows 10, 8 / Remove Smart Screen is a unique feature that intends to warn before downloading or installing any doubtful program or software. However, this feature is not appreciated by every user. If you are one of them, here are some simple steps to disable the security tool.
How to create Shutdown, Restart, Sleep Shortcut in Windows 10, 8 A shortcut of any command or program helps in its instant execution. Here are some easy procedures to create the executable icons of Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, and many others on the desktop for immediately carrying out these commands.
How to Minimize Windows Explorer Ribbon in Windows 10, 8 The Ribbon interface, Windows Explorer appears completely different in Windows 10. However, this feature is not universally appreciated. Here in this article, we have illustrated the three most effectual methods to minimize the Windows Explorer Ribbon.
How To Share Folders On Network in Windows 10, 8 With the advent of Win 10, the sharing of folders on a network has become easier. Learn some unfussy and simple method to transfer files and folders on a Network.
How to Uninstall, Disable, Roll Back, Update Device Drivers in Windows 10 / 8 / 7 For the proper functionalities of all the inbuilt and externally connected devices, one should regularly update their drivers in Windows 10. Learn the simple and effortless steps to Uninstall, Disable, Rollback, Update Device Drivers.
How to play DVDs in Windows 10/8 The inbuilt support for playing DVDs is missing in Windows 10. However, there is some great freeware software which not only runs a DVD but also plays the latest formats of a disk in just a single click.
How to save Power Consumption by Hybrid Sleep on Windows 10, 8 With the popularity of Laptops, the concern to decrease the power consumption has escalated. Learn the most important tips to save power consumption by Hybrid Sleep.
How to Enable or Disable Disk Write Caching in Windows 10, 8 There are various methods to improve the performance of a computer, Disk Write Caching is one of them. This article covers easy steps to enable or disable this feature.
How to customize mouse for left-handed users in Windows 10, 8 Though most people in the world are right-handers, left-handers can’t be avoided and Microsoft knows it very well. That’s why Win 10 allows its users to customize the mouse according to the left-handed users. This article covers the simple steps to do it.
How to Configure Firewall Settings in Windows 10, 8 Step by Step In order to keep a device safe from unexpected harmful issues that arise frequently, Firewall needs to be active. This security wall is different from antivirus and is an important feature of Windows OS. Learn the simple steps to configure the Firewall settings in Windows 10.
How To Use VLC Media Player App on Windows 10, 8 or 8.1 VLC is one of the most reputed Player that is capable to play most of the multimedia formats even in absence of external codec. This article explains how to utilize this multimedia Player App.
How to Urgently Shutdown or Restart Windows 10, 8 or 7 Many times it happens, when the user needs to urgently shut down or restart a device. Instead of directly plugging out the power wire (not recommended), there are several secure ways to do it.
How to Show Thumbnail instead of icons on Windows 10, 8 Desktop Desktop featuring icons of different programs is the most common arrangement on a device. However, using the thumbnails in place of images is a cooler way to enhance the screen looks.
How to Make Widget of Task Manager on Windows 10, 8 PC – Tips Examining a performance activity of a device through any 3rd party software is globally a common practice. However, the same can be obtained through the inbuilt Task Manager.
How to Generate System Diagnostic Report in Windows 10, 8.1 – Tips A System Diagnostic Report helps to rescue different types of software and hardware related problems take place in a device. The report also contains all the important information helpful in monitoring the system. Learn the simple steps to generate and view the System Diagnostic Report.
How to Change Color and Font of Command Prompt in Windows 10, 8 Win10 is the latest and most colorful OS till now whereas the Command Prompt still has the black background and white colored font. This article describes the simple ways to change color and font of Command Prompt.
How to Customize Mouse Pointer on Windows 10 and Change Scheme Most people use the basic method of the mouse pointer on Windows 10. However, Windows 10 is able to restrain the settings to change the cursor and its scheme.
How to Download and Install Windows 10 Technical Preview – Complete Guide Microsoft is endowing the opportunity to download and install Win 10 Technical Preview. The only requirement for this is to be a Windows Insider, and that is quite easy. Let us know the entire procedure to download Win10 and install the technical preview version.
How to Hide and Show Windows 10 Taskbar Automatically Taskbar is full of modern features, however, some people feel the need for more screen space and want to keep their icons away from other’s sight. Microsoft has included the feature to automatically hide and show it and this article contains steps to do it.
How to Customize Windows 10 Taskbar – Complete Guide Various enticing features are available in Taskbar. A user can lock or automatically hide it, increase or decrease its size, peek at the desktop, show badges on its button, change its location on the screen, and can do many other modifications by going through this guide.
How to Shift From Start Menu to Start Screen on Windows 10 With the advent of Win10, MS has brought back the Start Menu with some extraordinary new features. Moreover, the facility of Start Screen is also available in this OS. Here, follow easy methods to perform switching between them.
How to Change an Account Picture on Windows 10 – Easy Steps You can alter your account picture via Start Menu. As compared to the previous version of the operating system, this method is basic and uncomplicated.
How to Search Items on Windows 10 – 4 Ways Redmondians promises to enhance the search experience of its users. There are 4 different ways to search files, folders, apps, programs, and much more on this latest Operating System. This article will explain all the ways.
How to make Windows 10 Store-More Favorable for You Win 10 has introduced several valuable features which enhance the user experience and “Microsoft Store” is one of them. The best thing is that a user can modify it in the same way as he/she wants. This article explains how to make Store more favorable to you.
How to Add or Remove Items on Start Menu on Windows 10 Start Menu allows the addition of important things and the removal of unnecessary or unwanted ones. There are different ways to add or remove folders, images, applications, videos, and many other files on Start Menu on Windows 10.
How to Enable Hibernate on Power Button in Windows 10 – 5 Steps Hibernate feature in Windows used to consume very less electricity and save a lot of time. By default, this feature is missing out on Windows 10’s Power Button. This article contains two simple methods to enable Hibernate on Power Button.
How to Customize Date and Time Formats on Windows 10 Date and Time are very important features, especially when most programs are running on a real-time process. The OS provides its users with the facility to customize the settings of their devices.
How to Create a Homegroup in Windows 10 Quick and Easy Win 10 allows quick and easy formation of a Homegroup. Interconnecting the devices with smartphones or tablets leads an easy communication and data sharing. This article not only explains how to create a Homegroup but also verify its creation.
How to Use Multi Desktop on Windows 10 In the updated version, you can manipulate various program on Multi Desktop, with no disturbance. It allows a systematic arrangement of different programs a user runs on his/her OS. This article let know how to use (open and close) Multi Desktop on this latest OS from Microsoft.
How to Start Windows 10 Without Password Automatically The procedure to enter the password every time device starts is irritating for many. However, there are a few approaches to start it without using any key and they are revealed in this article.
How to Boot Windows 10 along with Windows 7 Dual booting is an exciting feature of Windows 10 and it helps in uniting two different groups of users like different operating system. Learn the simple methods to boot both the OS in the device.
How to Change Desktop Background Image on Windows 10 An interesting wallpaper image not only alters the look and appearance of a computer but also boost the mood of the user as well. Learn the simplest approach to change the desktop background image on Windows 10.
How to Clear Cache on Windows 10 – All Type Cache slow down its performance and cause the PC to hang quite often. When we delete them of applications like Modern UPI App cache, Desktop App cache, Location History, File Explorer History, and Windows Store cache, the PC will run smoothly.
How to Open Control Panel on Windows 10 – Instant Ways The need to open Control Panel can arise anytime and in such a case, the user expects it to open instantly. This article reveals various ways to open this applet on Win10.
How to Customize Keyboard Settings on Windows 10 A keyboard is required to operate the proper functioning of a computer. Windows 10 allows the modification of settings as per the user’s preference such as OSK, Sticky Keys, Toggle Keys, Filter Keys etc. This article uncovers different ways to customize the keyboard.
How to Bring This PC icon on Windows 10 Desktop Quickly A fresh installation does not contain “This PC” icon on the Desktop. The long-time users are fond of having this logo here. Therefore, this article contains easy steps to quickly bring This PC icon on your screen.
How to Launch Elevated Command Prompt on Windows 10 cmd.exe allows the execution of several advanced commands on Win10. Read this article to know the different methods to covers all of them, such as launching Elevated Command Prompt through Power User Menu, Cortana Search, Task Manager, and others.
How to Change Windows 10 Start Menu Look like Windows 7 There is no doubt that Win7 was the most preferred OS before Win10. That’s why some people want their Start Menu to appears like that of Windows 7. This article reveals how to change it.
How to Uninstall Large Space Taking App from Windows 10 Nowadays, the focus is to develop more advanced and feature-rich apps. But, they consume more space and sometimes cause surprising issues. We recommend you to read this page as this article contains simple steps to uninstall large space taking an app from Win10.
How to Disable / Enable App Notifications on Windows 10 Several people find App notifications helpful and some say they are nothing more than a distraction. Keeping in mind both kinds of people, Microsoft allows disabling and enabling app notifications on Windows 10.
How to Change Color and Size of Start Menu on Windows 10 Personalization is a major aspect of this OS and the ability to change the color and size of Start Menu proves it. This article reveals how to easily change them.
How to Stop User Account Control / UAC on Windows 10 User Account Control is an enhanced security feature but not boasted by every user, especially those who frequently open some apps on their PC. Learn three easy methods to stop UAC.
How to Customize Sync Settings on Windows 10 Win10 allows to not only synchronization of App across the devices but also facilitate change according to your preferences. However, the user needs to log in through his/her Microsoft Account. This article discusses simple ways to customize sync settings.
How to Completely Uninstall Software From Windows 10 – Beginners Win10 provides 3 simple methods to uninstall a program. This article illustrates all these methods to completely remove the software. The uninstallation steps are so easy that even beginners can follow them smoothly.
How to Change Icons and Text Size on Windows 10 Some users like bigger text and icons on their system whereas others love small. Well, Microsoft has a solution for everyone as it allows to change their Sizes.
How to Disable or Turn Off Windows 10 Lock Screen Lock Screen is an extra security feature and beautifies a computer as well. However, because of different reasons some users don’t like it and prefer avoiding it. For them, this article contains two different ways to disable or turn off Lock Screen.
How to Get Rid of Drop Shadows Effect on Windows 10 Drop Shadow Effect is a feature that makes your OS appear even more beautiful but it is a disturbance for some users. Learn the easy steps to get rid of this feature.
How to Launch Command Prompt at Boot in Windows 10 Some errors in Windows 10 require Command Prompt at the start screen to resolve them. Learn the two methods through – Installation Media and Advanced Startup Options – to launch CMD.EXE at boot in Win10.
Windows 10: How to Encrypt Drive Partition using BitLocker BitLocker in Win10 helps to automatically encrypt a drive with a password. All the files, folders, and documents get proper protection. Learn the easy way to perform partition using BitLocker.
Windows 10 – How to Run Program Automatically at Startup A few software always keeps running in the background and are called as Startup Programs. A few of them are the boot up Programs by default and others need to be set up. This article contains easy steps to run a program automatically at Startup in Windows 10.
Windows 10 – How to Exit and Restore Explorer – Trick An easy way to skip restarting the computer is to exit and retrieve the explorer.exe. This is a secret and trick through Start Menu and Taskbar is required to do it.
Windows 10 – How to Clear Personal Information from Tiles Tiles in the Start Menu of Windows 10 is a beneficial feature but cause confusion or problems when inappropriate or a lot of personal information gets stored. Removing the private details is positive and the methods to clear are explained in this article.
Windows 10 – How To Create 4 Digit PIN Login There is no doubt that providing enhanced security to users is the primary concern of Microsoft. It provides different options to login and one of them is through a 4-digit PIN.
Windows 10 – How to Open and Use Disk Cleanup In order to maintain the elevated performance of a computer, regular garbage Cleaning is required. Learn how to open and use Disk Cleanup in Win 10 to evacuate the recycle bin, wipe out temporary files, erase unwanted system files, and much more with a single program.
Windows 10 – How to Turn off AutoPlay AutoPlay is a feature that automatically plays the media in a DVD or USB Flash Drive. Many users find it useful as it avoids several steps whereas some users don’t want their media files to act automatically.
Windows 10 – How to Access and Use Storage Sense Storage Sense makes the user aware of the way space is utilized in his/her device. For example, the room used by apps, drives, downloads, emails, games, and others is precisely presented in front of the user. This article reveals how to access and use Storage Sense in Windows 10.
Windows 10 – How to Pin and Unpin This PC Pin to Quick Access Location Quick Access in Windows 10 helps to open an application or a location with just a single click. This PC is frequently used by most of the users.
Windows 10 – How to Turn On or Off Energy Saver Mode Microsoft is working really hard to extend the battery of a PC. Energy Saver Mode is quite beneficial in improving battery life.
Windows 10 Snap Assist, Vertical Snap, 2×2 Snapping – How to Apply Vertical Snap, Snap Assist, moreover 2 x 2 Snapping in Win10 are advanced features to arrange folders and files on the desktop. This article briefly describes all these features and contains simple steps to apply them.
Windows 10 – How to Start and Use Windows Media Player (WMP) WMP is not given any exposure because the complete focus is on the Movies & TV app. For using it, a user needs to be aware of its location. Learn how to Start and Use it in Win10.
Windows 10 – How To Get 3 Finger Gestures for Precision Touchpads The latest version Win10 consists of 3-Finger Gestures for Precision Touchpads. A new type of keypad has been designed, especially for laptops running on Win 8 or later.
Windows 10 – How to Turn Off System Beep Sounds Beep sound in a system that takes place during cache memory error or failing of RAM.
Windows 10 – How to connect XBOX 360 Console to Computer Monitor With the help of Win10, Microsoft is enhancing the gaming performance of users. They can connect their XBOX 360 console to the device in 3 simple steps.
Windows 10 – How To Disable or Enable Windows Defender Windows Defender is a default antivirus that protects the computer from threats and malicious files. It is free for all the users.
Windows 10 – How to Start and Use Performance Monitor Performance Monitor is a very beneficial application that addresses, monitors, assembles and analyzes the complete health of an OS.
Windows 10 – How to Remove Account Picture Sometimes users feel to remove the Account Picture and they end up removing it rather than changing.
Windows 10 – How to Remove PPPOE or VPN Connection People have VPN or PPPOE connections in their PC which they don’t involve to any further extent. If it is removed, the performance of a computer won’t affect.
Windows 10 – How to Turn On Quiet Hours to Disable Notifications Receiving notifications is a very beneficial feature for many but annoying and disturbing for some. Windows 10 has a solution in the form of Quiet Hours.
Windows 10 – How to Backup System Image Having a backup of System Image is necessary if a user has planned to reinstall the OS.
Windows 10 – How to Enable / Disable OneDrive Fetch Files OneDrive is a cloud-based storage service from Microsoft. It contains an option Fetch Files, that allows the users to get all the data of their computer from another.
Windows 10 – How to Turn on ClearType Use Tuner Clear Type is the latest technology from Microsoft that makes the text, available on the screen, acute and distinct. This is an advantageous feature, here tuner is used to modify the text display when it is turned on.
Windows 10 – How to Unlink Skype ID from Microsoft Account Though Skype can be run with an MS account but unlinking it, is also possible. After that, it can be run with a separate account. Learn how to unlink Skype ID from MS in Win10.
Windows 10 – How to Boost Batch Files Upload Speed in OneDrive When a large number of files are uploaded to OneDrive, the speed usually becomes slow.
Windows 10 – How to Start OneDrive Automatically when Login Because of its amazing support of this cloud store, users want to open it automatically at startup. Learn the easy steps to start OneDrive automatically when login in Win10.
Windows 10 – How to Customize Sync Settings with OneDrive When these settings are off, internet data is saved.
Windows 10 – How to Retain Free Disk Space After Installing When you complete the installation of OS, the space of the drive get occupied. It happens by default, but the free disk space can be easily retained in Windows 10.
Windows 10 – How to Turn On or Off Airplane Mode Airplane Mode feature helps a user to “disable mobile data”, “wireless network”, and “Bluetooth connection”, all just in one go. It is very beneficial for people who use to travel frequently.
Windows 10 – How to Take Screenshots Using Default Tools That’s why Win10 includes various default tools to screen capture.
Windows 10 – How to Use File History to Backup Data Step by Step File history is an important component of Win10 as it secures the specific files saved at various places of a computer.
Windows 10 – How to Use Snipping Tool – Capture Screenshot Snipping tool offers a user to capture the screen, as a whole or part of, and save it in the “PNG, JPEG or HTML” format. This article reveals how this utility is used to performing multiple tasks of taking snapshots.
Windows 10 – What is Sync Center and How to Use It Sync Center is a very old feature in Windows Operating Systems, however, it didn’t get much popularity among users.
Windows 10 – How to Access and Use Magnifier A time comes when there is a need to expand a part of the computer screen. So now, Microsoft has a solution for this and it is called Magnifier.
Windows 10 – How to Launch and Use Command Prompt This is a tool comes as a helper in case of different errors. Moreover, CMD or cmd.exe provides support to add various features.
Windows 10 – How To Redeem Deleted Sticky Notes There is a misconception that once the Sticky Notes is deleted, it can’t be redeemed. However, there are two different ways to get back it in Windows 10.
Windows 10 – How to Detect RAM Issues with Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool Windows Memory Diagnostic is a tool that trace out and fix the Random Access Memory issues.
Windows 10 – How to Test Local Drive for Errors When the drives don’t work properly, the primary solution is to test the hard disk for errors and repair it. Win10 contains a utility, known as Check Disk which is used to ensure Local Drives for Errors.
Windows 10 – How to Access and Utilize Mobility Center Settings When Microsoft launched Vista, it brought out with the Windows Mobility Center, a tool that can customize the primary settings of a computer. This is even more powerful in Win10 and the simple ways to access them are available in this article.
Windows 10 – How to Boost Laptop Battery Life Each Laptop user wants their battery to last long. If they follow different customization, it can increase the life of their cell.
Windows 10 – How To Set New Pane for Date and Time MS is continuously working to make the OS more beautiful and eye-catching with every new feature update. The latest efforts include Modern or Metro styled pane for time and date.
Windows 10 – How To Enable/Disable Desktop Background Slide Show A slide show in the backdrop of the desktop makes it more beautiful and eye-catching. However, some people still prefer the old way because it consumes more power and slows down the PC.
Windows 10 – How to Move Screenshot Location, Restore to Default By default, the screenshot images are stored in the folder named “Screenshots”, available in the Photos library. Some users are comfortable with it but not all. There is a solution for all those, who are looking for restoring it to default.
Windows 10 – How to Give Hard Disk Rest after Certain Time A Hard Disk can be put to rest after a certain time to improve its functioning and durability.
Windows 10 – How to Set Up Picture Password With Win8, Microsoft introduced the facility to set up a picture password and it is continued in the latest versions also.
Windows 10 – How to Give a New Name to your Computer Sometimes, due to certain reasons, there is a need for the renaming of computer arises.
How to View and Customize Windows Update on Windows 10 Windows Update is quite beneficial for an OS as it updates the applications with the latest features.
Windows 10 – How to Write Formula in Math Input Panel An application Math Input Level has been made available from the last few versions of Windows. It creates mathematical formulas with the help of a mouse or touch screen and then places them inside the document.
How To bring Universal Apps in Full-Screen Mode in Windows 10 Universal apps or Modern apps are part of Microsoft’s approach to make everything appearing on desktop attractive. These applications can be resized as per the user’s preference.
Windows 10 – How to Configure Alarms & Clock App Alarms & Clock app in Windows 10 not only provides the facility to view local and international time but also to set alarms and timers. The users can play with stopwatch feature also.
Windows 10 – How to Raise the Mic Volume When the volume of a microphone is low, users often feel the need to improve it. This is a problem that can be solved by increasing the Mic sound.
Windows 10 – How to Switch to Local Account from Microsoft Account In order to get a better user experience, you can shift from a Local Account to Microsoft Account. In this article, we’ll show you an easy way to switch.
Windows 10 – How to Set Stopwatch and Timer in Alarm App Microsoft is dedicated to easing the life of its users and has proved it again through Timer and Stopwatch features available in the Alarm App.
Windows 10 – How to Record Screen with Problem Steps Recorder Problem Steps Recorder is a utility that helps in recording the interactions on a device screen. This is especially beneficial to resolve different Windows 10 related issues.
Windows 10 – How to Pin to, Unpin From Start Menu, Start Screen Windows 10 provides its users with the facility to pin or unpin different applications, contacts, homegroup, folders, and drives from the Start Menu, Start Screen.
Windows 10 – How to Use Different Icon for Application, Folder Shortcut Though most people don’t focus on this feature and continue working with the default icons, Microsoft offers the facility to change icons of applications or folder shortcut.
Windows 10 Task Manager Menus and Processes Tab Tutorial The Task Manager menus and Processes Tab are feature-rich and provide all the necessary information regarding the operating behavior of a computer.
Windows 10 – How to Create Site Shortcut Pin Using Chrome Internet Explorer provides the feature to create site shortcuts but in Win10, Google Chrome also provides the same facility. It allows the user to pin the site shortcuts on Desktop and Taskbar.
Windows 10 – How to Establish Remote Desktop Connection When users want to connect and work on a remotely placed device, they need to establish “Remote Desktop Connection”.
Windows 10 – How to Use Private Character Editor The OS allows its users to generate their new imaginative character or modify the existing one. It is possible through “Private Character Editor” present in Accessories.
Windows 10 – How to Install, Remove, Show, Hide Fonts A user can easily modify the fonts like add, remove, show and hide.
Windows 10 – How to Start and Get Help of Narrator One of the most important Accessibility tools is the Narrator. It reads out everything displaying on the screen.
Windows 10 – Multiple Tips to Change and Control Volume Every user needs to customize the volume – some want it low and others high. There are various ways to change and control them.
How to Use Text or Visual alternatives For sounds on Windows 10 For deaf people or who have weak hearing power, Microsoft has the solution in the form of Text and Visual alternatives for sounds that replaces sound with a blink or flicker.
Windows 10 – How to Configure User Permissions for Files, Folders Win10 allows creating multiple accounts on a single device such as guest, administrator, child, and many others. The best thing is that each account can have separate settings.
Windows 10 – How to Stop Websites from Retrieving System Language In order to enhance user experience, many websites retrieve system language. The users for whom security comes first, do not like this feature.
Windows 10 – How to Customize Paging File Size for Disk Drives Falling short of primary memory is a common problem in computers upgraded to Win10. The best way to enhance it is to customize Paging File Size for Disk Drives.
Windows 10 – How to Enable USB Selective Suspend – Tips USB Selective Suspend is an old Windows feature that helps in saving power as it directs the blocking of a specific port without affecting other ports.
Windows 10 – How to Better Use Fast Startup or Hybrid Shutdown The advanced users of Windows are much aware of Fast Startup or Hybrid Shutdown.
Windows 10 – How to See Network Activity Using Task Manager  It has become more powerful and feature-rich. This article contains easy steps to see Network Activity with the help of Task Manager in Windows 10.
Windows 10 – How to Revert Libraries in This PC Navigation “Libraries in This PC” is not available in this version but it is useful and most people want to get available this feature in their device.
Windows 10 – How to Get Back Former Version Device Driver Sometimes, getting the latest versions of software or driver complicates the functioning of the system. In such situations, getting back the former version of the driver might be the best solution.
Windows 10 – How to Use Slide Open Combo Boxes The feature Combo Box is being used since the launch of Windows XP. It opens the drop-down list quickly with animations also.
Windows 10 Consumer Preview – How to Download and Install For all those who are interested in downloading and installing Win10 Consumer Preview. This article contains the authentic link to download and simple steps to install it on their computer.
How to Access UEFI (BIOS) Settings on Windows 10, 8 and 8.1 Since the latest versions of Windows boots up fast, users are unable to access UEFI settings easily. However, there is an alternative way to access its settings.
Windows 10 – How to Personalize Lock Screen Lock Screen appears when the computer remains inactive for a specific time. Microsoft provides an opportunity to personalize it.
Windows 10 – How to Find Device Manager and Use its Functions Device Manager informs the users about the hardware devices present in or connected to their PC. It also helps in checking and resolving the problems associated with them.
How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Build 9926 From Windows 8/8.1, 7 Upgrading from previous versions to the latest build of Windows 10 provides enhanced user experience.
Windows 10 – How to Access Disk Management, Handle Partition Disk Management is an advanced tool that performs various disk utility functions without the help of any 3rd party software.
How to Access and Use Cortana in Windows 10 build 9926 If a list of smartest features of Win10 is prepared, Cortana will secure a high place. In order to make the best use, learn how to access and use it in “Win 10 build 9926”.
How to Make Spartan Working on Windows 10 build 9926 Microsoft is set to boost the web surfing experience. Besides Internet Explorer, the latest Operating System contains more efficient, convenient, and powerful browser -Spartan.
How to Start, Stop, Configure Windows Services in Windows 10 There are some features which are not used by many users but remains active in the background. Their functioning can be monitored through “Windows Services”.
Windows 10 – How to Launch Settings and View Items on It No doubt, Win10 is the best OS from MS till now and with every new build, a lot of new features are added. This time “PC Settings” is changed to “Settings App” and currently, it is a single place to customize the system according to the user’s preference.
Windows 10 – How to Manage Default Apps Through Settings Favorites are everywhere, even in computers also. For example, people use to open websites, audios, and documents only in some specific applications. This article explains how to manage default apps through settings in Win10.
How to Connect Windows 10 PC to a Cellular Network Connecting a PC to a cellular network is meant for getting access to the internet. It makes you able to “send or receive emails”, “browse websites”, “connect with others through social sites”, and “download or upload content”.
How to start Command Prompt when Windows 10 Fails to Boot Many a time when it urgently requires the use of Command Prompt but your system doesn’t boot. The solution to this agitated problem is available in this article.
How to Open and Customize Update & Security in Windows 10 Update & Security section on Windows Settings application includes various options and tabs.
How to Access and Use Accounts Settings in Windows 10 “Accounts Settings” in Windows 10 allows to manage and modify their account. Yes, users can manage the sign-in options, control the workplace account, and much more things through this feature.
Sound Scheme in Windows 10 – How to Change, Create, Save, Delete By default, Some events produce the sound associated with them. However, it is possible to adjust a specific or the entire sound scheme.
How to Personalize Desktop Background on Windows 10 You can customize the device background in numerous ways. This article contains all the details regarding personalizing.
How to Change and Configure Screen Saver on Windows 10 Screen Saver is a personalization feature so that different users use it for different purposes such as entertainment, security, or some other.
How to Customize Themes on Windows 10 Themes feature is not new in Windows OS and it completely enhances the looks of a PC.
How to Access Event Viewer and Watch Logs on Windows 10 All Log files of an OS gets stored in Event Viewer. It also helps in finding out a problem to work correctly.
How to Use Computer Management and its Tools on Windows 10 Computer Management is an administrative tool that contains various applications and services to enhance the user experience. Learn all the details about this utility and its tools.
How to Download Project Spartan Web Browser on Windows 10 MS has launched the newly advanced web browser, Spartan, in the latest Win10 release. It is the successor of Internet Explorer with full of exciting new features. Learn the easiest way to download and make it as a default web browser on Win10.
How to Use Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 IE is no longer the default browser of Windows OS. Now, Microsoft Edge is equipped with several useful and exciting features.
How to Shift Third-Party App Icons From Taskbar to System Tray Windows 10 A Taskbar having many icons (either system or third-party) sometimes looks disorganized. The good news is that these icons can always be shifted to the System Tray.
 How to Turn off Windows 10 Splash Screen to Reduce Boot Time A significant decrease in the boot time has been seen when the Splash Screen is turned off. It takes around 3-5 sec and maintain the OS to boot faster.
How to Compress Contents in OneDrive on Windows 10 OneDrive offers only a limited amount of space for free. It can be increased by compressing files available in the Drive.
How to Activate Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise Build 10061 There are some activation related problems in Win10 of Build 10061. However, here in this article, we’re providing an easy step to get rid of these troubles.
How to Turn On and Off Windows Defender in Windows 10 Windows Defender, from the house of Microsoft, comes preinstalled in Win 10 and enhances the security of a device. Sometimes, it needs to turn it off emerges and for a while, it requires turning on.
How to change background, taskbar, Start Menu Color in Windows 10 Microsoft has worked really hard to improve the looks and beauty of the desktop. This supremacy is accessible through Personalization in the Settings app.
How to Add or Remove Extension of File Type in Windows 10 The examples of file extensions are .jpg, .doc, .txt, and others. They are useful to identify the file type and on that basis, further steps can be taken.
How to Make a Pen Drive Write Protected in Windows 10 A Pen Drive when write protected has limited functions such as the contents inside it, can’t be changed. This feature is especially beneficial when some essential information is present here.
How to Change Transparency Settings of Start Menu, Taskbar Windows 10 In order to increase the beauty of Start Menu and Taskbar, “transparency Settings” are present in Windows OS but it affects the battery. There is an option to enable or disable this transparent look and the steps to do it are available in this article.
How to Delete and Rebuild Icon Cache in Windows 10 Sometimes icons become problematic due to the defective logo cache. Of course, rebuilding the cache will solve the issue.
How to Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10 Synchronization helps in viewing the settings and accessing the files, documents, and folders from anywhere in the world. Win10 allows signing-in to MS account and enjoy the sync benefits.
How to Restart File Explorer Using Task Manager in Windows 10 File Explorer is an important component of Windows and issues with it are common. Here, you’ll learn simple tips to restart it with the help of Task Manager.
How to Run a New Task in Task Manager on Windows 10 Generally, most of the people use the command prompt to start a new task. However, you can also use an alternative method, i.e the “Task Manager” for the same.
How to Create a Shortcut to Clear Clipboard Data in Windows 10 All the recent activities can be tracked through Clipboard but not everyone likes this feature and consider it as a risk for their security.
How to Create Shortcut for Sync your Settings in Windows 10 This feature in your device allows syncing all the relevant stuff that you want. This happens automatically at a predetermined time and the settings can be changed whenever it needs.
How to Pin a Website to Windows 10 Start Menu using Edge Users mark the website(s) as a bookmark to quickly open it in the future.
How to Pick App Updates to Download in Store in Windows 10 People commonly use Store to download apps but it can also be used to check and updates through “Pick App Updates”.
How to Advance Book Free Windows 10 Microsoft is providing an opportunity to upgrade their device to the latest OS for free. Advance booking is required to avail this offer and the steps to do it are available in this article.
How to Pause App Updates Download in Store Beta Windows 10 There are always some apps in a device which are not used often (and sometimes not at all). Therefore, it is not necessary to update these apps regularly and better option is to pause them.
How to Sync App Licenses in Windows 10 Store After purchasing “app through the Store”, if it doesn’t work in other devices of the same account. In this case, you will have to sync the application licenses and the steps to do it in, are available in this article.
How to Run PowerShell as an administrator in Windows 10 Users are able to use PowerShell to execute task automation and handle configuration.
How to Tweak Paging File for better Windows 10 Performance Paging file or Virtual memory optimization enhances the performance device. The simple steps to tweak Paging file for better performance and functioning are available in this article.
How to Show Screen Resolution in Desktop Context Menu in Windows 10 A lot of features are changed or optimized in the latest version of OS. Now the Context menu doesn’t display the option of Screen Resolution but, it can be created.
How to Find Programs in All Apps list Easily on Start Menu Windows 10 All Apps is a component of Start Menu that contains a comprehensive list of installed application, third-party software, and inbuilt programs arranged alphabetically.
How to Erase File Explorer Search Record in Windows 10 Whatever you search in the File Explorer, the Operating System keeps detail information of it, however, it can be removed at any time.
How to Erase File Explorer Records in Windows 10 File Explorer has a very important role in the Operating System. A record of all the activities such as recently opened files, folders, address bar recommendations, and others is kept in Windows.
Tweak Group Policy Editor Disable Lock Screen in Windows 10 Lock screen appears several times such as when the computer starts, the system is inactive for a while, and others. If you disable them, it increases the boot speed of a PC. It can be performed by tweaking the Group Policy Editor.
How to Create Shortcut to Control Panel All Tasks in Windows 10 Control Panel is an app used quite frequently, sometimes daily. There are many ways to access these functions but a shortcut of All Tasks is always appreciable.
How to Disable or Enable Full Screen Start Menu in Windows 10 With the launch of Win10, Microsoft has brought back the much-demanded Start Menu. The good thing is that now its size can be increased or decreased.
How to Check Whether your PC is Compatible with Windows 10 It is true that Microsoft is offering a chance to transform their OS to Win10 for free. The easiest method to check the device compatibility is available in this article.
How to Enable Caret browsing in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 With caret browsing enabled in Edge, users can navigate different contents of a web page through their keyboard.
How to Bring Get Windows 10 in Your Taskbar “Get Windows 10” is an app that lets a user know whether the existing OS in their PC is upgradable or not.
How to Optimize Battery Saver Settings in Windows 10 to get Utmost Microsoft provides Battery Saver option to enhance its settings and get the optimum results.
How to Add or Cancel your Windows 10 Reservation In order to upgrade Win10, you should do the reservation via an app. This article has all the details explanations about adding and canceling the Windows 10 Reservation on a system.
How to Pin Settings App Categories to Start in Windows 10 Settings app is an application that’s required when users want to change or customize their OS. If its categories are pinned into Start, not only accessing it becomes easy but it will also save the time.
How to Selectively Disable App Notifications in Windows 10 App notification is an important feature in Windows 10 as it keeps the users updated but often creates an annoyance. They can follow just 4 steps to selectively disable app notifications.
How to Enable and Disable Snap in Windows 10 The Snap feature helps in running multiple tasks at the same time. Earlier, it was available in previous versions and failed to impress users but now, it has been launched with a lot of improvements in Windows 10.
How to Organize Assigned Access in Windows 10 With the help of “Assigned access”, it is quite possible to easily put limitations on an account or an app from the Store.
How to Set VLC as Default Media Player in Windows 10 Windows 10 provides the inbuilt Movies & TV as the default app. But VLC is one of the most liked application, and so that users want to set it as the default media player.
 How to Reset Picture Password in Windows 10 Picture password is safer than pin but sometimes it creates problems.
How to See Update History in Windows 10 There are such many reasons for which a user should be aware of update history. For example, one needs to check it regularly to know what changes are made in which program.
How to Open Developer Mode in Windows 10 Step by Step Developer Mode is a very attractive feature useful in developing universal apps/ p
How to Record Running Games in Windows 10 Using DVR With the availability of DVR and Games Bar, it is possible to record the game being played on the computer.
How to Customize Screen Timeout Settings in Windows 10 “Screen Timeout” is a feature that turns off the display of a device after a fixed time. As the preferences of every user are different, it is important to know how to customize screen timeout settings.
How to Block All Cookies in Edge in Windows 10 Edge provides users with several customization options to enhance their experience. One such option is blocking all the cookies.
How to See Hidden Devices in Device Manager Windows 10 If you have to see all the devices installed on your computer, straightaway opens the Device Manager. By default, some devices are not visible and they are classified as hidden.
Windows 10 Product key Home, Pro, Enterprise – How to Change There are different versions of Windows 10 – “Home, Pro, Enterprise” and for an enhanced experience, users are able to upgrade their version.
How to Show Home Button on Edge in Windows 10 Microsoft Edge is given a minimal look but this doesn’t mean that the users can’t make changes to it. By default, the Home Button doesn’t set on the browser.
How to Enable SmartScreen Filter in Edge on Windows 10 SmartScreen Filter is an important security feature, however, it can be extended to Microsoft Edge. The simple steps to enable this facility in Edge are available in this article.
How to Show Notifications in Lock Screen in Windows 10 Notifications keep a person informed when the computer is in an active state.
How to Uninstall Unnecessary Apps from Windows 10 There are a lot of apps that are not used in our daily life but you may remove any of them on this OS.
How to Extract Compressed Files in Windows 10 In order to extract the content of compressed files with the extension .zip, the inbuilt feature is sufficient.
How to View How Much Data an App Used on Windows 10 Most apps in require internet accessibility to run and it is necessary for some people having a fixed internet plan to know how much data is used by an app.
How to Make Users Invisible in Windows 10 Lock Screen Windows 10 allows creating a secret user account and the facility to make it invisible on Lock Screen. This is an enhanced security Setup.
How to Copy Path of a File or Folder in Windows 10 All those who find remembering the path of a file or folder, a hectic task, now can relax. It is because there is a feature that helps to copy the path of a selected item to the clipboard. Learn how to use “Copy Path” to copy the way of a file in Win10.
How to Add and Uninstall Optional Features in Windows 10 Besides the available option, there are some other features which are not installed but are a part of Win10. For example, language packs, apps, and others. Learn the easiest way to add and remove optional features.
How to Copy Items Anywhere from Windows 10 File Explorer The Copy button in File Explorer facilitates a user from manually copying and pasting an item from one place to another.
How to Stop and Start to Get Windows 10 Insider Builds Win10 insiders get the opportunity to experience latest updates before they are officially rolled out. These are not final updates and called as “insider builds”. Learn how to stop and start getting insider builds.
How to Turn On or Off Windows 10 Mail App Notifications With the arrival of every new email, a notification along with a buzzer. This is a useful feature of the Mail app but is also a disturbance for some users.
How to Change Drive to Save Files in Windows 10  There are some default spaces where files get saved automatically but these can be changed anytime.
How to Enable or Disable Toggle Keys in Windows 10 With “Toggle Keys” being enabled, a sound is produced when some wrong keys are pressed during typing.
How to Choose Default Apps by Protocol in Windows 10 Users can Choose default apps by Protocol to set the “default app(s)” for running a program. This is an advanced and efficient way as compared to the previous methods.
How to Change Outlook Sync Settings in Windows 10 Synchronization settings of Outlook mail help a user to customize the frequency of receiving and automatic downloading of an email’s content.
How to Show Jump Lists on Start and Taskbar in Windows 10 Jump List, a feature that is used to navigates files and apps easily from the Start menu or Taskbar.
How to Get Photos from Android using Phone Companion Windows 10 With “Phone Companion”, a PC can connect to “an iPhone, Android device or a Windows phone”. One can move files and other necessary documents from his/her “smartphone” to their device.
How to Create a Custom Power Plan in Windows 10 Energy saving can be improved when the performance of a computer increases. This is possible through a customized power plan.
How to Set up Power Plans in Windows 10 – Simple Steps Windows OS contains some Power Plans which can increase or decrease the energy consumption.
How to Turn On or Off Visual Notifications for Sound in Windows 10 Visual Notifications for sound are advantageous but they can be annoying when their frequency is high. A user can turn them On or Off as per the need and preference.
How to Make Windows 10 Auto Login After Sleep In order to make a computer active after sleep, the user needs to provide login information. It is useful from the security’s point of view but irritates some users. Learn the two different ways to automatically log in after the sleep and get rid of repeatedly entering the password.
How to Find Accessories in Windows 10 in 2 Steps An accessory is a folder that contains some of the most useful tools such as the Math Input Panel, Sticky Notes, and others.
How to Fix WiFi Missing or Not Working in Windows 10 When users upgrade their devices but continue using the old version of VPN software. At that time, they usually come across Wifi missing or not working problem.
How to Fix Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10 Some users are encountering issues with the Airplane Mode. For example, a few can’t turn it off or unable to activate their wireless connection. Fortunately, there is a solution to fix this issue and the details explanation are available in this article.
How to Make Windows 10 PC Fast for Gaming In order for a seamless gaming experience, users want their device to perform fast and smooth. Now, read out this article to avoid the slow and sluggish issue on your Win10 PC.
How to Show Run as Different User on Start menu Windows 10 With the help of “Registry Editor or Group Policy Editor”, it is possible to run an app as by a different user directly from the Start Menu. Until now this feature was used by pressing Shift + Right Click while opening an application.
How to Prevent User From Resizing Taskbar in Windows 10 When a device is being used by multiple users, some settings changed by one can annoy another. It commonly happens when the Taskbar is resized but has a solution to prevent a user from this.
How to Prevent Users from Rearranging Toolbars in Windows 10 Since this OS version is centered to the user’s preference it allows different types of customizations such as rearranging the toolbars. But when a device is operated by more than one person, it can lead to frustration.
How to Forcefully Stop Driver Updates in Windows 10 It has been seen that without the permission of a user, the drivers are automatically updated. However, not all the updates are important, therefore, stopping them won’t be an issue. Learn how to forcefully stop it in Win10.
How to Come Out of Safe Mode in Windows 10 Entering the Safe Mode is easy but coming out of it becomes a real problem when people forget the way. This article contains the easiest method to come out from this trouble situation.
How to Fix Cookies Must be Allowed in Edge on Windows 10 Some users get the error Cookies Must be Allowed while using Edge.
How to Clean Start Menu All Apps in Windows 10 Though Microsoft has originated Win10 to run smoothly, it performs better when the junk or other unnecessary items are regularly cleared like extra folders, URLs and the other stuff that has accumulated on the system.
How to Prevent Users Changing Desktop Background in Windows 10 Organizations set their logo as the desktop background on their employee’s devices. Read this article to prevent people from changing it if anyone tries to edit it without your permission.
 How to Stop Changing Color and Appearance in Windows 10 Users don’t like the frequently changed colors and appearance of an OS. It can be prevented and the simple steps to stop them are mentioned here.
How to Restrict Change Desktop Icons in Windows 10 Microsoft has taken many crucial steps to keep a PC safe and secure from outsiders. Read this article to restrict change of desktop icons.
How to Prohibit Change Display Settings in Windows 10v Unexpected modification in display settings is one of the most annoying things. People often lending their PC to friends or colleagues understand it better.
How to Set the Bing Homepage as Windows 10 Wallpaper The beautiful pictures on the Bing Homepage are known to everyone. If you set them as the Desktop Wallpaper, it will display a new pic on a daily basis.
How to Restrict Changing Mouse Pointers in Windows 10 People don’t like a daily modification in the mouse pointers of their devices. It really feels annoyance when any setting disturbs the smoothness of your device.
How to Open Download Location from Edge in Windows 10 Edge is not only one of the fastest browsers but also it has a unique feature. A user can open the download location directly from it. Learn the simple steps to know about it in Win10.
How to Prevent Users From Changing Theme in Windows 10 Most companies install a specific theme on their computer but at sometimes a few employees use to changes them which creates a problem.
How to Access Hidden Folders with Shell Command in Windows 10 There are many actions which can be performed in more than one ways. Accessing hidden folders with Shell Command is one of them.
How to Take a Bunch of Photos Rapidly in Windows 10 The camera app comes with amazing features such as Photo Burst which enables capturing multiple images by pressing a single button.
How to Change Location to Save Photos by Camera App in Windows 10 The images captured in the device are automatically stored in the folder named Camera roll. Fortunately, this location is not permanent and can be changed anytime. The easy steps to change the location where the Camera App saves photos are mentioned in this article.
How to Add Certain File Type To Index in Windows 10 Though Search process is super-fast, still certain types of files do not locate. This is fixed when that type of files is added to the Index.
How to Make Login Screen Background Color Plain in Windows 10 There are some users who do not like the Win10’s blue colored login screen, instead, they prefer it to be plain. Learn the easy steps to make them as of color plain.
How to Print Email in Windows 10 Mail App – Tips Sometimes very important emails arrive at you and there is a need to be either printed. The process is quite simple in the Mail app also.
How to Add Encrypted Files to Index in Windows 10 With the presence of Cortana, the Search works quite efficiently in Win10. However, the files encrypted through BitLocker are not included in the search results.
How to Block Windows 10 Update for Specific Drivers Redmonds frequently launches driver updates and the system installs them, whether it is useful or not. Downloading unnecessary driver updates can be easily stopped. This article contains details about blocking Win10 update for specific drivers.
How to Save Internet Bandwidth on Windows 10 Despite paying a high, users sometimes don’t get an appropriate internet speed. It is mostly because of Windows Update, Apps and other functions running in the background.
How to Mute Windows 10 PC – Quick Tips Several times when people have to concentrate on their work, and at that time, sound interrupt them. So, turning off the PC’s sound is a good solution. Many ways are available to mute a Win10 in this article.
How to Avoid Privacy Issues on Windows 10 There are always some privacy-related doubts in the minds of Windows users. With every new version and updates, Microsoft takes steps to clarify the things but the query still persists. A solution to avoid privacy issues and all the relevant details are available in this article.
How to Enable Mistakenly Disabled Adapters in Windows 10 A complaint very common from PC users is that certain components of their computer suddenly stops working. This happens because the adapters of those parts get accidentally disabled. Learn the simple steps to enable mistakenly disabled adapters.
How to Show More App Tiles on Windows 10 Start Menu The Start Menu contains various App Tiles and their number can be increased as per the user’s choice.
How to Set a Language as Default in Windows 10 It is quite easy to change the default language of but it becomes a problem when the desired language is not available on the list.
How to Increase Low Volume After Upgrade to Windows 10 After upgrading to the latest version of OS, some device produces very low sound. It is because of the combination of new and old settings.
How to Turn on VP9 Codec in Edge on Windows 10 VP9 codec is one of the most efficient and powerful video compression. After the latest update of Windows 10, this codec is available in Microsoft Edge.
How to Prevent Windows 10 from Spying with the Only Firewall The telemetry feature in Win10 sends a lot of personal data to Microsoft. This is not appreciated by all and that’s why there is a way to prevent the OS from spying with Firewall. The whole procedure is explained in this article.
How to Use Duolingo to learn languages in Windows 10 The store is full of useful apps where Duolingo is one of the latest addition. It facilitates us in different languages such as Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Irish, English, and many others. Learn about Duolingo and all the important steps to use it to learn languages.
How to Reduce Windows 10 Disk Footprint on your PC Microsoft has introduced a lot of resulting changes and one of them is making less use of disk area.
How to Disable Autofill Email Id Suggestions in Windows 10 Mail App When users type the first letter of their email ids, autofill suggests the entire email address in the Mail app. Normally, this feature is very helpful, but some people get disturbed by it.
How to Show a Custom Note on Windows 10 Login Screen Microsoft allows its users to put a custom note on the login screen. This is a smart way to convey a message or prevent from logging in a computer. This article explains how to show a custom note login screen Win10.
How to Retrieve Forgotten PIN in Windows 10 An alternative way of logging into a device is a PIN instead. But, the problem emerges when users forget them. This issue can be easily retrieved and a relevant method is revealed in this article.
How to Identify if a Driver is Causing Issues in Windows 10 with Verifier Windows Operating Systems face numerous problems every day. The cause can be identified by a utility known as Driver Verifier.
How to Pin a Webpage in Jump List on Start Menu Windows 10 The jump list displays the recently used items and helps in quickly executing various tasks when added to it.
How to Pin Settings Pane in Edge on Windows 10 The settings pane in Microsoft Edge is frequently utilized by users but using it does not provide a good experience. It automatically disappears when users tap or click somewhere else on the screen.
How to Get Windows 10 Enterprise From Pro Utilizing ICD ICD is a tool that helps in shifting from Win10 Pro to Win10 Enterprise.
How to Enable Sync in Edge on Windows 10 When Sync mode is enabled then the different options like reading lists, favorites, passwords, and the other things associated with Edge are synchronized across different devices.
How to Set up and Use Outlook Calendar on Windows 10 – Beginners Calendar is a very useful application as it helps in scheduling the work like- “organizing meetings and inviting people”. It prevents users from forgetting important events.
How to Find Meaning of a Word on Web Page in Edge Windows 10 While surfing the internet, some websites contain unknown words and users search for them in the dictionary. Microsoft Edge allows to directly find the meaning of a word with the help of Cortana.
How to Make Cortana Better Learn your Voice in Windows 10 Cortana is one of the best features from Microsoft till now. When the digital assistant perfectly recognizes the user’s voice, it quickly follows the commands to execute a particular task.
How to Check Faulty Drives with Chkdsk in windows 10 “Check Disk tool” helps in examining the faulty drivers and corrects them. Also, it runs automatically when a computer suddenly shuts down.
How to Print a File from Jump Lists in Windows 10 Jump lists provide a user to do various things and one of them is to directly print a file from it.
How to Declutter / Clean up Taskbar on Windows 10 The Taskbar is very useful as it allows the user to check notifications and execute various tasks/things. Because of the ability to do a lot of things, it sometimes becomes confused and crowded.
How to Create Keyboard Shortcut for a Website on Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts always make a task more convenient. People can access a webpage with the help of “combination of keys”.
How to Access Any Item From Taskbar in Windows 10 A taskbar is user-friendly as it allows us to execute various job directly from that place.
How to Turn On and Off Find my Device in Windows 10 Find My Device with the help of Bing maps locates a device. It is very beneficial when it is stolen or goes missing.
How to Reset Windows Update to Default in Windows 10 Sometimes Windows Update reaches a specific point and stops suddenly, gives an error. This can be resolved by resetting it. Learn the simplest method to reset Windows Update to Default in Win10.
How to Add Recycle Bin as a Toolbar to Windows 10 Taskbar Recycle Bin is an important tool of the operating System and by default, it is located on the Desktop. This article contains steps to add Recycle Bin as a toolbar to the Taskbar and also to remove it from there in Win10.
How to Skip Boot Manager During Windows 10 Startup In some computers running only on Windows 10, users are unnecessarily asked to select an OS. This increases boot time. Learn the easy steps to skip boot manager during the Windows 10 startup.
How to Set Dark Mode in Movies & TV on Windows 10 Microsoft introduced a dark theme in the latest Windows update. Users can apply them to various programs and can enhance their experience. This article reveals the simplest method to set dark mode in Movies & TV on Windows 10.
How to Access Programs and Features on Windows 10 Quickly Programs and Features have the collection of all the applications installed in a computer. It provides major support when any programs have to access quickly. This article contains 8 different ways to access them quickly.
How to Upgrade 32 bit Windows 7/8.1 to 64 bit Windows 10 It is possible to upgrade the 32-bit Win7/8.1 to the latest 64-bit Win10 but only if the hardware supports them. Explore this article to learn all about it.
How to Forcibly Delete Files on Windows 10 Deleting files is a usual task but it fails, when they opened in another program. In such situations, users can forcefully delete them.
How to Exclude Folders From File History on Windows 10 Some issues might arise at the time of creating a File History. It is because of insufficient space in the DVD, USB Disk or Network Location. However, they can be resolved by excluding folders from File History. This article explains how to do it in Windows 10.
How to Enable and Disable Game DVR on Windows 10 Game DVR is a feature that records whatever playing on their computer. Learn the simple steps to enable and disable it on Windows 10.
How to Change Text Font Color of Title Bar in Windows 10 Microsoft enhances the look and feel Experience of OS through Personalization. It also changes the text font color of the title bar with the help of Registry Editor in Windows 10. Read out this article to do it.
How to Delete Jump Lists Data at a time in Windows 10 The jump lists contain information about recent and commonly run applications. After some time, these lists get stuffed and don’t help much. Therefore, here are easy steps to remove them from Windows 10.
How to Enable Xbox One Kinect to Log into Windows 10 Win10 allows the users to log in and permit them to enter the system through “fingerprint and face recognition”. But, to get benefits of this facility, users need a supporting device and driver. “Xbox One Kinect”, along with its driver are the perfect options for this. Learn the simple way to enable this feature to log in to Windows 10.
How to Change Ringtone and Sounds Lumia 550 Windows 10 Phone The process to change the ringtone and other sounds on Lumia 550 phone, running on Windows 10, is sometimes confusing. This article contains all the information related to this topic. Learn the simplest method to change sounds in Lumia 550.
How to Receive and Send Fax on Windows 10 Windows 10 provides the facility to send or receive faxes in the form of “scanned notes or images, documents, and written text”. This article contains mandatory requirements and simple steps to do it.
How to Allocate Custom Size to Recycle Bin on Windows 10 Whenever users find something useless in their computer but are not sure to permanently delete it, they send that file to the Recycle Bin which has a limited capacity depending upon the amount of disk space. Read this article to increased or decreased the capacity to allocate custom size to the Recycle Bin on Windows 10.
How to Find Special Characters on Windows 10 People involved in an important project or writing something special often require special characters. They might not be available on the keyboard but can be accessed through an internal feature of Windows. Learn the simple steps to find special characters on Windows 10.
How to Check How much Hard Disk You have on Windows 10 PC The knowledge of Hard Disk’s capacity allows the users to take some data-related important decisions. Learn the two different ways to check the capacity of a Hard Disk on Windows 10.
How to Assign Shortcut Keys for Game DVR on Windows 10 Microsoft provides users with the facility to assign some keyboard shortcuts to start recording or capture screenshots while playing games on their PC. Learn the simple steps to assign shortcut keys for Game DVR on Windows 10.
How to Find Bygone Files After the Upgrade to Windows 10 When a device upgraded to the latest version face some positive as well as negative changes. This time some users getting difficulties to find their important files and folders. Learn the different ways to find bygone files after the upgrade to Windows 10.
How to Connect to PC Using RDP / Remote Desktop Preview on Windows 10 The Continuum function of the “Lumia 950 and 950XL mobile devices” support any Win10 app. It is made possible after the recent RDP update. Learn the easy steps to connect and use this feature on Windows 10.
How to Disable and Enable Internet Time in Windows 10 In order to display the accurate time, users enable Internet Time and due to different reasons, they disable it. Learn the easy way to do it in Windows 10.
How to Keep Personalized Ads Away in Windows 10 Personalized Ads presents annoyances for users.
How to Turn On / Off Ctrl+Alt+Delete Logon in Windows 10 In order to make the user credentials more secure, Microsoft is providing an extra security feature on the Login window. Here users are asked to “press Ctrl, Alt, and Delete buttons” before entering the login details. This article explains how to Turn On/ Off “Ctrl + Alt + Delete logon” in Windows 10.
How to Free Upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro All users running Win10 Home Edition and want to shift to Pro can do it for free. A default key for this is available. Learn the whole process to upgrade for free.
How to Prevent Windows 10 from Go to Sleep When some issue run without the active participation of a user and computer goes to sleep mode, then the situation becomes really problematic. The solution is to prevent the computer from going to sleep using three different methods.
How to Detect IP Address of Router on Windows 10 Sometimes, it requires the “IP address” of their router but doesn’t find it easily. There are two different ways to find it on Win10 and both of them are mentioned in this article.
How to Set Affinity for an Application on CPU in Windows 10 Setting up Affinity means enabling a platform on the Task Manager to allocate finite cores to specific programs. This way a program won’t use multiple cores. Learn the simple steps to set Affinity for an application on CPU in Windows 10.
How to Streamline Purchase Experience on Windows 10 Store Windows Store contains paid as well as free apps. The users involved in buying apps should be concerned about streamlining purchase experience on Win10.
How to Enable Windows Defender via Registry Editor Windows 10 Windows Defender provides complete security to a computer But, because of the malware attack, it goes into disabled mode.
How to Enable Narrow Classic Context Menu on Windows 10 The improved context menus have failed to impress and they still like the narrow ones. Learn the simple steps to enable “the narrow classic context menu”.
How to Block Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Edge is the default browser of Win10 but Chrome and Firefox preferred more. If you’re one of them then read this article and block MS Edge on your PC.
How to Enable Dynamic CRM in Cortana in Windows 10 Dynamic CRM improves the relationship between a company and its customers. Having this facility in Cortana, companies benefit a lot.
How to Access Registry Editor in Windows 10 – 5 Simple Tips Registry Editor is one of the most significant components of a Windows device. It can be approached through 5 different ways to access them.
How to Copy UNC Network Path Without Drive Letter in Windows 10 It has been seen that while copying and sharing network paths, drive letter also gets copied but this, mostly, leads to misunderstandings. This article explains how the “UNC network path” can be copied without a drive letter.
How to View and Reset HomeGroup Password in Windows 10 HomeGroup allows users to connect with their colleagues but the default password used for connecting is usually complicated and difficult to remember. This article explains how to view and reset the HomeGroup password.
How to Create a Copy with All Possible Properties Removed in Windows 10 For privacy reasons, users don’t want to share the properties of a file. Microsoft provides a feature, “Create a copy with all possible properties removed”, that helps them to prevent sharing the info.
How to Navigate from Start Menu to Lock Screen Directly on Windows 10 Lock screen icon over the Start Menu provides easy to access the location. With this feature, you can leave your computer without any shortcut.
How to Discard and Restore Windows 10 Store using PowerShell Some issues can be resolved after removing the Store app but after terminating, there’s more chance that it required again.
How to Modify Host Files in Windows 10 to Block Websites There are certain users who prefer modifying the host files in order to avoid launch of some unwanted sites in the browser. Learn the simple steps to modify “host files”.
How to Add or Remove Columns in Event Viewer Windows 10 Event Viewer contains the details of everything happening on a device. In order to find out the real cause of certain occurrences and issues, users should make specific modifications in this tool.
How to Setup Bridge Connections on Windows 10 In Windows 10, users bridge an “internet connection” to attach more than one networks and allow it to transfer data.
How to Make Changes in Windows 10 Start Menu Start Menu is the gateway to get better user experience as at all the application can be accessed through it. The best thing is that it can be customized at any time.
How to Find Start Menu Folder Location in Windows 10 In order to clean and renovate the Start Menu, users should navigate to its folder location. However, there are two separate locations and the details about finding them are available in this article.
How to Filter Networks to Show or Hide them on Windows 10 The OS version allows its users to filter networks so that they can individually block or allow network(s). It is possible through Command Prompt. Learn how to Filter Networks on Win10.
How to Disable Tidbits in Cortana Windows 10 Tidbit is a feature in Cortana that turned off controls and blocks unnecessary notifications from popping up.
How to Download Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 ISO Images from Single Location Microsoft is providing an opportunity to download the official ISO images of Win 10, 8.1 and 7. All of them are available at a single webpage. This article contains all the relevant details.
How to Delete All Offline Maps in Windows 10 Offline Maps are an important feature because they explore a location even in the absence of an internet connection. However, they occupy a lot of space and due to this, some users prefer to remove them. Learn, how the Offline Maps can be removed in Win10.
How to Replace Recommended App from Default on Windows 10 There are some default apps in Win10 whose better substitutes are available. This article contains simple steps to replace the recommended app from default.
How to Turn Off Offline Map Automatic Update in Windows 10 The default settings of Maps allow them to get automatically updated. However, this feature is not appreciated as it leads to concern about the storage space. Learn the simple steps to Turn off offline Map automatic update.
How to Backup and Restore Default Wallpapers in Windows 10 The default wallpapers are beautiful but they might accidentally get deleted during some circumstances. A simple solution is to create their backup.
How to Test Which Apps Drain Battery Fast in Windows 10 Win10 includes a feature that allows its users to find out which applications in their Laptop consume more energy. Learn the simple methods to test battery draining apps on your device.
How to Remove Tiny MouseKeys Icon from Taskbar Windows 10 The Taskbar is usually cluttered with small icons, moreover, an update has increased it with a MouseKey. Users who want its look tidy don’t use it. This article explains how to remove the tiny MouseKey icon from the taskbar.
How to Find Extra Details of Updates Installed on Windows 10 Microsoft release updates quite often and the info about these are available on the Settings app.
How to Customize Taskbar from Settings in Windows 10 – Latest Ways With every new update, the tech giant introduces features to enhance the user’s experience. This time it is the Taskbar, users can customize it through settings.
How to Establish HDMI TV to Computer Connection in Windows 10 Using the HDMI port in both TV and computer, users can watch YouTube videos, DVDs, and other online content on a big screen.
How to See System Information in Windows 10 There are times when users need to quickly view and analyze the device’s specifications. Fortunately, there are different ways to see System Information using three simplest ways.
How to Copy Emoji From Keyboard and Paste on Windows 10 Nowadays, the use of Emoji through Social Media is very common. The onscreen keyboard of the latest Windows OS also contains this facility.
How to Access Administrative Tools in Windows 10v Administrative tools carry out various complicated tasks with ease. Learn the 6 different ways to access.
How to Participate as Advanced Member in MAPS From Windows 10 MAPS is an online community that provides real-time results when one consults the community after detecting any suspicious activity on their computer. This article contains steps to participate as an advanced member.
How to Print 4×6 and 5×7 Photos on A4 Paper in Windows 10 The latest Photo Viewer print images in different size such as 4×6, 5×7, and others on an A4 paper. This article contains all the easy steps to print them through this app.
How to Optimize Video Quality While On Battery Windows 10 When videos are played on a laptop not running on power, battery drains quickly. However, customizing the appearance and resolution of video provides enhanced user experience and increased the battery time.
How to Use Your Microsoft Sway App in the Windows 10 Microsoft Sway allows users to create and share their uniquely designed stories via tools like “photos, chats, tweets, text, audio, video, and other”.
How to Enable DLNA to Stream Video on XBOX in Windows 10 “DLNA through Xbox” allows to stream audio and video files on different devices such as TV and theatre.
How to Restore Power Plan Advanced Settings to Default in Windows 10 Most laptop users tweak settings of their Operating System. But after some time, being dissatisfied with the modified ones, they restore the default settings. This is very common with Advanced Power Settings.
How to Open Windows Defender in Windows 10 No other security program is as trustworthy as Windows Defender. Learn methods to open it through 5 different ways.
How to Open Run Dialog Box in Windows 10 Run Dialog Box is like a magical tool used to open any application by entering some simple commands. Learn the 5 different ways to open them.
How to Change BitLocker Password in Windows 10 Using BitLocker for protecting files, folders, and drives on a computer are the smartest way. The protection is solidified more when you update the password regularly. Learn the two different ways to change it.
How to Stop Windows 10 Update in Progress Most users put Windows 10 Update in the category of a spying activity from Microsoft. Read this article to know some minor tweaks that can prevent “automatic Windows Update”.
How to Enforce Cortana Search Perfect in Windows 10 The latest Cortana Search service is being praised and used by most users. In order to make the search perfect, one needs to apply certain filters carefully. Learn the different steps to enforce them perfectly.
How To Download and Install SharePoint 2016 RTM in Windows 10 The good news for Server pursuers is that the trial version of SharePoint 2016 RTM Preview is out and the full version will be available shortly. Learn the simple steps to download and install it in Windows 10.
How to Find the Version of DirectX in Windows 10 The term DirectX is not new for Windows users as it boosts the experience with audio and video on a computer. The relevant applications and processes perform if you update it regularly. However, it is necessary to know the current version to do this task.
How to Reconnect WiFi After Password Reset in Windows 10 After changing the password of a Wi-Fi network, many users face problems to connect. Read this article to know the simple steps to reconnect Wi-Fi after resetting the password.
How to Change Right and Left Speaker Volume in Windows 10 In order to experience the perfect sound from a computer, output volume from both the right and left speakers needs adjusting. This article explains the simple steps to change the speaker volume in your device.
How to Make Windows 10 Control Panel Icon Size Bigger The small icons in the Control Panel are really problematic and obstruct the work. On the contrary, bigger icons make accessing different options quite easy. Users can make the Control Panel icon size bigger in just a few clicks.
How to Find Windows 10 Phone IP address While establishing a connection between a Windows phone and the router, all the required information such as the phone’s IP address is not available directly. Learn the simple steps to find the IP address through the “network and wireless” settings.
How to Find Out Who is Logged into Windows 10 The number of benefits provided by Microsoft is so many that very few users are aware of all. One of them is to find out who is logged into the computer. Learn the 4 different methods to find out them.
How to Access WiFi in Airplane Mode On Windows 10 There are certain aviation services which provide the facility to “access the internet via Wi-Fi”. This article explains the two different ways to access them in Airplane Mode.
How to Enable Bluetooth in Airplane Mode on Windows 10 Users are restricted from accessing services like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in Airplane Mode. However, Microsoft provides the facility to access them even when that setting is on. This article contains simple steps to enable Bluetooth in Airplane Mode.
How to Stop Upgrades to Windows 10 Using Never 10 Some people become perplexed when their system gets updated and don’t know what to do. That’s why they don’t like it without their willingness. Read this article to know about Never 10, by using this utility, you can stop Upgrades successfully.
How to Retrieve Lost Password Windows 10 Admin, Local Account Many users forget or lose their login password. It usually happens because of the technological boost which has significantly increased the number of password-related apps and programs in recent years. Learn the simple ways to retrieve the Admin and Local account’s lost password.
How to Add .srt Subtitles To Movies & TV App Windows 10 While accessing the audio and video files in a foreign language, most users require subtitles to understand the spoken words properly. The Movies & TV app allows adding subtitles to such files. Read this article to know about it.
How to Find Windows 10 iTunes Backup Location Creating a Backup of iTunes enhances the safety of your PC. For that, users should know the location to create them. Learn the easy steps to find the location.
How to Disable Password Change by Local Users in Windows 10 Computers used by one or more person and they are commonly known as Local Users. In such cases, there is always a risk that the credentials of the device can be changed by them. Read this article to know two different ways to disable the changed password.
How to Use Invert Selection in File Explorer Windows 10 File Explorer is one of the most important inbuilt tools of Windows Operating System. It has many features but the “selection and invert selection” are most commonly used. Learn the right way to use this tool.
How to Find Mobile Hotspot Password in Windows 10 With the rise of technology, users can connect their smartphones to the PCs wirelessly. The mandatory requirement for this is to get the Mobile Hotspot Password. This article explains how to easily find them on your computer.
How to Wipe Out Data to Free Hard Drive Windows 10 Wiping out the data frees a lot of space in the hard drive as it clears junk and unwanted files from the computer. The most effective and practiced procedures to free hard drive are mentioned here.
How to Customize Mouse Wheel on Windows 10 The mouse wheel is a very handy tool that can be used frequently. It can be modified as per the user’s preference and the steps involved to customize mouse wheel are mentioned in this article.
Changes Made in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14332 Microsoft always wants to give its users the best experience and insider preview builds are a solid example of that. This time build 14332 involves fixes for bugs, innovations, and new features. Read this article to know more about that.
How to Reset Network Settings to Default in Windows 10 When people struggle with network issues, they tweak Adapter Settings thinking that it would resolve the problem. But most of the times, it doesn’t help and they get trapped. Read the three ways to reset network issue to default.
How to Change Microsoft Solitaire Collection Theme Windows 10 No doubt Solitaire is one of the most loved computer game in the world. Moreover, users can customize their looks and settings. Learn the simplest procedure to change these collections.
How to Change File Arrangement Order in Windows 10 Systematically arranged files can finish the tasks quickly on a computer. Windows users can organize these arrangements through File Explorer. Read this article to know more about it.
How to Hide Selected Items Together in Windows 10 Windows 10 has many features to respect the privacy of its users. One of them is the ability to hide files and folders. Read the article to know the way of hiding any files and folders in your device.
How to Flush DNS Cache in Windows 10 Using CMD When web pages exist on the internet but fail to open, users should Flush DNS cache and try to open that again. Most of the times, the problem vanishes and web pages open. This article contains simple steps to perform this task with the help of Command Prompt.
How to Flip Screen on Windows 10 to 90, 180, 270 Degree Screen rotation is not limited to only smartphones and tablets as Microsoft has enabled flipping the screen to 90, 180, and 270 degrees in PCs also. Learn the three different ways to flip screen.
How to Enable Skype Dark Mode in Windows 10 Most of the users like to use Dark Mode in their PC. The same dark mode enhances the looks of Skype also. However, there is no separate setting are available to enable this feature in Skype. Therefore, read this article to get some tips regarding them.
How to Change Command Prompt Look Like Document Windows 10 The default look of Command Prompt is almost the same in all Windows Operating Systems. However, Microsoft provides the opportunity to change its looks in the latest version. Learn the simple steps to change Command Prompt and make it look like a document.
How to Explore Windows Experience Index / WEI in Windows 10 Windows Experience Index (WEI) gives an idea about the efficiency of components present in a system. Read out this article to know two methods that can explore it.
How to Limit OneDrive Upload and Download Rate in Windows 10 The automatic synchronization of data to OneDrive affects the internet speed drastically and causes other important work to suffer. This article explains how users, in simple steps, can limit OneDrive upload and download rate in Windows 10.
How to Add a OneDrive Business Account to windows 10 All users requiring OneDrive Business Account should know that OneDrive for the business account is quite different from OneDrive personal account. Learn the easy steps to add a OneDrive Business Account to Windows 10.
How to Enable File Collaboration in OneDrive Windows 10 File collaboration is a tool that makes the best use of cloud storage services. Yet now, it is for insiders only but after the anniversary update, it will available overall. Learn the simplest way to enable File Collaboration in OneDrive.
How to Grab 3 Months Appraisal Copy of Windows 10 Enterprise People running an organization are facilitated by Microsoft with secure and enhanced OS. It can be easily accessed from a known destination but it is available for a limited time only. Learn the easy steps to grab 3 months appraisal copy of Windows 10 Enterprise.
How to Resolve Path Beyond 260 Characters in Windows 10 The limit of 260 characters has become quite problematic. However, Microsoft has introduced a new feature that can settle the destination path too long issue. Read this article to know more about it.
How to See and Use Windows Ink Workspace in Windows 10 Windows Ink allows users to use their digital pen for executing various functions. It is expected to arrive with the Anniversary update. Learn the easy steps to see and use this feature.
How to Check InstantGo Availability on Windows 10 PC InstantGo feature is an alternative to Standby in computers by certain manufacturers. Certain functions such as “syncing emails, using Skype, and resuming the screen” by InstantGo are much better than traditional sleep. Read this article to check InstantGo availability on your PC.
How to Completely Disable Windows 10 Live Tiles Live Tiles are quite functional but for some users, it’s a redundant feature and they don’t like it. There are three different ways are available in this article to disable them.
How to Enable 2 Factor Authentication on Windows 10 Microsoft is providing an advanced security feature for protecting the user’s account. It is “2-Factor Authentication” through an app, phone number or alternative email address. Read this article to know about this feature.
How to Add Reminder to Cortana Via Sticky Notes in Windows 10 Microsoft has developed Windows 10, where a single task can be executed from different locations. One such task is to add a reminder to Cortana via Sticky Notes. This article contains step by step procedure.
How to Share Documents Using GigJam on Windows 10 GigJam is a cloud-based facility for MS Office that allows sharing the specific parts of documents. Moreover, users can share emails, calendar, photos, and necessary business particulars via this product. Learn the simple steps to share documents using GigJam.
How to Send Email Via Sticky Notes in Windows 10 Sticky Notes are more beneficial as users can even send emails through it. The simple steps to do it are available in this article.
How to Completely Remove Akamai Netsession Client on Windows 10 A software named Akamai Netsession is getting installed involuntarily on computers running on Windows 10. This article contains three simple ways to remove this program completely from your device.
How to Remove Language Bar from Windows 10 Desktop The Language Bar placed on the right side of the Taskbar helps users to change their default language at any time. However, this feature is not beneficial for some people as they don’t prefer to change them. Learn the two different ways to remove Language Bar from your PC.
How To Make Windows 10-Oriented WinPE USB Bootable Some functions of WinPE (Preinstallation Environment) are also executable. Moreover, users can load Win10-Oriented WinPE on a USB drive also. Read out this article to know more about this OS.
How To Modify MAC Address on A Network Adapter on Windows 10 In order to increase the safety of a computer while it is active on a network, modifying “the MAC address” is necessary. This article explains all the necessary steps to modify it on a Network Adapter.
How to Open a Webpage Via Sticky Notes in Windows 10 Most users agree that Sticky Notes is a very useful component as it helps to open a website quite very fast. Learn the simple steps to open a webpage via Sticky Notes.
How to Pick a Drive in Windows 10 Store to Install an App When applications downloaded and installed in a computer, sometimes they consume a lot of space in the primary drive. As a result, it negatively impacts the performance of that computer. This article explains two different methods to pick a drive in Store to install an app.
How to Troubleshoot Start Menu on Windows 10 Microsoft has launched Start Menu Troubleshooter to provide relief to its users. Read this article to learn the easy steps to troubleshoot Start Menu.
How to Change Execution Policy for PowerShell in Windows 10 PowerShell is the better alternative of Command Prompt but sometimes it fails and the code color changes to red. It usually happens because of incorrect Execution Policy. Read this article to change the Execution Policy.
How To Turn Off Narrator at Bootup on Windows 10 The Narrator is a very useful tool for people with vision problems. But the problem arises when it start guiding against your will. Learn the two different ways to turn it off.
How to Enable Device Portal in Windows 10 Microsoft has introduced Device Portal in build 1607 for developers. It offers to systemize configurations and handle remote devices over USB or a local network. Learn the method to enable Device Portal through this article.
How to Delete Twitter App History on Windows 10 Users can’t erase the browsing history after accessing the content on the Twitter App. Read this article to delete them on your system.
Download Printing Troubleshooter Windows 10 Microsoft launched a utility to solve the printers related issue occurs on the PC. Learn the easy steps to download Printing Troubleshooter in Windows 10.
How to Download Audio Troubleshooter for Windows 10 Pro, Home and Run The audio problem is a common issue on the system running on Win10 Pro or Home version. Download a utility to overcome various problem related to sound. Read this article to download the troubleshooter.
How to Undo and Redo Rename on Windows 10 – Quick Tips There are various tools and features which significantly enhance the user’s convenience level. The right-click in this latest OS contains Undo and Redo commands. Learn what these commands do and the easy steps to execute them.
Remove Items From C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download Windows 10 The download folder is the default location where Windows update files assemble. To avoid getting stuck, users need to delete the data from this folder. Learn all the three different ways to remove items.
How to Keep Notification Private on Lock Screen Windows 10 PC The facility to provide Notifications on a Locked Screen is good but people concerned with their security and privacy. Read this article to keep the notification private.
How to Set Custom Notification Sound in Windows 10 When Notifications appear on the computer, a default sound is produced which is quite loud and irritating. The users uncomfortable with this sound can change it to the one they like. Learn the easiest methods to set and change custom Notification Sound.
How To Install Remix 2.0 OS on Windows 10 PC Remix 2.0 is a free “Android-based OS” that helps users to run millions of apps on the Windows platform. Learn an easy method to install this OS on your device.
How to Change Public VPN to Private in Windows 10 Since data on a public VPN is not secure, it is recommended to change it to private. This network can’t be converted to private directly if it is configured public. Learn the simple steps to change them.
How to Customize Speech Settings in Windows 10 With the advent of Cortana, the importance of Speech Settings has increased manifolds. People love telling this assistance to execute different tasks on their computer. Learn the easy steps to customize Speech Settings.
How to Revert System Tray, Calendar UI, Clock in Windows 10 Some people still like the older version Operating System appearance on their PC. Learn an easy method to revert all the features and functionality in their latest version of Win10.
How to Restore Old Battery Flyout on windows 10 Microsoft allows to change the appearance/ interface of their desktop and make it look like that of Win7. Therefore read this article to restore the old battery flyout on Win10.
How to Disable Automatic Restart When System Failure in Windows 10 The computer automatically reboots in the case of System failure which is not beneficial. There are three different ways to disable automatic restarting issue in your device.
How to Show Additional Clocks on Date/Time Flyout in Windows 10 People who deal with “clients from various time zones” often prefer different clocks in their system. Fortunately, Microsoft is providing this facility on the Taskbar. Learn the simple steps to show additional clocks on Date/Time flyout.
How to Accelerate Mouse Double Click Speed on Windows 10 People who spend a lot of time on their PC, either working or playing games, often want everything to execute quickly. One such requirement is to increase the speed of mouse double-click. This article explains the reason behind double-click and steps to accelerate it.
How to Turn On and Off Mouse Pointer Trail in Windows 10 Mouse pointer trail is a helpful feature to the people who have vision problems. They find difficult themselves in locating the pointer on their screen. This article explains the simplest methods to turn on and off the mouse pointer trail.
How to Enable and Disable ClickLock in Mouse on Windows 10 ClickLock is an accessibility feature, beneficial while dragging items on a PC. With this, users can execute the double-click actions in a single click only. Learn the easy steps to enable and disable ClickLock.
How To Customize Communication Tab In Sound On Windows 10 The sound setting has a communication tab that enhances the prevailing features and delivers an amazing user experience. This article contains simple steps to customize this Tab in Sound on Win10.
[How To] Change App Permissions On Windows 10 There are certain apps which require hardware and software permissions to run. Learn the easy steps to change App permissions.
How to Explore Product Key in Windows 10, 8, 7 Using VBScript People should not worry if they forget or lose the Product key of Microsoft OS. It’s because now, there is a way to recover it through VBScript. The process to explore Product Key in “Windows 10, 8, 7” using this scripted language is very easy. This article contains the details.
How to Compress hiberfil.sys or Hibernation File on Windows 10 Hibernation is a feature that keeps the data intact even when the PC is not running. All the details related to Hibernation are contained in hiberfil.sys file which is located in the C drive’s system32 folder. Learn the methods to compress the Hibernation file.
How to Disable Cortana Service on Windows 10 After Anniversary Update Anniversary update introduces the new features and improves the existing ones. Cortana is getting enhanced almost every time but not everyone uses it. This article explains how such users can disable Cortana service.
How To Get Free Windows 10 After 29th of July 2016 Microsoft discontinued the free update offer on 29th July 2016 still some users can upgrade even after this date.
How To Merge Google Calendar Into Calendar App Windows 10 In order to increase productivity and see all the upcoming events on a computer screen, Google calendar can be merged with the Calendar App.
How to Remove Temporary Files on Windows 10 – [Latest Tips] Temporary files deteriorate the performance of a computer significantly though generated by Windows 10.
How to Clean Install Windows 10 Anniversary Update You can do the clean install of  Anniversary Update with the availability of its ISO files in Windows 10.
How to Add Interesting Add-on to Outlook Calendar in Windows 10 Microsoft launched Interesting Calendar Add-On that keeps updated with latest events also.
How to Delete Temp Files at Every Startup in Windows 10 You should delete temporary files (.tmp) in a regular manner to enhance your PC’s performance.
How to Confirm If You Have Received Anniversary Update of Windows 10 There are three different methods to confirm a computer has received the latest Windows 10 “Anniversary Update”.
How to Turn On / Off Windows Defender Notifications on Windows 10 Windows Defender notifications immediately inform about various virus attack but they are also a disturbance if you are doing important work on your PC.
 How to Connect Windows 10 Computers via USB Technological advancement allows you to connect a device with another via USB and transfer files promptly.
How to Change Sticky Notes Color and Format in Windows 10 Sticky Notes is a useful tool of Windows 10 that can be easily customized. You can change its size along with color and fonts as well.
 How to Link Xbox One to Facebook Account on Windows 10 The facility to record games in Xbox allows you to share their recorded clips with friends and other followers on Facebook. Learn the simplest method to link Xbox One to Facebook account on Windows 10.
How to Remove Defaultuser0 Profile in Windows 10 The Defaultuser0 profile is created when an error occurs while making the primary account or if any mistake happens unintentionally. This article contains 4 different methods to remove this profile (even after anniversary update) in Windows 10.
How to Create Keyboard Shortcut to Notepad on Windows 10 As Notepad is the preferred application of developers and coders, you too can create a keyboard shortcut to this “text editor”.
How to Find Windows Defender Version Info in Windows 10 To ensure the security of a computer from dangerous viruses and malware, it is important to have the latest version of Windows Defender.
How to Connect Microsoft Account to Windows 10 License Microsoft account provides many benefits especially after replacing a computer’s hardware and when connected to Windows 10 license.
How to Set up Account for Taking Test in Windows 10 Single PC You may conduct a 100% foolproof exam for students on a single or multiple Windows 10 computers.
How to Pin Quick Access to Start Menu Windows 10 Microsoft allows pinning Quick Access that helps you to browse directories, folders, and files.
How to Permanently Delete Zeus Virus on Windows 10 PC Zeus is a Trojan that steals important data from a computer and transmits it to hackers.
How to Save Search in File Explorer on Windows 10 People need to be aware of entire features of File Explorer so that they can save their Search and store it in any location.
How to Create a Desktop Shortcut to Taskbar Settings on Windows 10 Opening Taskbar settings require a right click on the Taskbar and thereafter click on Settings. But with a Desktop shortcut, users can access these the page in just a single click.
How to Troubleshoot OneDrive on Windows 10 if Sync Gets Stuck If you face OneDrive related synchronization issues such as crashing, cloud icon disappearing from System Tray.
How to Automate .Net Framework 3.5 installation on Windows 10 There is a VBScript that allows you to download .NET Framework 3.5. Automating the installation is just a 7-step procedure and this article contains all.
How to Effortlessly Pin Downloads Folder to Taskbar on Windows 10 Microsoft allows you to pin Downloads folder to Taskbar so that you may reach there in just a single click.
How to Customize Desktop Context Menu on Windows 10 A Context Menu contains various options whereon you can modify it, make it trim, and declutter.
How to Import and Export Registry Editor on Windows 10 If you tweak Registry keys every now and then, you might be known that making a backup of keys is important.
How to Remove Restore Previous Version from Context Menu Windows 10 “Restore Previous Version Context Menu” option is not required much by Windows 10 users.
How to Change Screen Resolution From Graphics Cards in Windows 10 If you encounter Screen Resolution mess with your Windows 10 laptop, Graphics Card can act as a savior. Learn to change this from this hardware directly from the Desktop or through Graphics Properties.
How to Remove Run with Graphic Processor From Context Menu Windows 10 There are various types of options available in a Context Menu. Read this article if you want to remove Run with Graphic Processor option from this list.
How to Quick and Online Repair Microsoft Office 365 in Windows 10 There is an inbuilt tool in Windows 10 that resolves issues with Office 365 programs such as Word, OneNote, Excel, and others.
How to Disable Sound Effect in Solitaire Game on Windows 10 Solitaire is the most loved and played computer game but the sound is very irritating so that many people disable its sound effects.
How to Change Desktop Icons of Installed Software in Windows 10 When you install third-party software on your computer, their icon will place on the desktop. Some of those icons are not attractive but you can change them anytime.
How to Auto Arrange Icons on Windows 10 Desktop A desktop with arranged icons always looks good. Realizing this, Microsoft has introduced the automatic combination of icons on the screen.
How to Take Screenshot Showing Cursor on Windows 10 When you take screenshots on your computer, they snapped without a cursor mark. This is the default setting but can be easily changed with the help of an external tool.
How to Sort Desktop Icons On Windows 10 to Change Order You can not only arrange Desktop icons differently but can also Sort them according to size, modified date, alphabets, and others.
How to Erase Your Mobile’s Personal Data from Windows 10 The mobile phone contains sensitive personal information that can be removed after losing it.
How to Change Your Info on Windows 10 – Use an Adorable one Microsoft allows changing the account information such as Username and Account Picture.
How to Install Apple QuickTime on Windows 10 Apple has removed the QuickTime support and because of this people are facing difficulties in installing this file on their computer. However, you can still install it and this article explains how.
How to Restore Current Backup on Windows 10 When you abruptly lose the important files on your computer, the restoring process helps to back up them.
How to Change Live App Tile Size On Start Menu Windows 10 App Tiles in the Start Menu is an amazing feature. However, you can also change its tiles size for enhanced convenience.
How to Restart Windows 10 PC – Quick Tips There are a number of occasions when you need to reboot your PC. This article helps you to learn different methods to Restart it.
How To Adjust Touchpad Taps Sensitivity on Windows 10 Touchscreen devices running on Windows 10, the default taps sensitivity is sometimes a stressful experience.
How To Reset Windows 10 Removing Everything, Keeping Files Resetting Windows 10 means Windows OS reinstalls by which all the previous customizations and tweaks along with important documents, files, and folders get deleted.
How to Restore Earlier Build in Windows 10 Sometimes, the latest build of Windows 10 decreases your computer’s performance. However, there’s no need to worry as this article explain two different methods to restore earlier build.
How to Enable Pin Pairing For Wireless Display in Windows 10 This article contains two different ways to prevent anyone from accessing your wireless display adapter without your permission.
How to Hide Lock in User Tile Menu on Start Windows 10 User Tile Menu available in the Start Menu allows you to switch user account, lock the screen and more.
How to Customize Folder Pictures, Icons in Windows 10 Microsoft allows you to modify Folder Pictures, Icons and lots more.
How to Customize Folder Options in Windows 10 File Explorer Folder Options help you to change features and looks of the File Explorer. With the help of this article, you can customize them on your device.
How to View Network Status in Windows 10 Network Status allows you to see the current state of your connection; whether it is connected to the internet or not. Learn the three different ways to view them on your device.
How to Exclude or Include Locations For Index Windows 10 You can add or remove the search locations to get the optimum results. This article explains them for Index.
How to Uninstall 3D Builder App From Windows 10 3D builder app makes 3D print easier, however, everyone doesn’t find it useful. If you’re one of them, you can uninstall this app with the help of simple steps mentioned.
How to Get Old MS Paint on Windows 10 Remove Annoying 3DHow to Add Control Panel to Desktop in Windows 10 Preview Old MS Paint is an all-time favorite but, users find Paint 3D preview on their screen.
How to Hibernate Using Cortana Voice Command in Windows 10 Cortana allows you to Hibernate your computer without the involvement of your hands. Read this article to know about this tool using voice command.
How to Add Control Panel to Desktop in Windows 10 Users are more than happy when the Control Panel is on Desktop because they can quickly access various administrative tools such as HomeGroup, Device Manager, Troubleshooting, and others.
How to Set Desktop Gadgets on Windows 10 One good thing with Windows 10 is that some developers allow you to set Desktop gadgets like Digital Clock. They are free and the simple steps to download and install these gadgets are available in this article.
How to Boot Windows 10 From USB Flash Drive There are so many techniques which are capable to make a bootable USB Flash Drive. This article contains all the details about booting and installing the latest version on your device.
How to Go To Advanced Startup Options In Windows 10 You need to access “Advanced Startup Options” to Reset, Refresh and to do another task.
How To Open Troubleshooting In Windows 10 Troubleshooting is a tool that helps in resolving all kinds of issues related to Network, Blue Screen, Printer, Brightness, Update, Audio, and others.
How To Change Title Bars Color Except Start Menu, Taskbar In Windows 10 If you want to alter the color of “Title bars”, you are able to do it after the Creator update.
How to Customize Windows Store Settings in Windows 10 “Windows Store” contains a host of applications, you can explore, download and install them. Moreover, the applications are automatically updated.
How to Increase Store App Download Speed in Windows 10 If you frequently download apps from Windows Store, you might be familiar with the slow download speed in Windows 10. However, it can be easily increased and the simple tweaks to do it are mentioned in this article.
How to Change Registry Editor Font on Windows 10 “Registry Editor” is an advanced and very important hacking and tweaking tool of Windows OS. Now you can change its fonts as well as style and size. Learn the whole procedure here.
How to Create Shortcut to Printer Queue in Windows 10 Getting rid of stuck prints is a stressful task but a shortcut to Printer Queue on the Desktop eases everything.
How to Enable and Disable New OneDrive Flyout on Windows 10 A new OneDrive Flyout is available since the launch of Build no. 14986 but some users still like the conventional one.
How to Set SafeSearch on Cortana Windows 10 Like “Bing or any other Search Engine”, you can enable SafeSearch in Cortana too. Learn the simple steps to prevent sensitive suggestions on Cortana.
How to Customize Device Manager View in Windows 10 Device Manager helps in executing various important tasks such as update, roll back and many more. When its View is customized, the performance increases remarkably. Learn the simplest method to customize the Device Manager View.
How to Use Your Own Mail App Background Color in Windows 10 Windows 10 Mail App has various additional features and not everyone is aware of. Whereon you can also replace its background with a solid color or an image.
How to Organize Apps Settings in Windows 10 The new updated App Settings contains various applications-related features such as Apps & Features, Default Apps, Offline Maps, and Apps for Websites at one single place.
Use Common Windows Update Troubleshooter on Windows 10, 8.1, 7 Amongst all issues, the ones related to Windows Update are the highest. Microsoft has launched a “troubleshooter” with which you can resolve update-related issues.
How to Create Shortcut to Apps Settings on Windows 10 With the release of Creator update, Apps Settings provide many new benefits. You can quickly access them with a Shortcut to Apps Settings Desktop.
How to Enable Keyboard Backlight Windows 10 A backlit keyboard turns on automatically when the light is low and turns off in bright light. If your computer also has a backlit keyboard but it doesn’t perform efficiently, then learn how to enable it.
Add Seconds to Taskbar Clock Hours and Minutes in Windows 10 By default the Taskbar clock shows only hours and minutes on the right side, moreover, you can change it to display seconds also.
How to Transfer Large Files Using SHAREit on Windows 10 SHAREit allows quickly transfer files from one device to another wirelessly. Read this article to transfer large files on your device with the help of this tool.
How to Make Notepad++ As Default Text Editor on Windows 10 The advanced features of Notepad++ encourage users to make it as their default text editor. If you also want to make it the default text editor, go through the steps mentioned in this article.
How to Exclude Drivers from Updates in Windows 10 Sometimes the new updates of drivers lead to hardware failure or crashes. There is a special option in the Creators Update with which you can exclude the driver updates.
How to Change Characters Length of Login PIN Windows 10 For a quick login, you can decrease PIN length to as less as 4 characters. This article can help you to change length of “Login PIN”.
How to Avoid Locky Ransomware Attack on Windows 10 PC Locky Ransomware scrambles user’s files, change names, demands money and do various other annoying things.
How to Add Special Character Requirement in PIN on Windows 10 A plain Login PIN can be a big security threat for your PC. You can make access to your device more secure by adding a special character requirement in the PIN.
How to Backup Product Key of Windows 10, 8.1 – 3 Steps There are times when you need to reinstall Windows 10 or 8.1. At that time, your computer won’t activate if you don’t enter the “Product Key”. The simple solution is to backup Product key and the steps included are mentioned in this article.
How to Enable Metered Connection for Ethernet on Windows 10 The metered connection is very useful when you have a limited data plan. Now, you can enable it for Ethernet also.
How to Lower Night Light on Windows 10 Working for a long time in dark on the computer strains the eyes but Microsoft has a solution for it. You can now lower the night light on Windows 10.
How to Enable Cortana Keyboard Shortcut to Listen Commands Windows 10 Listening to your commands becomes super easy with a “Cortana keyboard” shortcut.
How to Turn On or OFF Game Mode on Windows 10 With active Game Mode, your PC prioritize games over applications. This mode works in the same way for Xbox and Win32 games.
How to Customize Game Bar Settings on Windows 10 Game bar settings allow users to carry out different operations in very less time. You can further customize “Game Bar” settings.
How to Enable High-DPI Support For Application on Windows 10 If you see the fuzzy interface, blurry text, and other display issues on your device, there’s a need to enable High-DPI support for Applications.
How to Dynamic Lock Windows 10 In order to increase the privacy of your computer, Microsoft has introduced Dynamic Lock that automatically detects your absence and locks your device.
How to Take Selected Area Screenshot on Windows 10 When you take screenshots in a “traditional way”, the whole screen gets captured. With Microsoft’s initiative, you can now take them on the selected area. Learn the simplest three steps to do it.
How to Choose a Custom Accent Color Using Settings App on Windows 10 If there’s a need to select a custom accent color, do it directly from the Settings App, without managing the registry key. Learn the simple steps to do it in Windows 10 build 15014 and higher.
How to Free Up Space On Windows 10 PC Automatically After 30 Days Removing redundant files from a device not only free the space but also enhances its performance. However, a PC can automatically free up space after every 30 days.
How to Detect Wireless Display To Force Connect on Windows 10 Sometimes a PC fails to trace a wireless device which prevents it from connecting to a TV or a Projector or other media devices. This article explains ways to detect Wireless Display to force connect.
How to Enable Wi-Fi Services on Windows 10 Microsoft has merged Paid Wi-Fi and WiFi Sense into Wi-Fi services after the recent update. For an enhanced User Experience, learn how to enable Wi-Fi services on the computer.
How to Enable and Disable Cortana Speech Services on Windows 10 Cortana Speech Services help you to carry out various tasks as per your behavior. When enabled, your speech, typing history, handwriting, and other things are considered and when disabled, all the collected data is removed.
How to Get More Themes online From Store Windows 10 Windows 10 is a lot about personalization and availability of several themes on Windows Store proves it. In order to get the most amazing themes online, go through this article.
How to Disable or Enable App Diagnostics in Windows 10 Since App Diagnostics collect hardware as well as software related information of your PC, it sometimes becomes a security threat.
How to Pin Map Location Tile to Start Windows 10 People frequently using Maps can now pin map location tile to Start Menu. For this enhanced convenience, you should follow the simple steps mentioned in this article.
How to Remove Built-in Theme on Windows 10 Not everyone likes the default theme of Windows 10. If you are also the one, then go through the two different methods in this article to quickly remove the built-in theme.
How to Set Spotlight Lock Screen Image as Wallpaper on Windows 10 With the help of two small tools, you can set the beautiful Spotlight Lock Screen Images as wallpaper on your device.
How to Delete Installed Themes in Windows 10 Microsoft allows not only to get more themes from Windows Store but also to delete the installed one.
How to Save Files To Removable Drives Not Protected by BitLocker on Windows 10 Settings application allows you to store files to removable drives safeguarded by “BitLocker”.
How to Download and Install Jarvis Theme For Windows 10 Jarvis theme contains Iron Man Skin, Desktop Gadgets, and several other features to enhance your experience.
How to Configure Game Bar From Settings App in Windows 10 Game Bar provides various facilities such as broadcasting, recording, screenshots, and others to gamers. However, you can change options of the Game Bar from Settings app.
Create Folder on Start menu and Place Multiple Tiles Windows 10 In an effort to make Windows 10 more user-friendly, Microsoft allows you to pin the third-party software and applications to the Start Menu in form of multiple tiles.
How to Personalize Windows 10 Desktop With Rainmeter Rainmeter helps you personalize and give your Desktop adorable looks. For the complete method to use this application, go through this article.
How to Enable Disable Update Restart Notifications on Windows 10 After all the important updates, the notification suggesting to Reboot immediately appears on your screen.
How to Enable Braille Support in Windows 10 Braille Support is a very useful accessibility tool for visually impaired people. Since it is available from the Creator Update of Windows 10, you can easily enable it now with the help of this article.
How to Disable, Enable Mono Audio in Windows 10 Mono Audio allows sound through each earbud separately, is available with build 15025 or later. This article explains how you can enable or disable this accessibility feature.
How to Enable Display Custom Scaling on Windows 10 Though Windows 10 can automatically scale the display, you can customize the scaling manually also as per the requirements. Read this article to know more about custom scaling with the help of Settings App.
How to Save Windows 10 Custom Theme After the latest update, the themes section is now available in “Personalization” Settings. Here, you can do a lot of cool things such as saving custom themes and sharing it with others.
How to Enter Safe mode During Boot Failure on Windows 10 Boot failure screen signifies serious issues and most of them can be resolved either by a recovery disk or through the Safe Mode.
How to Find the System Files Not Digitally Signed on Windows 10 The drivers and files signed digitally by Microsoft are always safe. It is beneficial if you know how to identify digitally signed files in a PC.
How to Edit OEM Support Information on Windows 10 “OEM support information” contains important data regarding your PC such as Logo image, manufacturer’s name, support URL and many more. With the help of “Registry Editor”, you can easily edit OEM support information.
How to Get at Troubleshooters On Windows 10 to Resolve Issues Microsoft is gradually shifting the Control Panel items to Settings app in Windows 10, the latest is troubleshooters. If you are facing difficulty in accessing it, this article will help you to easily approach them.
How to Select Insider Ring Level on Windows 10 Being a “Windows Insider” means you can get the latest builds before the latest version is officially launched. Learn the simple steps to access the insider ring level as per your choice.
How to Enable Archive Scanning in Windows Defender On Windows 10 When you manually scan through Windows Defender, all files are checked but archives are excluded.
 How to Enable Suggested Reminders in Cortana Windows 10 Cortana is a very utilitarian feature of Windows 10. You can get timely notifications about deadlines mentioned in emails if Suggested Reminders from this digital assistant.
How to Input Time and Schedule Shutdown Windows 10 PC In Windows 10, you can schedule shutdown without involving a third-party tool.
How to Fresh Start Windows 10 to Reinstall and Update As per Need Windows Defender Security System allows you to a fresh start for reinstalling and updating as per the need.
How to Disable/Enable Startup Delay on Windows 10 There are certain applications and many shortcuts get started as you open your device. They influence your computer’s performance but you can control them. using this method.
How to Enable Font Providers In Windows 10 Font providers is a tool that regularly checks if there’s a new font catalog is available or not. When enabled, you can get fonts directly from Microsoft, Adobe, and other sources.
How to Turn off Webcam in Windows 10 Laptop There is no direct option to turn off the webcam of a laptop but this article explains how can you do this easily.
How to Decrypt EFS Encrypted Folders and Files on Windows 10 EFS is the latest encryption technology that works for confidential files and folders on a drive. It blocks the data so that no user can access it but if you want others to see it. Read this article to learn about it.
How To Save Themes for Sharing On Windows 10 Sometimes you may like to make your own themes and want to share them with your friends.
How to Prevent Edge from Opening PDF Files in Windows 10 Microsoft Edge is the default application to open webpages as well as PDF files. But if you don’t want to open the later with this browser, this article provides you with three different ways.
How to Add a Scanner to Windows 10 PC Nowadays, the requirement of scanning “photos or documents” is very common. If your PC runs and you want to add a scanner to it, then here the two simple methods.
How to Create Restore Point on Windows 10 Using PowerShell If there’s a need to make a “Restore Point manually”, take the help of PowerShell.
How to Reset OneNote in Windows 10 Do you know Resetting “OneNote” is a common solution to most of the occurring problems?
How to Insert Attachment and PDF in OneNote Windows 10 Microsoft OneNote is a very important application and that’s why it is used to do various tasks.
How to Include Accounts Using Exchange ActiveSync in Mail App Windows 10 Exchange ActiveSync not only integrates Gmail and iCloud but allows accessing emails in the absence of an internet connection.
How to Disable and Enable Microphone in Windows 10 A microphone is present in almost all the modern Windows 10 devices. Sometimes you need to disable it and sometimes, enabling it becomes the necessity.
How to Show or Hide Labels on Taskbar Windows 10 The icons being on the Taskbar are usually without labels. But there are some who, for the ease of use, prefer it.
How to Enable and Disable Automatic Update of Speech Data on Windows 10 Speech engine converts text into audio and vice-versa. There are some users who require this tool frequently and others rarely. If you belong to any of these categories, learn the two different methods to enable and disable the automatic update of Speech Data.
How to Pair And Unpair Bluetooth Devices on Windows 10 Bluetooth is a very beneficial technology that empowers you to transfer data and signals from one device to another, located within a small range.
How to Turn off Action Center Notifications in Windows 10 Action Center notifications are the best way to inform you about the incidents related to applications on Windows.
How to Check Which Process Is Using More CPU in Windows 10 If your device is running slowly, some process consuming more CPU might be the culprit.
How to Control Installation of Apps in Windows 10 If you obtain any applications in your machine from the internet, controlling the installation is a necessary step to make sure that your system is safe.
How to Uninstall/Install Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on Windows 10 Sometimes because of adaptability issues, you install Internet Explorer 11 in your PC and sometimes, you remove it.
How to Share An App From Start Menu on Windows 10 With the Start Menu of Windows 10, you can Pin, Share, Show Live Tiles, Rate, and Review Applications.
How to Open Word Documents on Windows 10 – Beginners MS Word is an important software to compose and revise text documents. If you are new to Word, go through this article to learn eight different ways to open Word Documents on Windows 10.
How to Turn Off Advertisements in File Explorer Windows 10 Microsoft frequently displays advertisements on various locations such as Lock Screen, Taskbar or Start Menu.
 How to Show and Hide WiFi Networks in Windows 10 The visibility of various Wi-Fi networks helps to connect your PC to the most appropriate network but it also leads to cluttering Network Flyout.
How to Uninstall a Software With Registry Editor in Windows 10 While uninstalling an application or software, you might have noticed they aren’t eliminated completely. However, Registry Editor can help you to eradicate all traces.
How to Increase or Decrease Drag and Drop Sensitivity in Windows 10 Drag and Drop is a feature used to move items from one place to another but the way items are moved is not liked by every user. Therefore, the Registry Editor can help you increase or decrease the Drag and Drop sensitivity. Learn the steps here.
How to Increase or Decrease Drag and Drop Sensitivity in Windows 10 Drag and Drop is a feature used to shift items from one place to another but the way is not liked by every user.
How to Enable and Disable Save Prompt on Microsoft Edge Download Windows 10 When you download something through Edge, a prompt flash on the screen. If you don’t like to view the Save dialog, learn the two different methods to disable and enable it.
How to Map Network Drive With Command Prompt in Windows 10 When you map a network drive, it can be accessed by users on a “local network”.
How to Automatically Hibernate Windows 10 on Scheduled Time Hibernation is quite useful as it keeps your work safe while saving power. Hibernating a computer manually is commonly known but this article helps you learn two different methods..
How to Create Shortcut to Windows Defender Security Center on Windows 10 “Windows Defender Security Center” keeps your system protected and also helps in managing your privacy. Its shortcut on the desktop amplifies your experience.
How to Disable / Enable Virus & Threat Protection in Windows 10 Windows Defender Security System is a comprehensive tool to secure your PC. If you want to disable or enable its Virus & Threat protection feature, this article will help you.
How to Turn On / Off Firewall & Network Protection on Windows 10 If you require activating or deactivating Windows Firewall, you should know that it is now it is available under “Windows Defender Security Center”.
How to Disable Windows 10 Advertisements Manually With the advent of Windows 10, the advertisements in the form of suggestions from Microsoft have increased significantly.
How to Display or Hide the Sender’s Image in Mail App Windows 10 In the Mail app, you might have observed a small image of the sender in your Inbox. Microsoft has provided the power to display or hide the sender’s image.
How to View and Change Family Account Settings in Windows 10 A “family account” facilitates you to maintain “multiple accounts” of your family members. It also grants permission to monitor and protect your child’s online behavior as well.
How to Customize Closing Lid Settings in Windows 10 When you close the lid of your laptop, it normally sleeps and customizations are essential for better use.
How to Check Protection Updates for Threat Definitions in Windows 10 In order to keep your device protected from the latest threats, there is a way to “check the updates manually”.
How to Check Monthly Data Usage in Windows 10 Microsoft allows you to check the amount of data used in last month so that you can make relevant changes (if any) in your data plan.
How to Disable / Enable Focused Inbox in Mail App Windows 10 To give your emails the desired attention, Microsoft has launched Focused Inbox in Mail App in Windows 10. It divides your inbox into two compartments.
How to Disable / Enable Windows Defender Antivirus Notifications Windows 10 Windows Defender notifies you about the crucial events about any threats or attacks.
How to Access Windows Defender Security Center on Windows 10 Do you know that there are 4 different techniques to access Windows Defender Security Center application on Windows 10 for security purposes?
How to Add Chrome With Icon to Desktop Context Menu in Windows 10 For simple and quick accessibility of the Chrome browser, there’s a need to add it to the desktop context menu. Read this article about simple registry tweaks helpful in adding the browser with an icon to the menu.
How to Turn on Caret browsing in Mail App Windows 10 In Windows 10, Caret browsing can be enabled on the Edge and built-in Mail app.
How to Customize Menu Show Delay Time on Windows 10 With an easy registry tweak, you’re able to decrease the delay in the appearance of a submenu.
How to Disable / Enable Startup Sound on Windows 10 When you press the Power button and before the Windows login screen appears, a small Startup Sound confirms that your PC is ready to use. Whether you like or dislike this noise, read this article to enable or disable it.
How to Uninstall Software From Windows 10 After Creators Update With every major update of Windows 10, Microsoft tries to simplify things for users. The uninstallation procedure of software is further elucidated with the launch of the Creators update.
How to Reset Skype App in Windows 10 Skype is one of the most used video conversation platforms on the globe all around. If this application is not performing smoothly, you should reset it.
How to Open Command Prompt in Small Size by Default on Windows 10 Many people wish that the default Command Prompt window should be of small size.
How to Manually Update Group Policy On Windows 10 Albeit Group Policy updates automatically, you can do the same manually as well.
How to Reset Windows Spotlight Lock Screen in Windows 10 Windows Spotlight allows access to various images for the lock screen. If there’s any problem with this feature or it does not update, you should reset it.
How to Create a Desktop Shortcut to Reliability Monitor on Windows 10 Reliability Monitor provides you information which helps in evaluating the health of a PC. You can get a shortcut to this important tool by following the easy steps mentioned in this article.
How to Enable / Disable OneDrive Usage in Windows 10 People use OneDrive to store or backup their data but Since the company announced that it sneaks data, not everyone prefers using this cloud.
How to Enable / Disable Password Protection Sharing on Windows 10 Password protection sharing makes powerful the security of public files and folders.
How to Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter in Windows 10 With the increased use of wireless devices, Bluetooth technology has become a critical part of the modern world. If you are facing issues with this, learn the simple steps to run Troubleshooter.
How to Add Desktop Icons to Windows 10 After Creators Update After Creators Update, if icons of applications, files, and folders vanishes, add them manually. This article contains relevant information which can assist you to add them.
How to Change PowerShell Look in Windows 10 PowerShell in Windows 10 is a better tool than Command Prompt in certain aspects. You can further change its look by modifying fonts, size of the window, and colors by following the easy steps present in this article.
How to Clear Reliability History on Windows 10 Reliability Monitor carefully examines the event logs, generates a System Stability Chart, and stores the history of generated reports/charts. If you want to clear history of this feature on Windows 10, read this article.
How to Change Text and Apps Size on Windows 10 Creators Update With custom scaling features, you can easily alter the text and size of applications. The simple instructions available in this article can help you make these changes on Windows 10 Creators Update.
How to Download Creators Update in Windows 10 and Avoid Waiting If you are curious to quickly download the latest version “(Creators update)” of Windows 10 read this.
How to Import EFS File Encryption Certificate with Key on Windows 10 EFS is used to “encrypt the files and folders” with the help of certain algorithms. Moreover, If you wish to access the encrypted files anytime you need to import the EFS “File Encryption Certificate” with a key.
How to Run Program Compatibility Troubleshooter on Windows 10 After Creators Update If you have some programs designed for earlier versions, rest assured because, with the help of a Troubleshooter, they will work perfectly.
How to Manage Optional Features on Windows 10 After Creators Update Creators Updates has brought several new features in Windows 10. You have the ability to manage the “optional features” by following the instructions mentioned in this article.
How to Open Elevated PowerShell on Windows 10 After Creators Update There are some Administrative Tasks for which you need to run “elevated PowerShell” in Windows 10.
How to Enable and Disable Location Services on Windows 10 You might be knowing that various applications require your system’s location to serve you.
How to Clean Start Windows 10 PC When you boot your machine, several applications automatically begin running in the background and it can be sometimes conflicting and issue creating.
How to Start Broadcast PC Games Using Beam in Windows 10 Beam helps you to quickly stream anything live. Microsoft allows you to use it to broadcast PC games.
How to Print Multiple HTML Pages at a time in Windows 10 When you need to take printout of various HTML pages simultaneously you need to install a third-party utility. Learn the whole procedure available in this article.
How to Set Backgrounds Wallpapers HD Images as Lock Screen in Windows 10 Microsoft provides you with the facility to set HD wallpapers as background and Lock screen.
How to Block Settings Pages in Windows 10 Access to Settings on a shared computer is a big security threat.
How to Set 26Creative Theme in Windows 10 26Creative Theme is an artistic approach to change the looks of your PC.
How to Print 15 Plus Files from a Folder At Once in Windows 10 Windows allows printing maximum 15 files from a folder simultaneously.
How to Run Power Troubleshooter in Windows 10 Power Troubleshooter helps in resolving entire issues related to “Power Settings” and Options.
How to Schedule a Printer on Windows 10 Scheduling a Printer helps in automatically printing the documents at the arranged time.
How to Delete Data Usage in Windows 10 for WiFi and Ethernet Windows 10 stores the calculation of internet data used by your PC from both Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Though there is no straight way to delete it.
How to Turn On or Off Power Throttling for App in Windows 10 When you open multiple programs in the background, a lot of power is kept consuming. Power Throttling can help you to reduce the consumption.
How to Restore Classic Windows Defender in Windows 10 After Creators Update With Creators Update, Microsoft launched Windows Defender Security Center and increased the protection of Windows 10. But if you want to restore the classic application
How to Turn on Spatial Sound for Headphones in Windows 10 The Spatial Sound APIs offer enhanced audio experience as they allow its emission via objects placed in 3D space. This article contains three different methods to Turn On this immersive audio for headphones in Windows 10.
How to Create a New DWORD Value in Registry Editor on Windows 10 DWORD (Double Word) value is a very powerful component of Registry Editor as it helps in determining the functionality of the Windows.
How to Change OneDrive Password in Windows 10 Whatever data you store at OneDrive, it is protected by a credentials but there is no direct way to change it.
How to Change Settings in Compatibility Mode Windows 10 Some applications and games struggle display issues. This can be fixed by modifying the settings of that program in compatibility mode.
How to Get Windows Update With PowerShell in Windows 10 PowerShell is a very powerful built-in tool as that can help you receive Windows update.
How to Pause Deleting in Windows 10 In order to keep your computer organized and increase the storage space, you usually permanently remove the files from “Recycle Bin”. If you worry that this procedure can delete some important stuff, pause deleting.
How to Run Offline Scan from Window Defender Security Center in Windows 10 Offline scan protects by scanning Windows to detect malicious attacks more powerfully.
How to Switch Default Language in Windows 10 You’re able to easily adjust your PC’s “default language” to Chinese, Hindi, Italian, German, Thai, and others.
How to Disable / Enable Windows Key on Keyboard Windows 10 The Windows Key on a keyboard opens “Start Menu” but many people don’t use it.
How to Show or Hide Power Commands in Start Menu Windows 10 The common Power Commands are Shut down, Restart, and Sleep. They are accessible through the Start Menu. If you are the administrator, Microsoft allows you to show or hide these.
How to Change System Cooling Policy For Your Power Plan in Windows 10 Active and Passive are the two methods available in a PC to change the “System Cooling Policy” for your Power Plan. One method increases the fan speed and another one, just the vice-versa.
How to Let Dolby Atmos For Headphone Access Account info in Windows 10 If you want to experience high-quality audio, you should use the “Dolby Atmos” for Headphone.
How to Use Apps Without Letting Access Location Services in Windows 10 There are many apps which work only when you provide information about your location. There is a way that respects your privacy and empowers you to use apps without letting them access Location Services.
How to Create Your Video Collection in Films & TV in Windows 10 Microsoft allows you to create your personal video collection in Movies & TV application in Windows 10.
How to Prevent Irritating Setup OneDrive Pop-up in Windows 10 When you are logged into Windows 10 as a Local user, Setup OneDrive pop-up is being thrown up continuously.
How to Access Color and Appearance After Windows 10 Creators Update In order to personalize the look, Microsoft has enhanced the Settings app of Windows 10 with features like Colors and Appearance.
How to Add / Remove People Icon on Taskbar in Windows 10 With the release of Windows 10 build 16184, availability of People Icon on Taskbar shows the efforts of Microsoft to make their latest OS more user-friendly. But, this feature is not appreciated by every user.
How to Display Virtual Touchpad on Windows 10 An onscreen or virtual touchpad on a Windows 10 device provides many benefits such as controlling an external display without the help of a mouse.
How to Work with Microsoft To-Do App in Windows 10 The To-Do app from Microsoft not only allows you to plan your tasks and days but also import data from your account.
How to Turn On / Off Time Lapse in Camera App on Windows 10 Time Lapse is a feature in the Camera app that lets you automatically capture multiple photos with your webcam.
How to Disable and Enable Magnifier’s Tracking Options in Windows 10 In the latest Windows update, Magnifier has not only shifted to Settings app but got some new features like Tracking Options which make the tool work perfectly.
How to Manage Permissions for Cortana in Windows 10 Cortana is a wonderful digital assistant requires user permissions to work effectively. Some users hesitate to give all approvals and for them, Microsoft allows managing permissions for Cortana in Windows 10.
How to Download Summer Theme for Windows 10 and Install Summer theme offers the combination of high-quality images and colors to beautify your desktop.
How to Set up Plex Media Server on Windows 10 Plex Media Server is a tool that can broadcast every media on your devices without any hassles.
How to Use Win+X Menu Editor v3.0 in Windows 10 With Win+X Menu Editor 3.0, you have the ability to add a program, remove an item, and do various other tasks.
How to Change Lock Screen Time Format in Windows 10 Using PowerShell PowerShell is a fabulous tool for performing advanced tasks with ease. If you want to change “Lock Screen Time Format” this will assist you.
How to Boot into Safe Mode from Login Screen in Windows 10 Sometimes when a problem starts after logging you need to enter safe mode from here.
How to Turn Off Typing Sound on Touch Keyboard Windows 10 If typing sound on the Touch keyboard irritates you, go through this article.
How to Repair View 3D App in Windows 10 View 3D is an easy-to-use application that allows you to view, manage, and communicate via 3D models on Windows 10.
How to Reset OneDrive Synchronization on Windows 10 When the data is synced to OneDrive, you can access it from other Internet-enabled devices. If you want to reset OneDrive Synchronization on Windows 10, the simple methods are available in this article.
How to Auto Clear Downloads Folder on Windows 10 When you don’t choose any specific place while “downloading a file” from the internet, it automatically reaches the “Downloads folder”. With build 16199 of Windows 10, you have the ability to enable the option to automatically clear it.
How to Display System Icons on Tray Windows 10 System Tray comprises various system icons such as OneDrive, Skype, Windows Defender security center.
How to Find if Secure Boot is Turned on or Off in Windows 10 Secure boot is a security tool that maintains a PC startup with the manufacturer-trusted firmware.
Get Rid of This app has been blocked for your protection on Windows 10 In Windows 10, an administrator can block you from accessing apps. If you are also getting the app blocked for your protection, read this article to know two different methods that may help you to get rid out of it.
How to Scan High Resolution image with HP Deskjet Scanner in Windows 10 When you scan a document or photo through a scanner, the output is having low quality. To get the perfect color, contrast, and effects with an HP Deskjet Scanner in Windows 10, you should customize the settings
How to Enable and Disable Game Monitor in Windows 10 Game Monitor is a mode in which the system engages more CPU and GPU power to enhance your gaming experience.
How to Unset / Set Hide and Read Only Attributes For File, Folder on Windows 10 The Hide and Read Only attributes for files and folders prevents unwanted access and modification of your data.
How to Prevent Chrome from updating Automatically in Windows 10 Chrome automatically downloads and installs latest updates, however, it sometimes makes the browser buggy.
How to Choose Branch Readiness Level When Updates are Installed in Windows 10 In Advanced Options of Settings app, there are two types of Branch Readiness Levels – Current Branch and Current Branch for Business – to get the updates installed.
How to Trim SSD on Windows 10 Using PowerShell TRIM is a PowerShell command which enhances the performance of your SSD.
How to Change Where New Content is Saved in Windows 10 There are default locations to save the content like documents, pictures, maps, and others. But if you want to change the location where new content is saved in Windows 10, follow the simple steps mentioned in this article.
How to Add Snowing Desktop to Windows 10 There are some third-party tools which can display dropping snowflakes on your computer’s screen.
How to Add Windows 10 Family Account In Windows 10, you can create a family account and add your kids, relatives, and others.
How to See Weather Forecast Using PowerShell on Windows 10 With PowerShell, it is even easier to see the weather forecast of a region.
How to Improve Windows 10 Performance Successfully If the performance of your Windows 10 computer has decreased and you are looking for ways to improve it, go through this article as it is a comprehensive guide to successfully improve it.
How to Easily Uninstall Windows10 Upgrade Folder on Windows 10 Some users can’t decide whether to keep or remove Windows 10 upgrade folder on Windows 10. Well, it is absolutely fine to uninstall it and the simple steps for doing it are mentioned in this article.
How to Erase Hard Drive with DiskPart in Windows 10 Diskpart is a command-line utility with which you can easily change a drive, disk or partition.
How to Open Emojis Panel Using Keyboard in Windows 10 Do you know you can create a keyboard shortcut to open Emojis panel in Windows 10?
How to Clone Hard Drive on Windows 10 to HDD / SSD By cloning you can  replicate its data on additional hard drive. This is a very common procedure while upgrading a hard drive.
How to Check OneDrive Remaining Free Storage Space on Windows 10 From the time Microsoft has limited the free storage space of OneDrive to 5GB, users remain conscious and frequently check the remaining free amount of room.
How to Configure OneDrive Files On-Demand in Windows 10 If you are looking to scrimp the storage space on Windows 10 you should think to configure OneDrive files On-demand. It is especially beneficial when you operate multiple device.
How to Prevent ‘Updates Are Available’ from Popping up on Windows 10 Some users complains that “Updates are Available” popup distracts them during working.
How to Watch 360° Videos Using Movies & TV on Windows 10 PC From the Fall Creators Update, Calculator includes the function to convert currency and that too without going online.
How to Track GPU Performance in Windows 10 using Task Manager After the insider build no.16226, you can track the amount of GPU utilized by Windows 10 directly with the help of Task Manager.
How to Enable Bitmap Smoothing in Magnifier Windows 10 If you want magnified texts in Windows 10 to look smoother, enable Bitmap smoothing. The Ease of Access area helps you easily do it.
How to Edit IP Settings for Network Connection in Windows 10 In order to manually edit IP Settings for Network Connection in Windows 10, you should visit the Network & Internet category of Settings App.
How to Change Maximum Password Age For Local Accounts Windows 10 By default, the maximum age for the password of a local account in Windows 10 is 42. However, you can modify it to any number between 1 and 999.
How To Reset Data Usage Stats of Wi-Fi and Ethernet in Windows 10 The Network & Internet category of Settings application in Windows 10 allows you to reset the data storage statistics of Ethernet and Wi-Fi.
How to Disable, Enable Remote Desktop From Windows 10 Settings App Windows 10 has made it easier to connect and control remote devices through Settings App.
How to Enable Controlled Folder Access in Windows 10 With Enabled Controlled Folder Access feature in Windows Defender, you can increase the security of your applications and folders as it continuously watches all modifications applications make to specific files and folders.
How to Enable Data Persistence for Microsoft Edge in Application Guard Windows 10 Application Guard provides you with high security from attackers. With Data Persistence for Edge, a user can save downloaded files and other items for future use.
How to Add, Remove Share From Context Menu Windows 10 Creators Update After the Creators update of Windows 10, you can immediately share files via People, Facebook, Cortana, and others. If you wish to Add or Remove Share from Context Menu, you need to tweak some Registry keys and the method to do it is explained in this article.
How to Reset Camera App in Windows 10 When Camera app in Windows 10 start showing some problems, resetting it is the best option.
How to Reinstall Windows Defender Firewall in Windows 10 The role of Windows Defender Firewall in Windows 10 is to give your system extra protection from viruses and threats. But when it stops providing appropriate security, you should re-install it by following the simple steps available in this article.
How to Troubleshoot Incoming Connections in Windows 10 Windows Firewall sometimes prevents other computers from connecting to your PC.
How to Troubleshoot Windows Defender Firewall in Windows 10 When the Windows Defender Firewall in Windows 10 prevents your PC from spyware and blocks unwanted incoming connections as well as applications. If it troubles, follow these troubleshooting steps.
How to Change Reserve Battery Level in Windows 10 By default, a reserve battery level pops-up on your screen when your PC’s battery percentage remains only 7%. However, you can change this level as per your preference.
How to Schedule Windows Defender Full or Quick Scan on Windows 10 You can prearrange full or quick scan using Windows Defender by following the easy steps mentioned in this article.
How to Show and Hide My People Pops in Windows 10 With People on taskbar, you notice the emojis which pinned contacts messages via the messenger Skype.
How to Limit Windows Update Bandwidth in Windows 10 All people concerned to the high bandwidth used during Windows Update can take a sigh of relief because Microsoft has now allowed limiting it.
How to Check Network Status of Xbox App Windows 10 If you face problems during gameplay Xbox in Windows 10, sussing out the Network Status should be your first step.
How to Setup Google Drive Backup and Sync on Windows 10 Setting up Google Drive Backup and Sync on Windows 10 can help you economize a significant amount of space.
How to View Exact Duplicate Images as a Single File in Photos App Windows 10 Photos app in Windows 10 facilitates you to see accurate and duplicate images as a single file.
How to Remove ‘Test mode Windows 10 Pro Build’ Watermark In case, Test Mode Windows 10 Pro Build watermark consistently comes into an appearance on the right wing of your desktop and you want to delete it, just follow.
How to Hide Folder Merge Conflicts Dialog in Windows 10 When you move a folder to a place where another one of the same name that time exists, you are asked to Confirm Folder Replace.
How to Disable Infotip in Windows 10 Infotip is the information popped up on your screen when you place your cursor on an item.
How to Run Trim Command for SSD in Windows 10 Trim Command helps in boosting the performance of a SSD (Solid State Drive).
How to Set High Blocking Level for Cloud Protection in Windows Defender Windows 10 Setting high blocking level for Cloud protection in Windows Defender quickly scans and stops all malicious offences on your PC.
How to Schedule Disk Cleanup in Windows 10 If you want your Windows 10 to automatically erase all the clutter and unnecessary items, then schedule the disk cleanup.
How to Open Device Manager Using Command Prompt in Windows 10 Device Manager is very useful as it provides information and solution to most of the components and drivers.
How to Reset Media Creation Tool in Windows 10 Media Creation Tool is very helpful in reinstalling an OS but sometimes encounters an error after 50% progress. If such thing occurs in your Windows 10, reset this tool by following the steps available in this article.
How to Delete All Event Logs in Windows 10 Sometimes in Event Viewer when you face problem in detecting important event logs, delete all event logs because they will be freshly restored and you can easily find the faulty one.
How to Preview Web Results in Cortana on Windows 10 Cortana in Windows 10 allows you to preview web results and it is as easy as browsing the internet via your web browser.
How to Use Cortana Voice Commands to Lock, Restart, Shutdown, Sign out Windows 10 After the build 16251 of Windows 10, you have the capability to apply Cortana voice commands in order to lock, restart, shut down, and sign out.
How to Make a Program Autostart in Windows 10 Sometimes you frequently use a program and want that it should automatically start when bootup of your PC.
How to Activate Local Group Policy Editor / Gpedit.msc in Windows 10 Home Group Policy helps network administrators to configure several important settings.
How to Disable / Enable Allow VPN Over Metered Networks on Windows 10 Allowing VPN over Metered Networks is quite secure and avoid the expense of additional data as well.
How to Enable / Disable Allow VPN While Roaming on Windows 10 If you are using a Windows 10 PC while roaming and want to save your data, then we recommend allowing VPN while Roaming.
How to Change Sleep Settings in Windows 10 In order to boost your PC’s battery life, change sleep settings
How to Auto Open Next Item in Windows 10 Mail App With the provision to automatically open the next item in Mail app of Windows 10, Microsoft has eased the way you read emails.
How to Prevent Old PINs from Reusing on Windows 10 While Setting PIN While setting a new PIN in Windows 10, you are able to stop the old PINs from being used.
How to Allow Cloud Search in Windows 10 Windows 10 now has a new policy with which you can search cloud contents on Cortana voice assistant and Search.
How to Schedule System Restore Point to Create at Startup in Windows 10 When System Restore Point is scheduled for Startup, your machine remains safer and it also helps in recovering different problems faced.
How to Manage Windows 10 Indexing Windows 10 Indexing helps in bringing quick and accurate search results.
How to Customize System Unattended Sleep Timeout on Windows 10 System Unattended Sleep Timeout is when your PC wakes from sleep and remains unattended before automatically sleeping again. Learn how to customize it in Windows 10.
How to Skip Ahead to the Next Windows Release in Windows 10 Microsoft has provided Fast Ring Insiders the power to directly skip ahead to the next release. It is possible through Settings application or with the help of Registry Editor in Windows 10.
How to Set Time to Turn off Screen after Slideshow has Played in Windows 10 If you don’t want to work after seeing the slideshow, you are able to set the screen to automatically turn off.
How to Copy Network Properties to Clipboard in Windows 10 There are times when you need to know network properties. Instead of manually typing them from one place to another, you can copy them in Windows 10.
How to Choose a Network to Share via Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10 In Windows 10, you sort a single network from multiple options to be shared through Mobile Hotspot.
How to Save Clicks using Drag and Drop in Windows 10 Drag and Drop feature in Windows 10 can help you save clicks.
How to Edit Network Name, Password for Mobile Hotspot Windows 10 In order to increase the security while sharing the network in Windows 10, you should edit the name and password of Mobile Hotspot.
How to Disable WiFi As Ethernet Wire is Inserted into Port in Windows 10 When you have access to the internet via both of the Wireless and Ethernet cable, you can disable them alternatively.
How to Set Custom Startup Sound in Windows 10 A small sound when your system boots mean that the OS is ready to be used. If you want to change this sound to a pleasant one in Windows 10, this article contains the method.
How to Change Default BitLocker Encryption Method and Cipher Strength on Windows 10 In order to secure your files, Windows 10 has BitLocker Encryption Method and Cipher Strength.
How to Make Adobe Acrobat Default in Windows 10 The default application to open PDF files in Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge.
How to Get Back “Confirm Uninstall Prompt” in Windows 10 Whenever you give attempt to remove an application in Windows 10, Confirm Uninstall Prompt comes into sight.
How to Use Rufus to Install Windows 10 Rufus is a utility that helps you to set up dual boot or install fresh Windows 10 with an ISO image.
How to Disable Ethernet Network Connection in Windows 10 (6 Ways) If you are facing certain network issues or simply want to disable Ethernet network connection in Windows 10, relax because there are 6 methods to disable it.
How to Rebuild Boot Configuration Data/BCD on Windows 10 Rebuilding BCD or Boot Configuration Data assists to resolve several startup-related problems.
How to Set Custom Folder View Default to Open File Explorer in Windows 10 If you prefer to have custom folder view by default with File Explorer, walk through this article.
How to Analyze Resources Performance in Task Manager Windows 10 Task Manager is an in-built utility of Windows OS that continuously monitors and provides information about resources.
How to Secure Windows 10 Using Built-in Tools and Settings When it comes to securing Windows 10, there are enough inbuilt tools and settings that you no longer need to depend on any 3rd party utilities.
How to Clean Crowded Action Center in Windows 10 Frequent notifications usually make Action Center overcrowded.
How to Include Folder in Search Index on Windows 10 In Windows 10, you can now add folders to the Search Index and get appropriate results as well as save time.
How to Choose Audio Channel for Narrator Speech Output on Windows 10 Narrator feature in Windows 10 helps visually impaired users. For enhanced sound experience, it now involves audio channel.
How to Resume from Phones to PC with Cortana in Windows 10 If you are reading something on your phone and want to continue reading it on your Windows 10 PC, go through this article because it explains how Cortana helps you to resume from phones to PC.
How Run System Restore Using Command Prompt (CMD) in Windows 10 When you face some severe issues with your OS, going to a previous restore point is always beneficial.
How to Change Spotlight Images to PNG/JPG Format in Windows 10 Windows Spotlight images are quite attractive but users face difficulty in finding and changing them to PNG/JPG format.
How to Make Pendrive Bootable for Windows 10 There are some fabulous genuine third-party tools helpful in mounting an ISO image to a Pen-Drive/flash drive/USB and make it bootable for Windows 10.
How to Allow Mouse or Keyboard to Wake Computer in Windows 10 By default, a mouse or keyboard wakes up your computer from sleep. Sometimes default settings do not work and you have to set them manually. Explore this article to learn two different ways to do it in Windows 10.
How to Allow Ports through Firewall in Windows 10 Allowing ports via Windows Firewall helps to resolve the issues regarding services or issues faced while opening web pages and applications.
How to Open Command Prompt as Admin From Run Dialog in Windows 10 With a certain shortcut you are able to launch Cmd Command prompt as administrator from Run dialog.
How to Safely Delete $GetCurrent Folder in Windows 10 While updating, Windows 10 automatically creates a hidden folder with name $GetCurrent on Local Drive. However, you can delete it after successfully installing the updates.
How to Change Administrator Email on Windows 10 If you are looking to change the administrative email on Windows 10, you won’t find any direct way to perform it.
How to Allow BitLocker Without a Compatible TPM in Windows 10 TPM is a security chip that makes encryption of a drive easy. But if you want to encrypt the drive without it, there is an option which allows BitLocker in absence of compatible TPM.
How to Create Collections in Cortana Windows 10 Edge browser in Windows 10 now has a new feature that permits creating collections in Cortana.
How to Turn Off Startup Items in Windows 10 Using Settings Microsoft is gradually shifting all the important tasks to the Settings App. Now, you can even turn off Startup items in Windows 10 from the application.
How to Automatically Process Video to Enhance in Windows 10 Subsequent to Windows 10 OS updates to the build 16215, you can automatically process video to enhance. This way whenever a video is played, its quality upgrades to next level.
How to Deal with Microsoft Edge Content Process in Windows 10 With time, a lot of memory is utilized by Microsoft Edge Content Process which surely affects the performance. This article contains everything you need to deal with this process in Windows 10.
How to Trim Videos Using Built-in Photos App Windows 10 There are certain portions in some videos which you want to watch repeatedly or share with others. Microsoft, with the help of inbuilt Photos app in Windows 10, allows you to trim videos.
How to Export Windows Defender Exploit Protection Settings on Windows 10 There are exploit protection settings in Windows Defender which provides your PC extra protection from dangerous malware attacks.
How to Turn Off Fast User Switching on Windows 10 When you do not wish to share your computer with other users, you can stop the facility to migrate from one account to another.
How to Change File Permission to Grant Ownership in Windows 10 In a Windows 10 computer, every user does not have an equal right to operate files because ownership rights vary according to user.
How to Hide/Show Network in File Explorer Navigation Pane Windows 10 If you are the administrator and want to easily view the Network in the Navigation Pane of File Explorer, the simple steps mentioned in this article will guide you.
How to Share Windows 10 Desktop Screen using Chromecast Chromecast lets you to ditch HDMI cables and wireless share the Desktop screen of your Windows 10 PC
How to Delete Mixed Reality Portal App in Windows 10 The Mixed Reality feature in Windows 10 ensures that its viewers get a perfect 3D experience in virtual reality.
How to Automatically Clean Recycle Bin after a Certain Time in Windows 10 With the help of Task Scheduler, you can enable automatic cleaning of Recycle Bin and be relaxed about load on your machine.
How to Give Ideas About Cortana to Microsoft in Windows 10 Cortana is already useful yet Microsoft is always open to ideas to make it more powerful and resourceful.
How to Reset Remote Desktop Connection Data in Windows 10 When you connect your PC with other devices through Remote Desktop Protocol feature of Windows 10, the details are saved in your PC.
How to Disable Video Autoplay in Microsoft Store in Windows 10 There are certain applications and games which automatically start playing a video on their Microsoft Store page.
How to Enable, Disable and Choose Color Filters on Windows 10 In order to increase the convenience of every user, Microsoft allows you to disable, enable, and select color filters in Windows 10. This way users easily distinguish between different apps.
How to Disable/Enable IPv6 in Windows 10 IPv6 is the most advanced version of Internet Protocol till date and it has multiple uses.
How to Find Command line of Running Processes in Windows 10 The command line details of running processes help you clearly find out the location of processes.
How to Copy Startup Key of BitLocker Encrypted Disk Drive in Windows 10 While encrypting a disk drive, Microsoft allows you to keep its Startup key in a USB drive. However, it should be copied and stored at some alternate location.
How To Create WiFi History Report in Windows 10 In Windows 10, you can straightway create a Wifi History report containing the Network’s name, start and end time, duration of sessions, and other details.
How to Add or Remove User that can Remotely Access This PC in Windows 10 In order to maximize the flexibility and ease of access, Microsoft allows adding or removing users to remotely access your Windows 10 PC.
How to Find Monitor Properties in Windows 10 You should be aware of Monitor Properties when you need to set your PCs resolution. There are several other occasions when you require Monitor Properties.
How to Get cmd Commands List in Windows 10 When you have the cmd commands list, you no longer need to worry about different command lines as you have them in your hands.
How to Delete Background Picture History in Windows 10 In Windows 10, the name and path of the last four wallpapers are collected and stored. This leads to the repetition of the same wallpapers again and again.
How to Sign in Windows 10 without Physical Keyboard Sometimes when your keyboard is not working but you want to sign in to Windows 10, don’t be disappointed because a physical keyboard is no longer a necessity to sign in Windows 10.
How to Adjust SDR Content Brightness on HDR Display in Windows 10 The insider members of build 17040 and above are introduced with a new feature that helps in adjusting the brightness of SDR content on HDR display in Windows 10.
How to Check Number of Cores in CPU on Windows 10 Occasionally, need to know the number of cores in the processor of your machine.
How to Clear Activity History in Windows 10 Activity history is beneficial when you actively use Cortana otherwise deleting it is the best option.
How to Disable / Enable Collect Activities In Windows 10 From Windows Insider build 17040, there is an advanced security feature called Activity History. It is quite beneficial as it keeps a log of all the major activities executed on your PC.
How to Play AVI Files on Windows 10 Successfully Despite having the built-in support to play AVI files, WMP (Windows Media Player) sometimes fail to play these files successfully.
How to Set Data Limit Per Network in Windows 10 Now, you able to set data limit for Networks also and get your internet data turned off as it reaches the extent.
How to Restrict Background Data While Roaming in Windows 10 When you are on roaming and don’t want to waste money, just restrict the usage of background data.
How to Enable Presentation Mode in Windows 10 The slides made in PowerPoint are often used for presentation in front of the relevant audience. But for that, you should first enable presentation mode in your PC.
How to Login to Windows 10 with Gmail Account Do you know you can now straightway login to Windows 10 with your Gmail account?
How to Use cmd Command Traceroute in Windows 10 When you face internet-related problems, use Command Traceroute as it directs you to the problem’s root.
How to Enable ASLR in Windows Defender Windows 10 ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) is a feature Microsoft appended to Windows Defender Exploit Guard. It uses random memory address to execute codes on your OS.
How to Add Slow-Motion Effect to Video in Photos App Windows 10 With the launch of Windows 10 1709, you can directly add Slow-Motion effect to videos in Photos App. Like earlier days, there isn’t any need for third-party tools.
How to Add Gmail Account to Cortana in Windows 10 Windows 10 facilitates you to add Gmail Account to Cortana and gain direct access to contacts, calendar events, and messages stored in your Google account.
How To Organize Speech Recognition in Windows 10 Speech Recognition helps you to open, close, and control your PC via voice.
How To Manage Speech Dictation in Windows 10 Any text editor in your PC is able to now get English text just by listening to your voice command.
How to Block Auto Reopen of Programs After Reboot in Windows 10 Some programs you knowingly terminate but they reopen when your OS boots again.
How to Remove Traces of Uninstalled Programs in Registry on Windows 10 When you eradicate a program, some traces are left in Registry and it is said that the program is not uninstalled completely.
How to Disable Sticky Notes Autostart Annoyance on Windows 10 Though Sticky Notes is a useful application, not everyone likes when it automatically opens during the startup.
How to Copy Key Path in Registry Editor on Windows 10 There are two different ways to easily copy key path of installed programs as registry files in Registry Editor on Windows 10.
How to Add Timeline to Task View in Windows 10 By adding timeline to task view in Windows 10, you can switch to the previously performed tasks on your computer. Tasks include previously accessed apps, websites, documents, programs, and others.
How to Clear My Device History in Windows 10 Windows 10 contains an important feature with which you can delete the previous settings, records, and other things of applications.
How to View and Clear User dictionary in Windows 10 User Dictionary in Windows 10 can make suggestions and use your voice to execute cloud-based services.
How to Reset Game Mode Settings to Default in Windows 10 With the availability of build 17063, Microsoft is allowing resetting Game Mode Settings to Default in Windows 10. It optimizes the environment of your system for best performance while you play games.
How to Run Keyboard Troubleshooter in Windows 10 Keyboard Troubleshooter is a powerful tool that helps you resolve all problems concerned with your physical keyboard.
How to Uninstall Add-on of Store Apps in Windows 10 There are many apps on Microsoft Store with add-ons and they are quite easily installed on your system.
How to Set Default Account Picture to All Users in Windows 10 In Windows 10, Microsoft allows you to straightforwardly standardize your display picture, set it as the default image for all users.
How to Take Task Manager Settings Backup in Windows 10 Task Manager is a useful monitoring tool which you can customize as per your needs. Before customizing its settings, it is beneficial to take its backup.
How to Enable HDR Video Calibration in Windows 10 With HDR Video Calibration facility available in Windows 10, you can now easily fine-tune the videos, run good quality HD videos with ease.
How to Use Cellular Instead WiFi Network Automatically in Windows 10 A Wi-Fi network is not always safe but if you have a high-speed LTE connection, Windows 10 permits  you to use its data plans.
How to Add Security Questions to Other People Account Password in Windows 10 With the introduction of build 17063, there are various new settings in Windows 10 and one of them is managing app execution aliases.
How to Add Security Questions to Other People Account Password in Windows 10 Now Windows 10 permits administrators add security questions to other people’s account credentials.
How to Change Font of Handwriting Experience in Windows 10 While writing on your tablet or touchscreen laptop with the help of a finger or stylus, you can choose the text to appear differently. This is possible after build 17063 of Windows 10.
How to Override System DPI Settings for Desktop App in Windows 10 Overriding current System DPI settings for Desktop apps automatically resolves visibility issue for a text or app interface.
How to Disable Enable Always Show Availability Status in Windows 10 There is a feature in Windows 10 that displays OneDrive folders and files on-demand.
How to Disable, Enable Handwriting Panel on Windows 10 Enabling Handwriting Panel on turns your On-Screen Keyboard into a text editor. Whatever character or alphabet you scribble, it is recognized and correctly converted.
How to Automatic Turn on Quiet Hours for Set Rules in Windows 10 After the build 17074 of Windows 10, you can automatically enable quiet hours for set rules and prevent getting interrupted from unwanted notifications at specific occasions.
How to Tell if You have Fall Creators Update on Windows 10 PC If you want to check a computer for this update, here are two ways you can follow.
How to Change Mouse Sensitivity in Windows 10 For some people, the default responsiveness and execution ability of their mouse is perfect whereas some find it fast and for some, it is slow.
How to Change Default Sound Device in Windows 10 In Windows 10, Microsoft is allowing you to easily change default sound device to either speakers, headphones, earphones or Bluetooth headsets.
How to Run an Application Blocked by Java Security Windows 10 Java Security blocks certain applications when it considers them as a potential threat or when its old edition is present in your system.
How to Clean Install Spring Creators Update 1803 of Windows 10 If you are eager to install Spring Creators update 1803 of Windows 10, it’s understandable because it is the latest version and contains a lot of improvements as well as new features.
Here is How to Re register or Reinstall the start Menu on Windows 10 When you face Start Menu issues like crashing of Start Menu, messing up of tiles, unresponsive clicks, and others, the only solution is to re-register or reinstall with the help of Windows PowerShell.
How to Get System Center Updates Publisher / SCUP in Windows 10 System Center Updates Publisher “(SCUP)” is an amazing tool that helps independent software vendors, business application developers, and other users.
How to Change Keyboard From US to UK in Windows 10 If your default keyboard layout in Windows 10 is US and when you wish to commute it to UK, you are able to perform it in just 2 minutes or less.
How to Install Cisco Anyconnect VPN Client on Windows 10 Cisco Anyconnect VPN Client helps in easily and safely accessing different locations all over the globe.
How to Tweak Win32PrioritySeparation in Windows 10 There are certain processes which are not that useful but responsible for high CPU and eventually slow down your PC. In Windows 10, tweaking Win32PrioritySeparation helps.
How to Invert Colors on Windows 10 Magnifier Magnifier not only benefits by increasing the size of text and objects but also reduces strain on eyes when its colors are inverted.
How to Show or Hide Desktop Background Image in Windows 10 Windows 10 offers a new personalization feature which allows you to hide or display a desktop wallpaper.
How to Enable Show Transparency in Windows on Windows 10 The latest addition, in personalization features of Windows 10 is Show Transparency with which you can view Translucent Windows.
How Show Smooth Edges of Images and Text in Windows 10 The latest edition of Windows 10 has simplified the way to access several features. One of them is Smooth Edges of Images and Texts and it can be easily accessed from the Settings app.
How to Disable Enable Automatically Hide Scroll bars in Windows 10 There are many users who want Scrollbars in Windows to automatically hide until used.
How to Show Animations in Windows on Windows 10 Show Animations in Windows is the latest personalization feature in Windows 10.
How to Collapse Magnifier Window to a Floating Transparent Magnifying Glass in Windows 10 Magnifier is the most appropriate tool to see items in bigger size on your Desktop. However, starting from build 16188 of Windows 10, the tool can collapse and appear in the form of a floating transparent magnifying glass.
How to Change Folder and message spacing in Mail App Windows 10 With Folder and message spacing feature in Mail App of Windows 10, the interface stretches and each box gains more space.
How to Update Mobile Broadband Adapter in Windows 10 With the build 17655, Microsoft has simplified updating Mobile Broadband Adapter in Windows 10.
How to Sync the Narrator cursor and system focus in Windows 10 Now Windows 10 will enhance the experience of hearing impaired people by allowing syncing of Narrator cursor and system focus. At present, this option is available in build 17035 of Windows Insider.
How to Read and Interact with the Screen using the Mouse in Windows 10 Microsoft Narrator is optimized in April’s update. Now it will loudly speak the text lying underneath the cursor on your computer’s screen.
How to Download Latest Windows 10 April 2018 Update ISO File With the April 2018 major update of Windows 10 out now, are you wondering how to download its ISO file? The answer to your concern lies in this article.
How to Show Visual Feedback Around the Touch Points in Windows 10 If you own a Windows 10 touchscreen PC, you can now see visual feedback around the touch points.
How to Clean Install Windows 10 1803 Latest April 2018 Update Installing a clean version of Windows 10 1803 with April update provides various benefits such as decrease startup time, improved performance, and others.
How to Install Version 1803 Windows 10 April 2018 Update from USB Now with the help of Media Creation Tool, you can create a bootable USB Flash Drive containing April Update of Windows 10.
How to Verify if You Are Updated on Windows 10 There can be many situations when someone wants to verify if his/her computer is running on the latest version of Windows 10.
How to Recover Space after Installing 1803 Windows 10 April 2018 Update When new updates of Windows 10 are installed, it creates Windows.old folder where system files of the previous version are kept. This is for safety but consumes a lot of space, around 10-20 GB.
How to Add Screen Snipping to Pen & Windows Ink in Windows 10 In the build 17661 of Windows Insider, you will find a method to add screen snipping to Pen and Windows Ink.
How to Configure Sound Settings on Windows 10 April 2018 Update 1803 In the recent update of Windows 10, Sound Settings are no longer available in Control Panel. They are shifted to the Settings app.
How to Enable Dark Mode in File Explorer on Windows 10 The dark mode in Windows 10 is quickly gaining popularity and people are loving it. If you want to enable this amazing dark mode in File Explorer, just follow 3 steps available in this article.
How to Enable Save Clipboard Data, Clear and Sync in Windows 10 If you worry about the limited life of copied data, then relax because Microsoft is coming up with the facility to save Clipboard data, Clear, and Sync in Windows 10.
How to Name your Folder on Start Menu in Windows 10 With the release of Preview Build 17166 of Windows Insider, you can now name your folder on Start Menu and make it distinguishable and more organized.
How to Stop Windows 10 Apps from Reinstalling Themselves There are some Windows 10 applications which reinstall themselves even after being uninstalled. If the same types of apps are on your PC, learn the easy steps to prevent t826he automatic re-installation.
How to Disable Enable Sets in Windows 10 From Gpedit and Regedit Sets in Windows 10 help you to do various tasks but when it comes to enable or disable this multitasking feature, System Settings doesn’t work every time but Gpedit in Regedit is there to help you.
How to Change Items Name on Start Menu in Windows 10 After a program is installed, it automatically lists into Start Menu with its default name.
How to Paste Clipboard History into a Document in Windows 10 When you copy an item, it automatically enters the clipboard history. Windows 10 allows pasting the item in Notepad, Word, or any other Text Editor.
How to Check App Size in Microsoft Store in Windows 10 When you are low on disk space and want to download an application from Microsoft Store in Windows 10, the most important thing you should do is check its size.
How to Manage Proxy Settings in Windows 10 In Windows 10, you no longer require managing proxy settings through Internet Explorer (IE) as Settings App is featured to do it.
How to Split Sound between Speakers and Headphones in Windows 10 Windows 10 permits you to simultaneously use Speakers as well as Headphones. You can split the sound between these devices by following the simple steps mentioned in this article.
How to Filter Microphone Background Noise in Windows 10 The background noise while using a Microphone is very annoying. Fortunately, you can filter background noise in Windows 10.
How to Use Credential Manager in Windows 10 Credential Manager is used by Windows to store sign-in credentials so that they can be utilized for other devices in a network.
How to Remove Password in Windows 10 April 2018 Update 1803 Though password implies enhanced security, you can anytime remove a password and allow your Windows to start freely.
How to Disable Cortana After Windows 10 April 2018 Update 1803 Despite rich in so many exciting features, Cortana is not liked by everyone.
How to Change Regional Format in Windows 10 If you want to change the Calendar, Dates, Week’s first day, Currency, and others, you should change Regional Format.
How to Register DLL File in Windows 10 64 and 32 bit When you confront with certain programs’ startup issues, you can resolve them by registering DLL files.
How to Find Build Number in Windows 10 April 2018 Update 1803 There are certain errors which require you to know build number of your OS to get resolved.
How to Decrease and Increase Text Size in Windows 10 With the release of build 17692 of Windows Insider, Microsoft has indicated that you can easily increase or decrease the Text Size for either individual section of an interface or the whole system.
How to Disable Sets for Specific App in Windows 10 Though Sets is a multitasking feature and intended to enhance users experience, many users want to keep specific applications of Windows 10 out of it.
How to Stop Keyboard from Changing Language in Windows 10 If you are concerned about keyboard time and again for altering the language set by you, learn to stop it by following different methods available in this article.
How to See Typing Insights in Windows 10 With the release of Windows Insider Build 17704, Microsoft has made it clear that in the next release you will be getting suggestions and help to write correctly.
Find out Upgrade Issue in Windows 10 with SetupDiag Many people face various issues while upgrading the OS. If you too then use SetupDiag, the diagnostic tool from Microsoft.
How to Disable and Enable Auto Adjust Video Based on Lighting in Windows 10 The automatic adjustment of video based on lighting feature helps you efficiently watch the videos even in a bright environment.
How to Disable or Enable Block Suspicious Behaviors on Windows 10 Block Suspicious Behavior is a new feature of Windows Defender that prevents the ongoings of files and apps that intend to infect your computer.
How to Enable Recommended Troubleshooting in Windows 10 When Recommended Troubleshooting is enabled in your Windows 10, you regularly get updates for keeping you safe from bugs and threats.
How to Share VPN Internet Connection Over WiFi in Windows 10 Sharing a VPN connection over Wi-Fi lets you  avoid installing additional utility and your privacy as well as internet security gets enhanced.
How to Use Regedit.exe Address Bar Changes in Windows 10 1809 This time in October release of Windows 10 1809, Microsoft has made some significant improvements in Registry Editor. You can now use it to make changes in Address Bar.
How to Enable HDR and WCG Color in Windows 10 In order to enhance user’s viewing experience, Windows 10 now supports HDR and WCG color. If you want to view a clear, brighter, and uniform picture quality, enable this feature by following the steps mentioned in this article.
How to Disable or Enable Acrylic Taskbar Transparency on Windows 10 The new Acrylic Taskbar Transparency feature in Windows 10 April 2018 implements the Blur, instead of clear glass, effect on Taskbar.
How to Zoom in and Out Text in Notepad on Windows 10 With the build 17713 of Windows 10, you can manage the appearance of text in Notepad.
How to Reinstall Bluetooth Driver in Windows 10 There are times when Bluetooth becomes rigid to not pair with other devices or do not work at all in a Windows 10.
How to Sync Ease of Access in Windows 10 By syncing Ease of Access, you automatically get all the tools and settings as soon as you log in to another device.
How to See Security Providers in Windows 10 Build 17704 reveals that the latest Windows 10 version will simplify finding all security providers currently running on your computer.
How to Repair Startup in Windows 10 – Troubleshooting All Issues Several problems might occur with Startup in Windows 10 but if you have a comprehensive solution for all the issues, even the complex repairs become easy.
How to Disable/Enable Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Windows 10 Data Execution Prevention provides an extra protective layer to your PC that gives protection from unknown scripts. This tool is, by default, enabled and works in the background.
How to Put Sticky Notes on Desktop in Windows 10 In recent times, a lot of note-taking applications have emerged but Sticky Notes are still the favorite.
How to Configure IPV6 / Internet Protocol Version 6 in Windows 10 IPv6 is quite beneficial in resolving issues like extensibility, address depletion, end-to-end conversation restoration, and others.
How to Increase Mailbox Size in Microsoft Office 365 on Windows 10 If you are worried because limited storage availability in MS Office 365 might prevent you from storing your important data in your mailbox, explore this article to learn the simple methods to increase the size of your mailbox in Windows 10.
How to Remove Activate Windows 10 watermark Using Registry Editor The watermark reminding to activate Windows 10 is quite annoying as it ruins the looks of your Desktop.
How to Reinstall NVIDIA Drivers in Windows 10 In order to gain the best experience while running multimedia files or playing games on your computer, you should keep NVIDIA drivers updated.
How to Prevent Windows 10 October 2018 Update Installation Issues Some installation issues might arise while updating Windows 10 to the latest October 2018 version.
How to Enable Windows 10 Timeline Feature in Firefox and Chrome In Windows 10 v1803, Microsoft has integrated Timeline into Task View that lets you enjoy this feature in Chrome and Firefox.
How to Open and Use Narrator QuickStart Guide in Windows 10 Narrator Quickstart Guide introduces you to screen-reading to read and easily interact with your PC.
How to Get BitLocker Recovery Key from CMD in Windows 10 If you have missed your BitLocker recovery key, you are able to retrieve it with the help of Command Prompt in Windows 10.
How to install 1809 Windows 10 October 2018 Update Windows 10 October 2018 update v1809 can be straightaway installed through the instructions.
How to Repair Windows Update Database Corruption in Windows 10 2019 Errors while upgrading to the latest edition have become common nowadays. If your system jams during update, it might be because of Windows Update Database Corruption.
How to Download ISO Image Windows 10 October 2018 Update Build 17758 Method to grab Windows 10 October 2018 update before the official release.
How to Take Screenshot in Windows 10 October 2018 Update In the October 2018 update of Windows 10, the Redmondians has added amazing screenshot tool to easily take screenshots.
How to Download Windows 10 October 2018 Update ISO File As Windows 10 v1809 is out now, your computer will automatically update to it but it fails because of some unexpected reasons, update it manually.
How to Receive Windows 10 October 2018 Update Though Microsoft has officially released the October 2018 update of Windows 10, some devices haven’t received it yet.
How to Enable Disable Antivirus Protection in Windows Security on Windows 10 Antivirus Protection in Windows Security prevents your PC from threats like Trojan, Virus, Spyware, and Ransomware.
How to Install 1809 Windows 10 October 2018 Update from USB If you have not received the latest Windows 10 October 2018 update automatically, you can install it via a USB Flash Drive also. This article explains the whole procedure in simple manner.
How to Get Back Deleted User Files After Windows 10 October 2018 Update Many users reported that Windows 10 October 2018 update deleted their files accumulated on Desktop or Library.
How to Use Windows Security App to Stay Safe in Windows 10 Windows Security is the official and built-in antivirus program from Microsoft. It frequently scans and protects your computer from security threats.
How to Download and Install Windows Media Center for Windows 10 1809 Microsoft does not include Windows Media Center, the advanced version of Windows Media Player, in Windows 10 v1809 but you can straightaway download and install it
How to Reset the Print Spooler in Windows 10 Print Spooler not only allows your PC to interact with the printer but also ease the printing procedure.
How to Download, Install, Update WiFi Driver in Windows 10 In order to enhance users experience, many Wi-Fi manufacturers regularly update the driver of their network adapter.
How to Install OTF Font on Windows 10 OTF are super-quality fonts which can be installed in Windows 10 without spending a single penny.
How to Use Xbox Avatar Editor in Windows 10 to Create an Impressive Avatar Xbox Avatar Editor is an application you can download from Microsoft Store for free and create an extraordinary avatar.
How to Block Ads in Microsoft Apps on Windows 10 The unnecessary advertisements popping-up in Windows 10 are not liked by many users.
How to Enable Dark Mode in Mail App Windows 10 Since most users like the Dark Mode, Microsoft has stretched this feature to Mail App of Windows 10 also.
How to Use Google DNS Servers in Windows 10 You can harness Google DNS Servers to access the internet by slightly modifying your Network settings.
How to Show DPI Awareness on Task Manager in Windows 10 In Windows 10 v1903, you will be shown how many Dots Per Inch (DPI) a process takes. If you want to customize System DPI apps, you should know about the DPI-aware apps.
How to Disable Enable Enhanced Mode for Search Indexer in Windows 10 With Enhanced Mode for Search Indexer, you can search your PC’s folders and files broadly and quickly.
How to Turn on Windows Defender Sandbox in Windows 10 Windows Defender Sandbox offers your Windows 10 robust protection.
How to Customize “Find My Files” Settings in Windows 10 Find My Files is an advanced search function and Microsoft is providing the option to customize it.
How to Use Windows Performance Analyzer in Windows 10 Windows Performance Analyzer provides you with necessary data and makes sure that you easily block the recurring harmful system errors.
How to Clean Windows 10 PC on Malware or Virus attack It is commonly seen that people worry a lot when a virus or malware attacks their PC. When viruses infect your files, you can still recover them.
How to Enable or Disable Narrator Caps Lock ON Alert in Windows 10 Recently, Narrator is boosted this useful feature.
How to Customize Focus Assist in Windows 10 When you do not want to be disturbed, you can smartly disable notifications because Windows 10 v1903 will have a more useful and smarter version of Focus Assist.
How to Set Light Theme in Windows 10 After the success of Dark Theme, Microsoft will come up with Light Theme in April 2019 update.
How to Optimize Windows 10 Performance to Get Ultra-Fast Speed If the slow performance of your PC annoys you, note that it’s time to optimize your computer.
How to Enable Disable Automatically Adjust Active Hours in Windows 10 Setting up Active Hours prevents you from unexpected interruptions while working on your PC and you can enable or disable it as per your preferences.
How to Reset Surface Headphones to Factory Settings (Windows 10) Microsoft Surface Headphones have many unique features which can be adjusted as per the user’s choice. If you face any troubles or messed up settings confuse you, reset these headphones to factory settings by following the two different methods available in this article.
How to Create Shortcut to Restart Windows Explorer in Windows 10 Most modifications you do in a Windows 10 PC are applied when you either reboot your system or restart Windows Explorer. When you need to frequently restart Windows Explorer, its shortcut is the best way.
How to Manually Sync Clock with Time Server in Windows 10 Now, Windows 10 is allowing its users to manually sync the clock with time server and get an accurate time.
How to Find Expiry Date of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build Windows Insider Builds unveil Expiry date after which you start receiving warning messages.
How to Add/Remove Recycle Bin on Desktop in Windows 10 Maximum users prefer to keep Recycle Bin on their Desktop because it offers reimposition of mistakenly deleted folders and files.
How to Force Close Unresponsive Program in Windows 10 Unresponsive programs are quite irritating. However, there are three methods in Windows 10 to force close them.
How to Auto-Switch Light and Dark Theme in Windows 10 There is a third-party tool which can help you automatically switch between light and dark theme in Windows 10.
How to Change Dates to Plain Text Format View in File Explorer Windows 10 1903 Microsoft will now allow you to modify dates to plain text format view in File Explorer.
How to Choose a Date to Pause Updates in Windows 10 You can select a date to temporarily pause Windows 10 updates. This won’t allow Microsoft to interrupt until the selected date arrives.
How Does netsh winsock reset Work in Windows 10 When you face network issues, running netsh winsock reset command line tool helps you resolve it.
How Does netsh int ip reset Work in Windows 10 A major cause of internet conflicts is IP corruption. You can resolve it simply with the help of command netsh ip reset
How to Unpin Folders and Groups From Start menu in Windows 10 There are many folders and groups on the Start Menu of Windows 10 which sometimes are nothing but clutter.
How to Change Cursor Color of Console Window in Windows 10 Console windows such as that of PowerShell in Windows 10 are by default equipped with white color cursor.
How to Sign into Apps Using Security Key in Windows 10 The Windows 10 Build 18298 suggests that v1903 will allow you to sign into apps using the security key.
How to Remove Windows Security System Tray Icon in Windows 10 In your endeavor to make your Taskbar look neat and tidy, you should remove unnecessary items from it. One such item is the Windows Security System Tray icon.
How to Use Windows IUM Tweaker in Windows 10 With Windows IUM Tweaker you can easily modify a lot of functions and settings of your PC.
How to Check Open Ports in Windows 10 Using CMD If you require a vacant TCP/IP port but don’t know whether it is free or occupied by some other app, read this article to check the availability of open ports.
How to Use OneNote Custom tags in Windows 10 OneNote custom tags help in better arranging your pages and keeping your shared notebooks systematized.
How to Enable Narrator Auto Read Advanced Info in Windows 10 In the upcoming Windows update, Microsoft will provide a feature-rich Narrator to its users. This is confirmed by Narrator Auto Read Advanced Info of Windows 10 build 18282.
How to Get Longer Battery Life on Surface Pro 4 (Windows 10) You can modify some settings of Surface Pro running on Windows 10 so that it consumes battery to a smaller extent.
How to See Protection History in Windows 10 The availability of Protection History in Windows 10 strengthens Windows Defender and makes it more powerful.
How to Disable/Enable Tamper Protection in Windows 10 Tamper protection prevents tampering of security features and validations made outside Windows Defender.
How to Integrate Microsoft To-Do and Cortana in Windows 10 By integrating Microsoft To-Do and Cortana, managing your everyday work list becomes more easy and efficient.
How to Download and Install PowerShell Core on Windows 10 PowerShell Core is a multi-platform utility that works in harmony with existing tools, deal with structured data, monitors object models, and can do various other tasks.
How to Manage Sandbox in Windows 10 Sandbox is a tool that can help you download extra apps and at the same time defends your system from viruses and malware.
How to Block Exe in Firewall Windows 10 Windows 10 allows you to block executable in Firewall.
How to Show Login Background without Blur in Windows 10 From Windows 10 update 19H1, you can change the appearance of Login Background. The build 18298 allows displaying Login Background without Blur.
How to Customize Access Denied Message in Windows 10 When users, other than the administrator, try to input changes to some specific folders or files in Windows 10, they confront with Access Denied message.
How to Uninstall and Reinstall Mouse Drivers in Windows 10 With the availability of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer is of not much use.
How to Run Shared Folder Troubleshooter in Windows 10 Shared Folder Troubleshooter helps in diagnosing and resolving issues with folders and files in shared environment.
How to Uninstall and Reinstall Keyboard Driver in Windows 10 If your keyboard is causing difficulties, most common and effective method is to uninstall and reinstall its driver.
How to Connect HP Envy 4520 Printer to Windows 10 PC HP Envy 4520 Printer is one of the latest and most efficient wireless inkjet printers of the present time.
How to Run Recording Audio Troubleshooter in Windows 10 Recording Audio Troubleshooter is a built-in utility that helps you identify and resolve issues related to sound.
How to Enable / Disable Push to Install Service in Windows 10 When you log in to multiple devices with same Microsoft credentials, Push to Install Service automatically activates.
How to Enable slide-to-shutdown Hidden feature on Windows 10 Slide-to-Shutdown is a special feature for touchscreen devices to power it off using just a slide.
How to Check and Reduce Reserved Storage in Windows 10 You are able to not only check the reserve storage but also reduce that space. You can avail this facility after the launch of Windows 10 v1903 but can learn the relevant steps here.
How to Turn on Reserved Storage in Windows 10 From the launch of Windows 10 v1903, Microsoft will allow you to retain up to 7GB of space in your hard disk to prevent all issues which arise because of low space.
How to Run Windows Defender Full Scan in Windows 10 In order to make sure that your computer is fully protected from all kinds of security threats, you should thoroughly scan it with Windows Defender.
How to Read Word Document in File Explorer in Windows 10 There is an option in Windows 10 which permits previewing MS Word files in File Explorer without even opening them.
How to Allocate Processor Resources in Windows 10 In order to enhance your Windows 10 experience, you can change the priority of background and foreground services.
How to Control Audio in Game Bar on Windows 10 Game Bar on Windows 10 permits you to capture screenshots, prepare videos, stream them to TV without using any external app.
How to Read PDF in File Explorer on Windows 10 If you want to quickly go through many PDF files without opening them, you should preview them in File Explorer.
How to Open RAW Files on Windows 10 With the availability of an extension to open RAW files, you can easily watch the preview as well as meta-data of RAW files.
How to Enable Intune in Windows 10 Intune, a cloud-based mobile device that is also an OS Management Solution, controls how many devices are being used for employees in a particular institution.
How to Get 19H2 Skip Ahead Builds in Windows 10 Out of the three tiers of Windows Insider Program, Skip Ahead Ring is preferred the most.
How to Increase the Icon Cache Size in Windows 10 The default size of icon cache is only 500KB which do not allow File Explorer to load files quickly.
How to Empty Recycle Bin Automatically when Shutting Down Windows 10 There is a powerful PowerShell command which when followed automatically evacuates the Recycle Bin whenever Windows 10 shuts down.
How to Change Automatic Updates Detection Frequency in Windows 10 By default, Windows automatically scans for upcoming updates on every 22 hours.
How to Disable Microphone for Individual Apps in Windows 10 If you want to prevent apps unnecessarily using the microphone, you can disable mic for individual applications by following the steps available in this article.
How to Change ALT + TAB Background in Windows 10 ALT + TAB is the shortcut that navigates you from one application to another without using a mouse.
How to Create Mobility Center Shortcut and Pin to Taskbar in Windows 10 Windows Mobility Center helps in managing a lot of things with a single interface. It is used quite often so it’s shortcut’s availability on the Taskbar is very beneficial.
How to Undo Aero Shake in Windows 10 Aero Shake in Windows 10 is a useful feature as it allows you to focus on a specific task. However, if you do not find it useful, you can anytime undo it by following the two methods available in this article.
How to Uninstall Candy Crush Saga from Windows 10 1903 If you have uninstalled Candy Crush Saga but it installs frequently, then there are 3 methods which can completely uninstall it from Windows 10 1903.
How to See if Windows 10 PC Supports Bluetooth Low Energy Peripheral Role You are able to mirror Android phone/tab on your PC screen if it is compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy Peripheral Role.
How to Install Cab Update via DISM in Windows 10 Some Windows Updates which are in the form of cab files is somewhat difficult to update.
How to Reset Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows 10 If you are not satisfied with the way icons are positioned on your Desktop, you can increase or decrease the space between them both horizontally and vertically.
How to Reset Task Manager to Default State in Windows 10 When you frequently modify options and menus of Task Manager, this tool becomes distorted.
How to Enable Automatic Lock in Windows 10 An advanced security method is to automatically get your screen locked whenever you quit your system unattended for some time.
How to Send web links from Windows 10 to Android Using Your Phone app Phone app in Windows 10 helps you directly dispatch web links from your Desktop to an Android phone/tab.
How to Decrease or Increase Menu Height in Windows 10 If you are not satisfied with the default size of menu-bar, you can input simple tweaks increase or decrease the height in Windows 10.
How to Enable and Disable Fluent Design Shadowing in Windows 10 The Fall Creators Update of Windows 10 introduced various Fluent Design elements.

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