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Windows 10 Build 19592.1001 All Features, Improvements and Fixes

Windows 10 Build 19592.1001 A new update has hit Windows insider yesterday night. Windows 10 Build 19592.1001 is the latest one that focuses on the improvements of Tablet Posture. Along with this new feature, the team also fixes several issues. However, similar to other releases, this build also carries some complications that the team is trying to resolve. Explore […]

KB4541335 Windows 10 1909 18363.752 1903 18362.752 Update

KB4541335 Windows 10 1909 18363.752 1903 18362.752 Update Windows 10 1909 and 1903 have got KB4541335 cumulative update a little ago today. The patch increases the OS build numbers to 18363.752 and 1903 18362.752 respectively. Mainly, the release addresses issues in printing to a document share, mute button, closing, calendar dates, and other. KB4541335 is a non-security update and you will receive this […]

How to Turn Off/On Windows Security in Windows 10

How to Turn Off/On Windows Security in Windows 10 Windows 10 includes Windows Security app in order to make understand and use of the protection features in a better way. Starting with version 1703 and higher, this program provides you several areas to safeguard your PC. But some users prefer third-party software tools instead of the built-in one. Installing such programs that are not […]

Windows 10 Build 19587 Changelog [Fast Ring]

Windows 10 Build 19587 Changelog Microsoft rolls out another update for Windows 10 Build 19587 with common changes, some enhancements, and fixes to Fast ring Insiders. The release does not include any major features but definitely focuses on the problems that users were facing. Issues with Default Apps page, missing of the search box, and more gets a solution in […]

KB4541330 Windows 10 1709 17763.1131 Update

KB4541330 Windows 10 1709 Windows 10 1709 receives a cumulative update KB4541330 (OS Build 17763.1131) which has no major changes but rather certain or improvements. The main focus of this patch is to improve the compatibility of some applications and devices during Windows update. Furthermore, the package highlights an important announcement that Microsoft Edge no longer supports ebooks with […]

KB4541333 Windows 10 1803 17134.1399 Update

KB4541333 Windows 10 1803 Microsoft just sent out an off-time cumulative patch, KB4541333 for Windows 10 1803. The update package essentially brings some quality improvements, better application and device compatibility to Windows updates. Some of the key improvements and resolutions that come in this patch include the ones for Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP 0), Azure Active Directory, […]

KB4541331 Windows 10 1809 17763.1131 Update

KB4541331 Windows 10 1809 A number of significant improvements and fixes are out for Windows 10, v 1809 with the release of KB4541331. Microsoft delivers updates for touch keyboard issues, the wrong appearance of calendar dates, printing to document share and more. Just like other cumulative updates, KB4541331 for Windows 10, v1809 (OS Build 17763.1131) is not free from […]

.NET 5 Preview 1 is Shipped with Next Level Features [Windows 10]

.NET 5 Preview 1 Developers have very exciting news to hear that Microsoft has started releasing the next level Framework .NET 5 Preview 1. The final version is scheduled for general availability in November 2020. They have clarified that the framework is the future of .NET, which is a single unified platform for developing any type of application. Furthermore, […]

WSL2 will be Available via Window update in Windows 10 2004

WSL2 will be Available via Window update in Windows 10 2004 You know KB4541738 for Windows 10 2004, points some changes in WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux). However, You can see all the changes in Windows 10 2004. The version will include WSL2, but with changes. The feature has been removed from the Windows image and has to be reloaded manually in 19041.153. Microsoft will push […]