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Staircases PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Staircases PREMIUM Make your desktop screen more attractive with newly released Staircases PREMIUM theme which shows rising, descending, and gracefully curving beauty of architectural stairways. This personalization app comprises 12 super quality 4K images in total that you can use as background wallpaper only. Though getting this Windows 10 theme doesn’t cost any bucks, you need a […]


SYSTEM EXIT OWNED MUTEX BSOD errors are common particularly for Windows 10 running devices and occur during several circumstances. One such annoying and hard to interpret is SYSTEM EXIT OWNED MUTEX. The stop code is further accompanied by a bug check value of 0x00000039 which Microsoft comprehends that the worker routine returned without releasing the mutex object that it […]

Stunning Waterfalls PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Stunning Waterfalls PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme Experience the splendid beauty of Waterfalls cascade over mountains, through forests, and onto beaches with newly released Windows 10 theme Stunning Waterfalls PREMIUM. This personalization app includes 19 super quality 4K images which will make you travel the cataract of China to Iceland in mind. Pictures comprised in this theme pack are pretty amazing however […]

Fix: Error legacy boot of uefi media Windows 10

Error legacy boot of uefi media Windows 10 Pic 1 As Microsoft releases out updates quite regularly, users install the same in order to prevent bugs and issues and to experience the latest features also. Some choose to carry out the upgradation through Windows Settings; whereas a few of them opt for manual installation via .ISO file. Users who are carrying out the installation task […]

Fix: netwtw06.sys Blue Screen Error Windows 10

netwtw06.sys Blue Screen Error After updating Windows 10, many users started getting error netwtw06.sys from which it’s hard to recover. The error is mostly accompanied by PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED and last but not least DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Once affected, Windows 10 crashes frequently making everything freeze moreover inaccessible that clearly indicates its a blue screen of death. Such an incident mainly turns […]

Intel Graphics Driver Version DCH

Intel Graphics Driver Version DCH Image 1 Drivers are always an integral part of the operating system and if they go outdated, you are likely to encounter several issues. Every manufacturer company rolls out updates for their drivers. Very recently Intel Graphics Driver Version DCH was out but the giant technology company forgot to modify its date on the download page. […]

Take a Moment PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Take a Moment PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme In this crazy world where we are left with so many things to worry about, all of us would like to have some peace of mind. Though we can’t guarantee about life, a theme pack will surely pacify your mind while using Windows 10 PC. You must individualize your desktop wallpaper with newly released theme […]

Wish You Were Here PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Wish You Were Here PREMIUM Microsoft always considers users’ feedbacks, requests, and preferences very promptly. One such new release by the giant company for the people who love to stay calm and with nature is Wish You Were Here PREMIUM. This free Windows 10 Theme consists of 9 premium 4K pictures that you can use as desktop wallpaper only. Being […]

Fix: BAD EXHANDLE BSOD Error in Windows 10

Fix BAD EXHANDLE BSOD Error in Windows 10 This fatal code points out the system has come across either an inconsistent handle table entry state or a faulty device driver. There are plenty of probable reasons to brings forward such an issue but most of the time presence of old device drive, malware infection, and missing system components found to be guilty. As […]