Windows 11 Build 22504.1000 with 13 more themes for Touch keyboard

New update Windows 11 Build 22504.1000 changelog that includes improvements, bug fixes, known issues, and download link.

Windows 11 Build 22504.1000

The active Development Branch of Windows 11 insider has delivered a new update with a new design of Your Phone app and a fair amount of bug fixes. Windows 11 Build 22504.1000 is the release that brings some important changes in the personalization section, emoji, and sound.

Full name of this update is Windows 11 Insider Preview 22504.1000 (rs_prerelease) i.e. 10.0.22504.1000.rs_pre_release.211112-650. You may install the build automatically or manually.

Dev Channel Windows 11 Build 22504.1000 changes, fixes, and known issues

Here is the changelog –

Improvements and changes

  1. This Dev channel update carries forward functionality to personalize text input experience, the company has expanded the 13 different themes for the touch keyboard. These will apply to input experiences, furthermore the emoji panel, and voice typing, and IME. At the same time, the theme engine will provide you to create a completely customized Windows theme that will also involve background images. This Setting exists within the Text Input section under Settings => Personalization.
  2. The current rollout has added the 13 themes for the on-screen keyboard to other input experiences, including voice typing, Input Method Editors, and the emoji panel. Apart from this, the insider team has provided the ability for personalized amalgamation of emoji based on face and skin tone of family members, couples with people holding hands and heart, kissing. All these experiences are starting to send to Windows Insiders in the Development Channel.
  3. In order to use these features, press Windows key + . to launch the emoji panel and type the following in the box – holding hands, family, couple.
Windows 11 Build 22504
  1. You can hit the Windows logo + Alt + K keys and turn on mute icon in the Taskbar if it’s not displaying.
  2. Experts are increasing the flexibility of emoji search in Polish and Portuguese according to keywords containing diacritics.
  3. .NET Framework 4.8.1 is the most recent .NET Framework that will arrive with native ARM64 support for .NET Framework runtime as declared in this build.
  4. As Settings => System => Sound in Windows 11 displays a warning when mic access has been blocked in the privacy settings. The release is removing the notification to alert about this.
  5. The build included support for the cancellation of DST aka daylight savings time for the Republic of Fiji for 2021.
  6. The Rs_Prerelease update is making a change so that on new installs the touch indicator option will now be disabled by default under Settings => Accessibility => Mouse pointer and touch. You will come across a link to this Settings page in Settings => Bluetooth & Devices => Touch for making it so that the press and hold visual is always displayed irrespective of the setting state.
  7. From this rollout, applications will open maximized by default in the tablet mode on small devices (11-inch screen diagonal and below).

Bug Fixes


  1. Windows 11 build 22504.1000 fixed the Recommended section of Start menu that was displaying wrong or generic icons sometimes.
  2. When you open Start and instantly press the Shift + F10 keyboard shortcuts, the context menu should be aligned with the search box.


  1. Windows 11 Build 22504.1000 Rs_Prerelease fixed explorer.exe crash in case there were issues loading the battery icon in the Taskbar.
  2. The rollout modifies the clock in the Taskbar to update more reliably together with addressing a problem where it was not updating at all over RDP.
  3. Mitigated a positioning issue that could cause the date and time to get clipped off the end of the Taskbar.
  4. In Windows 11 Build 22504.1000, the battery icon in the Taskbar will align with instead of using the default values to show a warning. But you would have to update the critical and low battery level notification definitions.
  5. Right-clicking the date and time located on the Taskbar will now onwards dismiss the Notification Center if it’s open so that you can see the context menu options.


  1. Keyboard lights (for instance, for caps lock) should work properly from now onwards.
  2. Windows 11 Build 22504.1000 added some tweaks to emoji search keywords as well as improved results for the day, night, and face with a raised eyebrow.
  3. The rollout settled the kaomoji list in Windows + . keyboard shortcut to be empty when accessed through a Chinese IME.
  4. Furthermore, it fixed emoji panel search results that could lead to a single gif being shown frequently with particular queries.
  5. Rs_prerelease build mitigated Is not working problem that occurs with certain games.
  6. Also, addressed choices under Settings => Personalization => Typing to modify the settings Show text suggestions & add a spacebar after I choose a text suggestion for the on-screen keyboard might unexpectedly not display.
  7.  Reliability of resuming listening is better when you make a long pause while using voice typing (Windows key + H).
  8. The Rs_Prerelease dev channel rollout fixed inconsistencies between microphone visual and actual listening status in voice typing.
  9. When the caret is moved while using voice typing, the Text should no longer be unexpectedly duplicated now onwards.


  1. Subsequent to this update, Windows should not put windows on other monitor sometimes when choosing snap layout options.


  1. The sliders for volume and brightness located in Quick Settings should no longer haphazardly become invisible.
  2. Windows 11 Build 22504.1000 fixed active hours that was not being set manually.
  3. The Rs_Prerelease new version addressed touch keyboard problem of occluding the password entry field that occurs when connecting to a network in Quick Settings.


  1. Experts in the insider team fixed a scaling problem that was causing the update prompt dialog (and other dialogs of same style) to get cut off and not onwards draw correctly after the DPI change.
  2. In this rollout, they Improved context menu positioning for right-clicking the bottom corner of the desktop.
  3. Windows 11 Build 22504.1000 mitigated TCP/IP problem which could result in bug checks when waking a device.
  4. Furthermore, the rollout fixed high priority notifications (for, example, an alarm) would sometimes unexpectedly cancel without you engaging with it. This problem leads to randomly re-appearing it next time when a normal priority notification came in.

Windows 11 Build 22504.1000 Known issues


  1. This is a prevailing issue as when updating from build number, or earlier, to newer via ISO, may encounter a  message – The build you are trying to install is Flight Signed. To continue installing, enable flight signing. When you confront this, just press the Enable, restart the PC, and again Check for updates.
  2. The experts are looking into some PCs that are unable to install new build, or other updates problem. You may notice that the PC reports error code 0x80070002. In case, you encounter this problem, reboot your PC and give an attempt.
  3. You may find error 0xc1900101-0x4001c when installing this build that occurs with bugcheck. If so then Pause the update until a resolution comes out.


  1. This is again a continuing Known issue and you might not be able to type text in Start or taskbar Search. If you encounter this problem, press Windows and R keys simultaneously to launch the Run dialog box, then close it.


  1. On Windows 11 Build 22504.1000, Taskbar will sometimes flicker when switching input methods.


  1. The experts are looking into a problem in which when you hover your mouse back and forth between different desktops in Task View it will result in the displays thumbnails and content area unexpectedly shrinking.


  1. The Search panel may not open on clicking the Search icon from the Taskbar. If you get this, simply restart the Explorer.exe process from the taskbar and open the search panel again.

Your Phone’s new look begins to roll out

Furthermore, the new design of the Your Phone app on Windows 11 is sent to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. The app shows you a feed of real-time notifications across all the most-used apps. This view always provides you access to photos, calls, and messages with the added benefit to stay on top of important messages and other notifications proficiently in this glanceable view. The app also embraces the beauty of Windows 11 design to tie together the experience.

your phone app in Windows 11 Build 22504

Windows 11 Build 22504 direct download link (when becomes ready)

Source – Windows insider blog.

Update –

Windows 11 insider dev channel has received a small update today on 19/11/2020. KB5008697 is the release that changes the OS build to Windows 11 22504.1010. This cumulative update does not bring any feature, change, or bug fix. The rollout is designed to test our servicing pipeline or you can understand this as a servicing stack update for Dev channel insider.

That’s all!!

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