Windows 11 Build 22621.1343 KB5022913 update with mass of new features

New LCU KB5022913 Windows 11 Build 22621.1343 Release Preview changes, bug fixes, features, improvements, download link, and the way to install.

KB5022913 Windows 11 Build 22621.1343

RP channel of Windows 11 insider has obtained an update with a mass number of new features and bug fixes for 22H2. KB5022913 is the cumulative update that increased the version to Build 22621.1343. The main points of this release are quick access to Windows Studio Effects, Quick Assist app, search box experience, energy recommendations, system tray, touch-optimized taskbar which are enhancements for this version.

Full name of this release is “2023-02 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5022913)” where x64 can also be replaced with ARM64 as per device specification. Let’s see what is new in this update –

KB5022913 Windows 11 Build 22621.1343 changes, features, bug fixes, and improvements

Here is the changelog –

Features, improvements, and bug fixes

  1. New! KB5022913 LCU enables quick access to Windows Studio Effects straight from the taskbar quick settings for devices equipped with a supported neural processing unit aka NPU. The rollout simplifies the process of activating and configuring camera effects, for example, Audio effects (Voice focus), Automatic framing, Eye contact, and Background blur. However, it is still possible to access these effects through the Settings pages.
  2. New!  The latest update has improved the process of seeking assistance for PC-related problems, making it more convenient and accessible. A link to the Quick Assist app has been incorporated at the bottom of the Troubleshooters section under Settings > System, providing users with easy access to the app for resolving issues with their system. Quick Assist can also be located in the list of All apps within the Start menu.
  3. New!  In Windows 11 Build 22621.1343, the search box experience located on taskbar has been enhanced. As you type in the search box, relevant search results will appear instantly. To customize your taskbar’s search experience, navigate to Settings => Personalization => Taskbar. This LCU in RP channel comes up with a new policy for IT administrators of commercial customers to manage the appearance of the search box on the taskbar within their organization. To know more, navigate to Customizing search on the Windows 11 taskbar.
  4. New! With this update, energy recommendations are now available to users. By following these recommendations, users can increase their PC’s energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. To access the energy recommendations, go to Settings > System => Power & Battery => Energy Recommendations.
  5. New! The system tray (previously known as the notification area) has been improved with this update. Now, all icons in the system tray, along with the Show hidden icons flyout menu, have a rounded focus and hover treatment in the lower right corner. Users have the option to rearrange icons within the “System tray” flyout menu or move them directly to the taskbar.
  6. New! KB5022913 rolled out a touch-optimized taskbar for 2-in-1 devices that you could use as a tablet. There were two forms of this taskbar: expanded and collapsed. To switch between the two shapes, swipe down and up on the bottom of your screen. In tablet mode, the taskbar is designed to provide users with more screen space by receding when collapsed. This feature also prevents accidental opening of the taskbar. The optimized version of the taskbar will be automatically enabled when the keyboard is disconnected or folded back.
    • This feature was enabled by default and only available on devices that could function as tablets. To customize that, proceed to Settings => Personalization => Taskbar => Taskbar behaviors. The name of the setting is Optimize taskbar for touch interactions when this device is used as a tablet. This feature will be disabled by default if Windows updates for your device are managed by your company. Administrators can enable it by using the new commercial control for continuous innovation.
  7. New! KB5022913 RP channel release provided enhanced support for braille devices. The devices continued to function seamlessly while switching between Microsoft Narrator and third-party screen readers. Narrator automatically switched to the appropriate braille drivers. To know more, read – Chapter 8: Using Narrator with braille.
  8. New! Furthermore, this update introduced support for new braille input and output languages as well as new braille displays in Narrator. Some of the just-supported braille displays are NLS Reader, APH Chameleon, APH Mantis Q40, and several other.
  9. New! The rollout increased the flexibility of voice access and expanded support for interacting with a wider range of user interface controls. For instance, voice interacted with controls that contained:
    • Names having such as Click 5.
    • Names in which white spaces are absent, such as click PivotChart or click PivotTable.
    • The names that have special characters, for example, Dial – up (click dial hyphen up) or Bluetooth & devices (click Bluetooth and devices).
  10. New! With KB5022913 Windows 11 Build 22621.1343, voice access now supports thumb controls, split buttons, and spin controls which can be interacted with using either the click command or number overlays. In addition, this update addressed problems that impacted the snapping commands for aligning windows to the left or right. The commands that shifted the cursor within a text box executed immediately.
  11. New! Voice scrolling improvements were also introduced with this update. With this update, you can now utilize voice commands to scroll to the far left or right of a page. Additionally, a continuous scrolling feature has been added for horizontal scrolling, similar to the one already available for vertical scrolling. To have a look at new voice access commands, navigate to – Voice access command list.
  12. New! Devices that were linked to Azure Active Directory (AAD) received this update that incorporated AI-powered suggested content on the Start menu. The Start menu now presents you with relevant content such as meeting preparations and quick access to files you are collaborating on.
  13. New! KB5022913 added a new Tamil language called Tamil Anjal keyboard. To include it, ensure Tamil (India), Tamil (Singapore), Tamil (Sri Lanka), or Tamil (Malaysia) appears in Settings => Time & Language => Language & Region. Select the ellipses (…) next to the language. Select Language Options. Now, add Tamil Anjal (QWERTY) to the list of keyboards.
  14. An issue with the Color filters setting was resolved in this update. Previously, when selecting Inverted, the system would set the filter to Grayscale instead.
  15. This update enhances the reliability of Windows following the installation of updates.
  16. Now the version supported the United Mexican States’ daylight-saving time (DST) change order for 2023.
  17. We fixed a date information issue. It affected the format of dates sent between Windows and some versions of the Heimdal Kerberos library.
  18. KB5022913 CU fixed an issue that affected IE mode. Sometimes, the text on the status bar was not visible.
  19. Experts in the team fixed compatibility issues that affected some printers. The printers in question utilized Windows Graphical Device Interface (GDI) drivers, which were not comprehensively compliant with GDI specifications.
  20. They fixed an issue that impacted the software keyboard. The keyboard did not appear in the Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE) after a Push-button reset (factory reset). An external keyboard was necessary to enter credentials for this type of reset.
  21. An issue causing a blue screen to appear while playing videos has been resolved. Enabling high dynamic range (HDR) on your display triggered this issue.
  22. Windows 11 Build 22621.1343 fixed an issue with the OSK and the PIN entry keyboard. You might have been unable to use them to type text when you signed in to your device.
  23. Experts in the team fixed an issue that affected App-V. The Application Virtualization stopped file names from having the correct letter case (lowercase or uppercase).
  24. They resolved a problem with Microsoft Edge. The problem removed conflicting policies for the browser. This happens when you set the “MDMWinsOverGPFlag” in a Microsoft Intune tenant and Intune witnessed a policy conflict.
  25. They fixed an issue that affected .ppkg or provisioning packages. They could not apply on specific occasions when elevation was necessary.
  26. The LCU fixed an issue that affected Azure AD aka Azure Active Directory. Due to this problem, a provisioning package for bulk provisioning failed when used.
  27. KB5022913 CU RP channel fixed an issue that affected Universal Print’s Configuration Service Provider or CSP. A command prompt window appeared when you installed a printer.
  28. Windows 11 Build 22621.1343 solved a reliability matter that occurred when using Task View.
  29. The rollout fixed an issue that impacted which folders are shown in the Browse for Folder picker.
  30. Experts fixed an issue with File Explorer. When you used Shift+F6 or Shift+Tab keyboard shortcut, the input focus did not move.
  31. They settled an issue that affected the user interface aka UI. The volume down and up commands from a Bluetooth keyboard did not display.
  32. Furthermore, the team fixed a problem that affected Xbox subscribers. The Xbox subscription card did not appear on the Settings Accounts page if you used the Redeem code option to purchase your Xbox subscription. This happened when recurring billing was disabled.
  33. They solved an issue that might have affected lsass.exe. This executable file might have stopped responding. A very large LDAP filter on the domain controller caused this issue when a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) query was sent.
  34. An issue that caused the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service or LSASS to stop responding has been fixed. After running Sysprep on a machine that was joined to a domain, this issue occurred.
  35. KB5022913 LCU fixed an issue that affected copying from a network to a local drive. The process was slower than expected for some users. See – Fix Slow Performance when Copying Multi GB File in Windows 11 22H2 Error.
  36. Finally, the build fixed a problem with parity virtual disks.

KB5022913 Direct download link

Click here to download Windows 11 Build 22621.1343 ISO (when ready)

How to install KB5022913 on Windows 11 22H2

Before starting, make sure that you are a participant of Windows Insider Program and have selected the Release Preview channel. Then follow the steps –

  1. Press – Winkey+I.
  2. Select “Windows update” from the Settings app.
  3. Click on – Check for updates.
  4. When downloading is finished, choose – Restart now.

Source – Windows blog.

And – Knowledge base

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