Windows 11 build 23601.1000 ni_prerelease rolled out to Dev Channel Insider

Dev Channel Insider Windows 11 build 23601.1000 ni_prerelease features, changes, improvements, bug fixes, download links, and the ways to install.

Windows 11 build 23601.1000

Packed with new features a new update hit the Dev Channel of Windows 11 Insider on 07.12.2023. Windows 11 Build 23601.1000 is the update belonging to ni_prerelease branch, which comprises Dedicated mode for Windows 365 Boot, better discoverability of screen casting, widgets board settings, and more. The release has improvements in Copilot, Nearby Sharing, Narrator, File Explorer, Task Manager, and Microsoft Store.

Full name of the build is “Windows 11 Insider Preview 23601.1000 (ni_prerelease)”. Several improvements in Notepad such as character count in status bar are part of this release. Let’s see what is new in this update:

Windows 11 build 23601.1000 changes, bug fixes, improvements and features

Here is the changelog:

New features

The following improvements are beginning to roll out for Windows 365 Boot. (Local PC and Cloud PC should be on the same build.)

Dedicated mode for Windows 365 Boot

This build brings dedicated mode as a new enhancement for Windows 365 Boot. This mode allows to boot to Windows 365 Cloud PC with using passwordless authentication for example Windows Hello for Business. The dedicated mode comprises fast account switcher to easily switch profiles to sign in, a personalized experience with your username and password, exhibits picture on lock and login screen, remember your username, and more.

Customized company logo and name for Windows 365 Boot: The new enhancement gives you the opportunity to customize the login page to have their company branding from Intune in shared mode.

Fail fast mechanism for Windows 365 Boot: Network problems during login process will be automatically solved. Furthermore, the smart logic proactively notifies you about this occurrence.

Manage local PC settings through Windows 365 Boot: This mode gives a platform to access and control sound, display, and other device specific settings of your local PC straight from your Cloud PC.

New features and improvements for Windows 365 Switch

Windows 365 Switch is receiving below improvements (Local PC and Cloud PC should be on the same build)

Better disconnect experience for Windows 365 Switch: You can disconnect from their Cloud PC directly from their local PC by navigating to Local PC => Task view => Right-click on the Cloud PC button => Disconnect. Besides, the feature has provided tooltips on sign-out and disconnect options in the Cloud PC Start menu in order to distinguish between these functionalities.

Desktop indicators to distinguish between Cloud PC and local PC for Windows 365 Switch: You will notice the terms Cloud PC and Local PC on the desktop indicator after switching between the respective PCs.

Increased connection time for Windows 365 Switch to Frontline Cloud PC is more comfortable: The Cloud PC will exhibit connection status and the connection timeout indicator while waiting on the connection screen. Correlation ID can be copied with the new copy button in the error screen for speedier resolution.

Improving the discoverability of screen casting

Screen Casting from Windows PC entitles to wirelessly extend the display to another nearby PC, TV, or different external displays. Now the build will educate users about the Cast feature and improve its discoverability. Those improvements include:

  • You will receive suggestions through notification toast to manage your screen space when using Snap Assist. The same will happen when Casting.
  • Cast flyout in Quick Settings is getting extra support when encountering trouble discovering nearby displays, repairing connections, and more.

See: Windows 11 Build 23565.1000 (ni_prerelease) Rolled out to Dev Insider

New widgets board settings

widgets board can be customized through new settings such as enabling widgets and personalizing feed content.

Furthermore, these settings also allow to choose the account for using widgets and feeds powered with Microsoft Start. This implies you can use a different account just same as your other app powered widgets. The account can be effortlessly controlled from Microsoft Start settings residing under the ‘Personalize your content’ area in the widgets board settings. The new settings experience is not bound to a region.

new casting experience

Improvements and changes


  • Build 23601.1000 ni_prerelease will be prompted to reboot to install Windows Configuration Update first time early next week. This update is meant for the release company uses for new features through Controlled Feature Rollout aka CFR technology. The push does not enable any new features as they are testing the delivery of these updates via our servicing pipeline. The release will be listed “Other Updates” under Settings => Windows Update => Update History.

Copilot in Windows

  • The experts are trying to undock Copilot in Windows. Simply clicking the new icon at the top right in the header is sufficient to unpin the Copilot panel. You can witness Copilot above or below other applications in Windows while preserving its fixed position on the desktop in an undocked situation. This permits users to access Copilot with lesser disruption to other user activities. Besides, you can manually resize the Copilot window for a more cozy experience. Just click-and-drag the edge of the Copilot window to modify the width.
  • The experts are trying out a change where when swiping from the right edge of the desktop on a touch display will launch Copilot instead of notifications.
Windows 11 build 23601.1000

Windows Share

  • The “Windows share” window now onwards allows sharing with WhatsApp under the “Share using” area. In case, you don’t have WhatsApp installed, you can choose to install it straight from the window.

Nearby Sharing

  • The team is introducing the ability to quickly give your device a more friendly name to identify sharing to and from with nearby share under Settings => System => Nearby sharing.
nearby share friendly name


  • The accessibility tool Narrator allows to use voice access to launch apps, dictate text, and interact with elements on the screen using their voice. You can use commands like speak faster, read next line, etc. Type voice access in Windows search and hit Enter to set it up.

Bug Fixes

Copilot in Windows

  • Windows 11 build 23601.1000 ni_prerelease fixed full screen applications that minimize on secondary monitors when opening Copilot.
  • Copilot will no longer change arrangement or push your desktop icons when launched.

Start menu

  • The Dev channel update fixed Recommended section appearing empty for some Insiders.

File Explorer

  • Also, the rollout fixed explorer.exe reliability problem.


  • Fixed uncombined taskbar icons that were cutting off the title rather than adjusting its length.

Task Manager

  • On Windows 11 build 23601.1000 ni_prerelease, when making a dump file for a process, the dump file location should be selectable now, so you can copy it out.


  • Furthermore, the rollout fixed on going to System => Nearby Sharing the Settings was crashing.

Known issues

Copilot in Windows

  • When initially opening or after refreshing Copilot with voice access, you’ll need to speak Show grid commands to click in the Ask me anything box for the first time.


  • When Microsoft Start feed is turned off, To Do widgets, Outlook Calendar, and Microsoft 365 get stuck in an error condition.
  • You may undergo a loading delay when the Microsoft Start feed is re-enabled.
  • Microsoft Start feed Announcements are still exhibited on the taskbar after the feed is hidden.
  • In Windows 11 build 23601.1000 ni_prerelease, The Widgets Board should automatically close and reopen when turning on or off feeds.
  • When going from settings subpages back to the top-level Settings page using keyboard it is broken.
  • Incorrect spacing and fonts used in some settings pages.

Notepad Update

Notepad 11.2311.29.0 (Canary and Dev) brings the below changes:

You can select Edit with Notepad from the right-click menu of the file or files to launch the application and modify files. This will let the app access straight from File Explorer.


You will notice Character Count on the Notepad status bar for the selected or entire text.

notepad character count

Microsoft Store Improvements for Canary and Dev Channels version 22311.xxxx.x:

Home, Games, and Apps pages on the Store will Install buttons on the applications so that you can install the applications when browsing.


You will experience games to play without downloading on a separate dedicated page.

Microsoft Store performance is better now which will make it smoother to browse and scroll through different pages.

Windows 11 build 23601.1000 download links:

Official ISO page: windowsinsiderpreviewiso.
Download the ISO currently from here:

How to install the dev channel release

  1. Click on Start and select Settings cog.
  2. Select Windows Update.
  3. Click on Check for updates.

Source: Release note.

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