Windows 11 Build 25236.1000 to Discover, redeem offers in Store easily

New update Rs_prerelease Windows 11 Insider Preview 25236.1000 charges, features, known issues, improvements, and download link.

Windows 11 Build 25236.1000

Dev channel rs_prerelease has obtained a new rollout with a wide range of improvements and bug fixes for Insiders. This is Windows 11 Build 25236.1000 which brings remarkable changes in Microsoft that allow you to discover and redeem offers in easier ways.

Full name of the release is “Windows 11 Insider Preview 25236.1000 (rs_prerelease)”. Complete build number is 10.0.25236.1000.rs_prerelease.221028-1618. Let’s see what is new in this build –

Windows 11 Build 25236.1000 changes, bug fixes, and improvements

Here is the changelog –

Improvements and Changes


  1. The experts are trying out different ways to provide tips on how to use Windows Search via the taskbar. This change will help users to reduce friction in the broader of Windows Search and improve the value of Search shortcuts. Currently, just some Insiders in the US who speak English will notice this improvement.

Bug fixes


  1. The new version fixed natural voices such as Jenny or Guy not speaking in Narrator problem.

Taskbar & System Tray

  1. Experts in the team fixed hidden icons flyout has the entry of File Explorer on opening.
  2. They fixed taskbar previews showing as blank, freezing, or not opening when pressing Windows + (#) to switch between windows.
  3. Furthermore, the show hidden icons flyout residing in the system tray should now onwards responsively resize with changes again to prevent empty columns and spaces.
  4. The rs_prerelease build 25236.1000 fixed multiple problems associated with the taskbar which were impacting the reliability of explorer.exe.
  5. The rollout fixed the volume icon in the system tray that incorrectly shows as muted.
  6. Experts in the Dev channel solved a GDI handle leak associated with updating the notification center icon in the taskbar, which would eventually lead to an explorer.exe crash. This issue occurs for people who received a large number of notifications.
  7. The narrator is correct now and it will now declare unpinned & pinned status of apps in the taskbar.

File Explorer

  1. Windows 11 25236.1000 fixed an issue File Explorer crash when closing tabs for some people.
  2. The rollout fixed errant divider line showing in File Explorer navigation pane.


  1. Experts in the dev channel made a change to hide the battery graph on the Power & Battery page if a UPS is connected. This is done because the capacity information it displayed, in that case, wasn’t accurate.
  2. In case, you don’t have a kiosk set up, the rollout has updated the text on Accounts => Other Users => Kiosk. This will make it more clear that you need to do that, so it does not appear to be a dead end.
  3. Dev release solved properties for an audio device that could make it unexpectedly show in the output devices list on System => Sound although it was actually an input device.
  4. The inverted option should work correctly once more now and not just set your computer to grayscale colors. This is in the accessibility settings for color filters.


  1. Windows 11 25236.1000 (rs_prerelease) fixed bugcheck with error SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED in recent builds.

Known issues


  1. The professionals in insider team are looking into reports that audio stopped working for some Insiders after upgrading to the latest flights.
  2. They are examining feedback of crashes with a few different apps and games that occur in recent builds.
  3. The experts are investigating reports that various User Interface elements in apps appear to be missing and reappearing sometimes in recent builds.
  4. Furthermore, they are investigating feedback that some apps like Edge browser are unexpectedly showing thick lines on the side of the window after the last flight.
  5. Also, on Windows 11 build 25236.1000, when using the most recent ISO to install the current build, you might encounter SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION bugcheck citing an error with win32kfull.sys. They are working on a fix.
  6. A novice issue is; switching projection modes using WIN + P / the Project section of Quick Settings does not work. They are investigating an issue in this build. You can switch projection modes through the cast icon located in the system tray (Win+K) for wired or Miracast displays.


  1. This is a prevailing issue; the taskbar occasionally flashes when transitioning between desktop posture and tablet posture.
  2. The taskbar sometimes gets stuck in the expanded state, whereas it should be dismissed to the collapsed state. This occurs when using the bottom right edge gesture to see Quick Settings.

System Tray

  1. Chat apps aren’t showing new messages or opening a preview when you hover in the system tray. They are working on a fix.

Start menu

  1. They are also looking into reports that folders in the Start menu don’t open on the first try.
  2. [NEW] The experts’ team is investigating an issue that causes garbled text in the navigation headings of Start’s all apps list for Chinese users.


  1. They are investigating feedback that the text cursor turns white on white when hovering over text fields. This problem makes it difficult to see.


  1. Finally, a problem is in right-to-left display languages, for example, Arabic, content animates out of view before the widgets board resizes. This occurs when clicking to the expanded view of the widgets board.

Microsoft Store Update

On version 22210.1401.x, you will see several improvements in Microsoft Store –

Now you are able to Discover and redeem offers available with a new computer in simple mode. The feature made it much easier to discover that your device came with digital attach offers (for instance Office, Game Pass, or standalone games) and redeem them.

Moreover, they have made it much easier for you to discover that your device came with digital attach offers (Office, Game Pass, or standalone games) and redeem them in the Store.

The new version of store made the search card results better while scrolling UX.

Download link – official website (when ready)

Source – Windows blog.

That’s all!!

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