Windows 11 Build 26010.1000 rs_prerelease to Canary Channel Insider

Canary channel Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26010 changes, bug fixes, changes, features, improvements, and download links.

Windows 11 Build 26010.1000

Equipped with new Widget board settings, a build arrived on Canary channel of Windows 11 Insider (23H2). This update comprises some improvements in Copilot, Quick settings, and Task Manager (with Mica). Most of all, this channel allows receiving Windows Server Preview which has Notepad with character count on Status bar, and more improvements.

Full name of this release is “Windows 11 Insider Preview 26010.1000 (rs_prerelease)” The build brings several bug fixes and some known issues in Widgets board. Let’s see what is new in this update:

Canary Channel Insider Windows 11 Build 26010.1000 Features, changes, improvements, and bug fixes

Here is the changelog:


New widgets board settings

This build adds options to customize widgets from the Settings homepage. These enable to show or hide widgets on widgets board and personalize the feed.

The enhancement comprises Microsoft start powered widgets which allow you to log in with an account other than your Windows account. This account can be organized from Microsoft Start settings located underneath the Personalize your content field in the widgets board settings. The new settings are available for every region.

Windows 11 Build 26010.1000 rs_prerelease

Improvements and Changes


  • The Tips application will be removed after receiving Build 26002.1000 and higher.

Copilot in Windows

  • The experts are trying to undock Copilot in Windows for Insiders; simply clicking the new icon from the uppermost right in the header can unpin the Copilot panel. The Artificial intelligence powered tool can appear above or below other apps in Windows while maintaining its fixed position on the desktop. This will lessen the disruption in other activities and you can resize the Copilot window for more comfortable affairs. Now onwards, simply click-and-drag the edge of the AI tool window to change the width to your needs.
undock Copilot in Windows icon in uppermost right in the header

Taskbar & System Tray

  • 26010.1000 is pushing the scrollable view of quick settings which was initiated as a part of Build 25967. This new enhancement enables you to shuffle the set of quick settings and gives the opportunity to have better usability and discoverability for the user.
Windows 11 Build 26010.1000 rs_prerelease to Canary Channel Insider

Task Manager

  • The build introduces Mica material on Task Manager settings page.


  • Settings => System is the location for Optional features which was earlier listed under Settings => Apps.

Bug Fixes for known issues

  • Windows 11 build 26010.1000 canary channel fixed the restart button being missing in Settings => Windows Update, or for that settings page to not load at all with the previous flight. 26002.1000 rs_prerelease users can restart by selecting the Windows Update icon located in the system tray or launch Start and Restart from the power button there.
  • The new build fixed rebooting into safe mode would freeze on the boot logo.
  • This canary channel deliverance fixed an increase in bug checking in the earlier two flights.
  • Windows 11 build 26010.1000 fixed a high-hitting taskhostw.exe crash that was occurring in the last flight for some Insiders.
  • The rollout improves to help address background could be seen jumping when switching between desktops.
  • Furthermore, the build fixed File Explorer reverting to the previous design and unfolding the context menu to crash explorer.exe for some Insiders.

Known issues



  • Some famous game apps may not function perfectly on the most recent updates in the Canary Channel. This is a reminder.


  • Experts are investigating keyboard shortcuts that are not working on the desktop – including using the delete key to remove files from your desktop, CTRL key combos to take action on desktop icons, or using “ALT+F4” on the desktop to open the shutdown dialog. As an alternative, use the Desktop folder within File Explorer.
  • The team is investigating an issue where launching the print queue shows a message saying it can’t find the app.


  • The developers are aware of WinRE or Windows Recovery Environment not rendering correctly problem. Possibly, a fix will be arriving in a future flight.



  • On the new widgets board, Outlook Calendar, Microsoft 365, as well as To Do widgets get stuck in an error condition when the “Microsoft Start feed” is turned off.
  • In Windows 11 Build 26010.1000, you may encounter a loading delay when the Microsoft Start feed is re-enabled.
  • Microsoft Start feed Announcements still appear on the taskbar even after the feed is hidden.
  • In Windows 11 Build 26010.1000 rs_prerelease, the Widgets Board should automatically close and reopen when enabling or disabling feeds.
  • Navigation through keyboard back to the top-level Settings page from settings subpages is broken.
  • Certain settings pages have Incorrect spacing and fonts.

Windows Server Preview

Canary channel will be getting fresh builds starting with Windows Server Preview Build 26010 on client desktops from January 2024. All you need is to visit Settings => Windows Update => Windows Insider Program to opt into your device.

Windows 11 server preview settings

Notepad Update

They are pushing an update for Notepad (version 11.2311.29.0) for the Canary and Dev insiders that presents the following improvements:

  • You will see Edit with Notepad option on the context menu of any file or multiple files.
  • Character Count: Notead will show the number of characters on the status bar. You will notice When text is selected, the character count for both the selected text and the entire document when some text is selected.

Microsoft Store Update

Canary and Dev Channels insiders with Microsoft Store 22311.xxxx.x and higher will catch the underneath changes:

  • Install as you browse: Microsoft Store is adding Install button to apps so that you can install them directly while browsing from home, apps, or Games pages.
  • Improving discoverability of instant games: The store provides a dedicated for the games that you can play without downloading.
  • Performance while browsing: Store brings performance improvements that will make it easier to browse and scroll through various pages.

Windows 11 Build 26010.1000 Download links:

The official download that can be used when the build is ready: windowsinsiderpreviewiso
Windows 11 build 26010 ISO download:

How to install Windows 11 Build 26010.1000 Windows 11 insider canary channel

  1. Press Windows and I.
  2. Select Windows Update.
  3. Click on Check for updates.
  4. Allow the download to complete and click on Restart now.

Source: Windows insider blog.

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