Windows 11 KB5028245 Build 22000.2245 Rolled out to 21H2

New LCU Preview KB5028245 Windows 11 Build 22000.2245 changes, bug fixes, improvements download link, and ways to install.

KB5028245 Windows 11 Build 22000.2245

Windows 11 version 21H2 obtained a preview Cumulative update on 25.07.2023 with several remarkable improvements and bug fixes. KB5028245 is the release to increase the OS build to  22000.2245. The key changes that this LCU compiles are for excessive Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) requests to the VPN gateway and audio devices missing after resuming from sleep.

Full name of this patch is “2023-07 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5028245)” where x64 is variable and it can also be ARM64. Take a look at Windows 11 KB5028185 22H2 22621.1992 with large number of improvements. Now see what is new in this release:

KB5028245 Windows 11 Build 22000.2245 changes, bug fixes, and improvements

Here is the changelog:

Changes and improvements

  1. The new rollout KB5028245 LCU affects the Handwriting Embedded Inking Control, and Handwriting Software Input Panel aka SIP, the Handwriting Engine. Due to their adoption of GB18030-2022 conformance level 2, they are now in compliance with the level 3 requirements.This is a new improvement.
  2. The Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) update enhances the reliability of the connection between the client and the WNS server.
  3. Windows 11 Build 22000.2245 Preview patch addresses UI Automation and caching mode problem.
  4. This rollout resolves a Windows Notification Platform issue that caused applications to fail in sending notifications to users.
  5. The latest update focuses on resolving a problem that impacts hybrid joined devices. Without an internet connection, users were unable to sign in to these devices, especially when utilizing a Windows Hello for Business PIN or biometric credentials. Notably, this issue pertains specifically to a cloud trust deployment. With the update in place, users can now sign in seamlessly even without an internet connection in such deployment scenarios.
  6. The impact of this update is on Windows Autopilot profiles, where the download process of the Windows Autopilot policy has been significantly strengthened. This improvement becomes particularly helpful in situations where a network connection might face delays in initialization. To ensure a smoother experience, the update enhances the retry attempts for downloading the Windows Autopilot profile, increasing the chances of successful downloads even under challenging network conditions.
  7. KB5028245 addresses Win32 and Universal Windows Platform called UWP applications. Under specific circumstances, there is a possibility that certain applications may close when devices enter Modern Standby. Modern Standby is an extension of the Connected Standby power model, and this particular issue arises when specific Bluetooth Phone Link features are enabled.
  8. The latest update targets a problem that impacts the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) repository, leading to installation errors. Specifically, this issue arises when a device experiences improper shutdowns. With the update in place, this issue is resolved, and users can expect smoother installation process even after improper shutdown.
  9. Windows 11 22000.2245 preview release addresses an issue that affects certain CPUs. In this concern, there is inconsistent reporting of the L2 cache.
  10. The focus of this update is on resolving an issue related to Event Forwarding Subscriptions. When users add an Event Channel to the subscription, it mistakenly forwards events that are unnecessary. With this update, the problem is fixed, and the subscription will accurately forward only the required events, improving the overall efficiency and functionality of Event Forwarding.
  11. In this update, hinting for certain letters within the Verdana Pro font family has been improved.
  12. Furthermore, KB5028245 affects user mode printer drivers and because of this, they unload unexpectedly. This issue arises when printing from multiple print queues to the same printer driver.
  13. The purpose of this update is to resolve a potential issue that could impact your computer while playing a game. It addresses Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) errors that might occur during gameplay.
  14. The text edit controls in XAML are impacted by this update. Once these controls become read-only, you may encounter an issue where editing them again becomes impossible. This problem specifically arises when using the new Microsoft Input Method Editor for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages. With the update, this issue is resolved, and users can seamlessly edit the controls even after they have been set to read-only mode.
  15. With this update, Narrator will now audibly announce the label Change product key.
  16. KB5028245 LCU resolves a problem concerning the Defender Firewall Profile, where it fails to automatically switch from a trusted LAN (Local Area Network) to a public network.
  17. This update ensures that Country and Operator Settings Asset or COSA profiles are kept current and up to date.
  18. The focus of this update is to resolve a deadlock in Internet Protocol Security (IPsec). The issue arises when servers are configured with IPsec rules, leading to unresponsiveness. This problem affects both virtual and physical servers. With the update in place, servers will no longer experience this deadlock, ensuring their smooth operation and responsiveness even when IPsec rules are configured.
  19. The purpose of this update is to resolve an issue that impacts the MPSSV (Management Protocol Support Service) service. This issue causes the system to enter a cycle of continuous restarts, with the stop error code being 0xEF. With the update applied, this problem is addressed, and the system will no longer encounter the repeated restarts associated with the 0xEF stop error code.
  20. Windows 11 22000.2245 targets an issue that impacts Clustered Shared Volume (CSV) functionality. Specifically, the CSV fails to come online when BitLocker is enabled, and local CSV managed protectors are in use, especially if the system recently rotated the BitLocker keys. With this update, the problem is resolved, ensuring that the CSV can come online successfully even in such scenarios involving BitLocker and key rotation.
  21. The purpose of this update is to resolve an issue that causes Windows to encounter failure when using BitLocker on a storage medium with a large sector size. With this update, the problem is fixed, ensuring a smoother experience while utilizing BitLocker on such storage devices.
  22. Furthermore, this update impacts the Windows Kernel Vulnerable Driver Blocklist, also known as DriverSiPolicy.p7b. It includes the addition of drivers that are susceptible to Bring Your Own Vulnerable Driver (BYOVD) attacks.
  23. This update targets a problem related to the fastfat file system driver, which causes it to become unresponsive due to a race condition.
  24. CU KB5028245 resolves an issue that impacts the functionality of certain options, such as salvage and leak, within the Resilient File System (ReFS) volumes. With this update, these options will work as intended and function properly on ReFS volumes.
  25. Finally, The focus of this update is on resolving an issue related to I/O (Input/Output) over Server Message Block (SMB). Specifically, when utilizing the LZ77+Huffman compression algorithm, the I/O might fail.

How to download KB5028245 and install

1] Using Windows update

  1. Click on Search and type updates.
  2. Press Enter and allow the Settings app to appear.
  3. Click on Check for updates.
  4. Follow the instructions on the page and complete the installation.

Using Manual method

  1. Go to KB5028245 download link: Microsoft update catalog.
  2. Located the file supporting your computer and click on Download.
  3. Click on the link to the Standalone file and wait a while.
  4. Come back to the download location and double click on the .MSU file.
  5. Confirm the prompt.

Source: Release note.

That’s all!!

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