Windows 8 task manager for Windows 7

The task manager is a very helpful tool. It has been with the Windows OS for now about twenty years but it is still used by a very small number of the users. For all those who do not know what a task manager is, let me explain, that it is a tool which is usually accessed to see which the processes are running at a particular moment, see which are the processes slowing down the computer, stop them, check networking and many more.

The developers of the new task manager for Windows 8, Redmond Company have decided to keep it easy for use. The look of this new task manager is considered to be prettier and the information shown by it is also much more than the one shown in the previous version. The look of the task manager has been kept very basic and simple and helps in only shutting down the apps. There is a button called more details which when clicked shows the complete information. The Windows 7 users who have not upgraded their PCs to Windows 8 yet will find the look of task manager so appealing that they will want it for their Windows 7 as well.

A new Task Manager has been designed for Windows 7 which completely resembles the one in Windows 8. It has been named DCB Task Manager. It brings the same feel of Windows 8 to Windows 7. The launch is very simple. The look has been kept very simple. There is a button More details which on clicking shows the Task Manager and all tabs, running apps, background processes, and much more. However, all the functionalities which are there on Windows 8 Task Manager are not present on this version. For example, right-clicking on Windows Explorer and Clicking on the Restart option does not restart the Windows Explorer. It is quite portable which does not require any installation of any form and can be directly launched from any device even a USB device.

Another advantage of this Task Manager is that it does not make any changes to the original Task Manager or any other system files of Windows 7. So, it can be downloaded and used without any problem. It is available in both the 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It should be made sure that you are downloading the correct version. This version is still in pre-beta so, some problems might arise. But its ease and convenience of use is what grabs the eye of the user.

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