Windows Live Syncing in Windows 8 and its importance in these days

Those who don’t know about it, I would like to first introduce it and then state its importance and usage in Windows 8. It is basically a solution to all the bulk movement of software, videos, sound, etc. from one place to another. Using this feature of Windows, you don’t have to worry about the movement of those important files. You just have to sync the important files from your own desktop computer or PC to another computer. This was the relaxation which is brought by the “Windows Live Sync”.

Similar to the above-mentioned things, Windows 8 has also launched this facility by itself. Any user with his personalized used id i.e. “LIVE-id” can log in anywhere, sync it online and then get it back whenever required. In the Windows live Account, the desktop always looks the same. In Windows 8, the Migration of files from old to new pc has been made a little bit easier when the user has all the essential settings synced.

Windows live syncing, Windows 8

Windows Live syncing is a thing developed to allow its users to keep the basic settings and the data available even in case if they are very far away from their primary desktop from which they have synced it. This feature has allowed its users to distinguish its settings according to bandwidth availability.

The following are the features which can be checked for the common system authentication:

1)    The personalized settings in Windows.

2)    Signing in to your personal websites or programs automatically.

3)    In case of forgetting password, easy recovery of the Password.

4)    The personalized settings in your programs.

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  1. my laptop computer e-mail will not allow me to open it up until I give my e-mail pass word….it will not accept the one I had been using…I just purchased a new I phone….is this the problem…..I really don’t want any pass word requirement on my e-mail….I have nothing that is secret on my computer !!!!! can you help?