winget / Windows Package Manager 1.3.1872 is available to download

Windows Package Manager version 1.3.1872 changes, bug fixes, and download link.

Windows Package Manager 1.3.1872

winget.exe client has got an update bringing a good collection of bug fixes and improvements. This is Windows Package Manager 1.3.1872 which represents the third Windows Package Manager 1.3 release candidate build for Windows 10 v1809 and later, and Windows 11.

winget 1.3.1872 improved the package manifest of AppInstaller to enable the UnvirtualizedResources capability and disables virtualizing all resources in order to support the installation of portable packages. Experimental features have been disabled in this release. The developers will follow this version with another Pre-release developer build on GitHub therefore users can continue with experimental features available.

Windows Package Manager 1.3.1872 features bug fixes, and changes

Here is the changelog –


  1. The release has added Support for the installation of portable/standalone apps.
  2. Also, add a notes field or info field to manifests.
  3. This version adds an optional URL to Expected Return Codes.
  4. Manifest Field for User Documentation or Manual.
  5. winget 1.3.1872 adds an alternative version number field to manifest to make correlation with entries in Add/Remove programs more reliable.
  6. Now you will experience Setting for always using verbose logs.
  7. In the new version, winget –info should print the system architecture.
  8. This will have an even better progress bar.

Windows Package Manager 1.3.1872 Bugs

  1. Windows Package Manager 1.3.1872 mitigates crash that can occur when installed version is null
  2. Searching for dotnet package
  3. This version allows winget to install Microsoft Store packages without account just like the MS Store.
  4. The release –include-unknown not functioning as expected.
  5. winget 1.3.1872 Includes a fix for an App Installer bug that was causing crashes due to null pointer reads.


  1. Manager 1.3.1872 Improve ARP matching heuristic.
  2. It improves error handling in correlation test script.
  3. Display ReturnResponseUrl if present.
  4. The tool displays InstallationNotes after a successful install.
  5. Display documentations in the show command.
  6. The new version adds missing localization error handling for root level localization info
  7. Windows Package Manager 1.3.1872 allows using AppsAndFeaturesEntries DisplayVersion info for installed package version mapping.
  8. Indent documentations in ‘show’ command.
  9. The release has Portable Support as a Stable Feature.
  10. Delete unnecessary test code from libraries pulled as subtrees.
  11. The current winget client adds simple stats to correlation result processing script.
  12. Treat manifest localization validation error as a warning for non full validation(manifest reading).
  13. Windows Package Manager 1.3.1872 fixed builds on VS 2022 version 17.2.
  14. The release includes Implementation for Portable Uninstall and Upgrade.
  15. The version loads index from validated msix for unpackaged context.
  16. Includes Doc for ARP version mapping change.
  17. Has bug fix for list or upgrade table for packages with multiple ARP entries.
  18. Includes Setting for Logging Level.
  19. Improve –include-unknown message.
  20. The present version added system architecture to winget –info.
  21. Winget release fix: Only include unknown packages which exist in source.
  22. Allow PackageFamilyName to be declared with non msix installers.
  23. This version of the manager includes the addition of the initial 1.2 schema with ‘Portable’ installerType.
  24. Causes build pipeline task fail on unit tests failure.
  25. Windows Package Manager 1.3.1872 removes duplicated message about unknown versions.
  26. Furthermore, it exposes simple applicable installer check in Com API.
  27. Fix pipeline build – ensure project target version matches the AppInstaller package.
  28. Includes uninstall functionality to Com API.
  29. Clean duplicated message when no upgrades.
  30. Anonymize Com caller value.
  31. Fixed issues preventing compilation on VS 2022 17.1.
  32. Rename source auto update group policy.
  33. Function that will accept source agreement.
  34. Portable apps specification.
  35. Include policy definition for ms-appinstaller to ADMX.
  36. Change to official DNS.
  37. Enable upgrade help to inform of list ability.
  38. Mitigate the crash occurring in CompositeSource.
  39. The new release will use AppsAndFeatures name and publisher.
  40. Apply the latest loc patch.
  41. Add support for the InProc Com invocation.
  42. Display the fine-grained blocks in progress bars.
  43. Furthermore includes support for 1.2 Schema Additions.
  44. 1.3.1872 version Update portable spec with symlink solution design.
  45. Also, add nuget publish pipeline for in-proc Com binaries.
  46. Add support for in-proc Com state separation.
  47. Also, the new release adds heuristics for matching packages to ARP after installation.
  48. Optimize images.
  49. Add a system for testing correlation E2E.
  50. Make In-proc Com nuget package better support .net framework 4.
  51. Build pipeline updates and improvements.
  52. Fix issue with correlation chaining from the SQLite index.
  53. Fix exceptions breaking out of the multi-package install loop.
  54. Update README.
  55. The release has fixed passing null parameters to Find-WinGetPackage.
  56. This will allow winget to install Microsoft Store packages without an account.
  57. Require selection argument on uninstall/install/show/search.
  58. The winget will delete ARP matching for a single ARP modification, and consider publisher+name for matching.
  59. The version has Implementation for Portable install flow.
  60. Fix packageId and source Id match check for portable install.
  61. Windows Package Manager 1.3.1872 acts on elevation requirements in the majority of cases.
  62. The version also adds Package Dependencies to the index.
  63. The rollout updates
  64. Carries bug fix for PackageTrackingCatalog and SQLiteIndexUpdate.
  65. Winget 1.3.1872 updated TSG with more information about a known issue.
  66. Appended argument to manage whether to upgrade packages if they have unknown versions.
  67. This version has credit to have first drafted client cmdlets from Hackathon 221.
  68. Fix some build warnings.
  69. Fix Typo available in
  70. Winget brings support for UnsupportedOSArchitectures manifest element.
  71. Also, the tool Added check for the maximum size of downloaded file names.
  72. The curent version fixed DLL load error in WinGetUtil.
  73. Update localization strings.
  74. Add comments for localization.
  75. Winget 1.3.1872 moved Installing Dependencies message to only print if there are pending dependencies to install.
  76. This version adds experiment to find if PATH is a common issue.
  77. The release will check FS feature flags and doesn’t check for NTFS.
  78. Windows Package Manager 1.3.1872 add titles to 1.1 schema for Way-2: Via Control panel as well as ExpectedReturnCode.
  79. Divide pipeline build job into x64 and x86.
  80. New edition of Packet Manager will allow upgrades in packages that register a different installer type.
  81. It will add a default user agent to REST source calls.
  82. Add upgrade functionality to Com API.
  83. Print the upgrade table during upgrade.
  84. In addition, it will add support for markets.
  85. [ImgBot] Optimize images.
  86. The Windows tool fixed crash that could occur when failure pointers are null.
  87. Added addtional check for valid arguments in an upgrade.
  88. Also, add InstallerErrorCode to COM interface.
  89. The tool has updated GIF animation for winget install winget.
  90. Bump version to 1.3.

Important – The Community Repository of this tool does not accept portable applications. The apps will not be accepted until after 1.3 is universally available and has been rolled out to the majority of systems through the automatic upgrade from the MS Store. Users may test with local manifests.


Download link – Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller_8wekyb3d8bbwe.msixbundle

Source – Github.

That’s all!!

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