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Windows Phone 8 tips – – Windows 8 tips are becoming handy as this Operating System is seeing improvement every day. The features are improving and the experience is becoming smooth. Like the Android OS, the manufacturers of the Windows phones do not customize their phones much, so tricks work nearly on every phone from whichever manufacturer they are made of. So, these tips work on very phone whichever manufacturer they are made of:

  • Kids corner: This feature will only help you to show what you want to show to your children on the phone. In other words, you can lock all the features which you do not want your children or kids to see. The important mails, contacts and others can be locked which would make the phone more user-friendly.
  • Photo editing: The ellipsis symbol appears on the bottom right hand corner when the image is viewed. By clicking this, the editing toolbox is revealed which includes many features such as the “save,” “rotate,” “crop,” and “fix.” These features become very handy and give the best photo editing experience.
  • Text translation: This phone becomes very useful when anyone is in a country where he does not know the language. Simply, scanning the language will show you the translated language you can understand. It requires the image to be photographed. It even scans the barcodes, QR codes, and others.
  • Capturing screenshots: This trick literally helps you to take your best video shots. One can take the snapshots by clicking the power and home button at the same time. This will take the snapshot.
  • Identify a song or its performer: You have heard music and felt that it is worth listening, so using Xbox Music and the data connection, the song will be identified. The browser will show the artist and the album and even gives the option to download it.
  • Making a Skype call: This trick is very simple. It requires to download Skype and enter the login details. From here, one can chat, view profiles, and make calls and others.
  • Text size adjustments: This is found in “ease of access” section under setting. This allows to adjust the screen size. The screen contrast can be adjusted. TTY/TDD — the telecommunications system assists those with hearing or speech difficulties.
  • Making tabs more handy: “use address bar button for,” chooses this feature and selects the tabs. This will allow you to swap between tabs without visiting the options menu.
  • Searching a Web page: The Search tool “Find on page” in the browser becomes very handy when we want to search anything on the webpage. This requires typing the query in the box which shows the results.
  • Adding a language: In the main settings menu, select the option “language+region”. This will show the list of languages you can download. Once you have downloaded these, you can swap between languages.

Hope, these tricks make your Windows phone more customized. Join the discussion forum by logging in.

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