Page Snooze: Chrome Extension to manage opened tab

In the hope of getting more information quickly while web surfing, you open multiple Tabs in the existing browser. Indeed, it is right way to access more important webpage swiftly. In reality, such act consumes more bandwidth as well as provides lesser internet speed. Both instance are heartening. It would be ideal to snooze a few opened tabs to get rid of such situation. While searching solution for this, I come across reliable ‘Page Snooze’ Tool.

The ‘Page Snooze’ is valuable application that effectively works on Chrome browser. The application snooze your opened tabs for a certain period of time. All snoozed tab to be hidden up to 2-weeks and it will appear only once time is up. Now, I am about to derive ‘how does Page Snooze extension functions’ ?

To use Page Snooze extension, you need to install particular tool, using below link. Once you install Page Snooze extension on Chrome, an icon automatically appears in Chrome Toolbar. Now browse all such webpages in multiple Chrome Tabs, you don’t want to glance at a moment, but later on. Then click on to existing Page Snooze icon in Google Chrome Toolbar. Once application successfully snoozes all opened Tab, it notifies you with remaining time.

When it is required to check all snoozed tab then you have to navigate ‘Option Page’. You can access ‘Options Page’ only after right-click on the existing icon. You will see a complete list of all snoozed tabs at Option Page of Page Snooze application.

Download Page Snooze (Chrome Extension)

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