Windows Terminal Canary 1.20.2792.0 is available to download

Apart from the established Windows Terminal Stable (Latest) and Preview (Pre-release) versions, Microsoft is introducing a version for those inclined to experiment. The inaugural release in this category is the Windows Terminal Canary 1.20.2792.0. According to Dustin’s update, they are currently fine-tuning the distribution strategies for the terminal.

Presently, the app installer is exclusively accessible for Windows 11. However, it is anticipated to be extended to Windows 10 in the near future. For Windows 10 users, the portable ZIP option remains available for the time being. The drawback is that it lacks automatic updates, but the terminal team is actively addressing this issue.

Windows Terminal Canary 1.20.2792.0

At present, the Canary channel bears resemblance to the Dev (Preview) channel. However, the intention is to provide Canary users with a greater scope for experimentation within the terminal. For developers on the Preview channel, there might be potential issues with Visual Studio due to its automatic updates.

DHowett, the Developer of Windows Terminal Canary says, “While we work on refining our distribution plans for Terminal Canary, I wanted to post some getting-started links here for you adventurous folks who want to live on the leading edge. It tracks our main branch and will almost certainly be broken from time to time!”

Portable zip and App installer are provided to download Windows Terminal Canary. These will possibly work on Windows 10 (19041+) and Windows 11.

For now, Canary channel updates via WinGet or the GitHub releases page are not available.

See about the stable and preview version: Windows Terminal 1.14.196 and Preview v1.15.200 both are live.

For those who are interested in experimenting with Windows Terminal, Canary version is the best option. However, some releases may be broken sometimes because it is under development still you can play with different features on the Terminal here.

Windows Terminal Canary 1.20.2792.0 download links:

App Installer for x64, arm64, and x86 –
Portable ZIP for x64 –
Portable ZIP for ARM64 –
And Portable ZIP for x86 –

That’s all!!


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