Windows Terminal Preview v1.10.2383.0 is available to download

The new version Windows Terminal Preview v1.10.2383.0 is released with an amplitude of changes, bug fixes, and features.

Windows Terminal Preview v1.10.2383.0

Windows Terminal Preview has received a new version with several significant changes, bug fixes in Accessibility, “Default Terminal”, “Quake” Mode, Reliability and features. This roll-out comes with many of the preview changes in Windows Terminal v1.10 to the stable channel.

See the changes in the following part of this post.

Windows Terminal Preview v1.10.2383.0 features, fixes, and changes

Here is the changelog –

  1. You can now select a different display language in the “Appearance” settings.
  2. Terminal will now present an icon in the system notification area when “Quake” mode is enabled.
  3. Kindly have a look at the following release notes for more information: Windows Terminal Preview v1.10.1933.0
  4. The original equipment manufacturers and system integrators who are willing to pre-packaging Windows Terminal with a Windows image are given a preinstallation kit.
  5. ou can see the details here – DISM documentation on preinstallation. If you don’t have an intention to pre-install Windows Terminal you should keep using the msixbundle distribution.
  6. The developers have also backported the underneath features, changes, and bug fixes from Windows Terminal Preview 1.11.2421.0:


  1. You can now delete autogenerated profiles, that just about says it all, sorry for taking so long on this one! (#11007) (#10910).
  2. Bold or “intense” text can now be displayed as bright colors, a bold font, or both (#10759).
  3. We released 1.10 with the new default set to both bold and bright, but have reset it to just bright until we work out some text rendering issues (#10958).
  4. Set intenseTextStyle (flag enum, default bright, options bold, bright, all) in any profile.


  1. Windows Terminal Preview v1.10.2383.0 ships with Cascadia Code 2108.26, which contains fixes for some ligature issues, Hebrew glyph positioning, and more.
  2. In the settings UI, we’ve changed multiple tooltips to replace “checked” (as in, a checkbox) to “enabled” because they are toggle switches now (#10885).


  1. The console (and terminal) will no longer hold on to large memory allocations after large I/O requests (#10738).
  2. Windows Terminal Preview v1.10.2383.0 now loads WSL distributions in a different way, and will not hang on startup waiting for them (#10967).

Windows Terminal Preview v1.10.2383.0 Bug Fixes


  1. An issue where opening a tab with Narrator running resulted in no output has been fixed (#10971).
  2. Moving your screen reader cursor by line, character and document is now more reliable (#10991).
  3. …and should no longer cause an occasional deadlock. (#10937).

“Default Terminal”

  1. Command-line applications launched through “Default Terminal” now follow the windowing behavior setting (#10823).
  2. Applications launched into terminal no longer erroneously believe the screen to be 9001 lines tall (#10772).
  3. We fixed an issue resulting in Ctrl+C never reaching handoff applications (#10751).

“Quake” Mode

  1. The “quake” window’s borders will no longer appear on adjacent monitors (#10676).
  2. Dismissing the “quake” window and summoning it on another display will now properly update its size (#10674).
  3. Snapping the “quake” window to another display will also properly update its size (#10744).


  1. Saving your settings will no longer destroy them if settings.json is a symbolic link (#10908) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  2. When you attempt to use Alt+Arrow Keys with no panes, we will now send those keys to the connected client (#10806) (thanks @FWest98!)
  3. A crash during startup/command line execution regarding moving focus to a new pane has been quashed (#11040) (thanks @Rosefield!)

Terminal Emulation

  1. You can no longer erroneously interact with mouse-mode applications at bad coordinates when they are scrolled away (#10642)
  2. Selected text will no longer move off of its selected line as more text is output… (#10749)
    … until it no longer fits on screen, at which point it absolutely will.
  3. The alternate buffer now inherits its cursor state from the main buffer (#10843) (#10878) (thanks @j4james!)
  4. We’ve put a sock in a very loud exception handler (#10901)
  5. We will no longer try to resize the display if the size hasn’t changed, and no longer clear your selection (#10895) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  6. C1 control characters in SetConsoleTitle will no longer cause Terminal to lose sanity (#10847) (thanks @j4james!)
  7. The terminal will no longer scroll vertically if you have a horizontal wheel (#10979)
  8. RIS no longer even has a chance of failing (thanks to @amie42 for spotting this after the PR merged!) (#10661)

User Interface

  1. No longer will dropdown menus and combo boxes fly wildly off the screen if you scroll or drag the window! Rejoice! (#10922)
  2. Restoring from fullscreen no longer accidentally counts the window border as part of the new size (#10737)
  3. The window border is likewise ignored when calculating the initial position of the window (#10902)
  4. We have removed a double scrollbar from the settings UI, which was a fix for another issue, which has now been fixed properly (#10716) (thanks @mimvdb!)
  5. We’ve fixed some focus tracking bugs that occur during complicated command line handling (#10978)
  6. There is no longer an annoying issue where some people on non-100%-scaling displays would not be able to use the tab bar when maximized (#10746)
  7. The settings UI animations are now slightly less obnoxious (#10934) (thanks @Don-Vito!).

Download Windows Terminal v1.10.2383.0 –


Source – Github.

That’s all!!

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