ZFSendToTarget Windows 11 or 10 – How to Open this File Type

File type ZFSendToTarget meaning and ways to open and run this extension.


If you are an avid Microsoft user and have been using Windows, you must have compressed files or folders quite often. Well, Windows uses a special file extension that contains a zipped file archive known as ZFSendToTarget.

Most commonly, you will come across this file type as an email attachment. So here in this article, let us explore all the details of the ZFSendToTarget File extension.

ZFSendToTarget File Type

The ZFSendToTarget file type or file extension is developed by Microsoft, the giant software corporation. Upon making a right-click on the file and selecting SendTo “Compress (Zipped) Folder” you can simply make out the meaning of the file extension as Zip File Send to Target.

This file type is located on the %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo, and the file extension found to be in the folder is ZFSendToTarget. These extensions are the results of users often trying to compress the file to upload it on the internet or send it via email.

For example, you may have written huge lines of code and uploading it over a website may require compression and this is where you can choose the SendTo option.

How to open this file extension

You can use WinZip to open this specific file format very easily. Also, to open the ZFSendToTarget File format, you can use special software or application available on the official Microsoft Store. Or you can search on Google for a third-party application.

If you have the proper software, simply click on the file and you can launch it instantly. Or right-click on it and choose Open With and henceforth select the apt application to open the ZFSendToTarget file. Also, Windows XP has an inbuilt program where you can easily open the file extension.

Some of the very famous applications to open this file format are 7Zip, WinZip, FilZip, etc. There are some other as well which you can easily find on the web.

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