How to Activate Credit Card in ICICI Bank Step by Step

How to Activate Credit Card in ICICI Bank Step by Step – This bank presents world level facilities and services to its customers, and it has put a milestone in Indian Financial growth. The bank offers credit cards to customers to help them tackling their financial need. After an ICICI credit card is provided, you should have to activate it then you can get its advantages. For activating such a credit card, few simple steps are being given below.  


Ways to Activate Credit Card in ICICI

Here at first, I Would like to say that there are various types of the credit card which are for several benefits like benefit on fuel, movie, dinner and a lot more. It should be chosen earlier before going to select any credit card.

icici credit card

Apply Procedure

  1. For activation of credit card please visit the official site of ICICI bank  and there select the credit card option. You may click this link for this: ICICI Bank Personal Banking Cards
  2. After selecting credit card, you will see the “Apply Online In 2 Simple Step” option as drop box.
  3. Then click on it now a new page will open. This page requires some personal information such as – Where do you live, Date of Birth, Your occupation, Salary, Have you an account in ICICI ..etc.
  4. After submitting the personal information, click on Show Eligible Card.
  5. This action will take few second, and the bank will produce eligible cards. You have to choose any one of the cards according to your needs and fill up all the required field and submit it, and now your work is over.

Activate Credit Card in ICICI

  • If you are a new user of the credit card you have to register to get a 3D secure PIN. So click the link first – 3D Secure service ICICI.
  • You will reach on the webpage of ICICI 3D Secure service. Now click on the link New use – Register now.


  • 3D Secure service Registration page comes, scroll downward until reach the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of 3D Secure service. Click I Accept button.

i accept button at the 3d secure service

  • As soon as you click the button a new page comes asking for Card number. Write your credit card number and click Next.

How to Activate Credit Card in ICICI Bank

  • Now you will have to generate your PIN, so follow the guidelines given to you.
  • After the PIN is generated you will every time login using this for fourther transactions.
  • If you face any issue click this link to get help of ICICI Customer care service.

The bank will issue your credit card in few days. The ICICI bank will provide you the Credit Card and PIN to use it. Now you are able to use your credit card everywhere as your wants and needs.

At last, I would like to add a suggestion if you want any other convenience you may contact to ICICI customer care Helpline.

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    7 thoughts on “How to Activate Credit Card in ICICI Bank Step by Step

    1. I have received my new ICICI coral Credit card and have also received 4 digit PIN .How to use this card for online credit card payment with this 4 digit PIN?
      Please advise.

    2. Rakesh Chander says:

      I have received a platinum visa credit card & a 4 digit pin no. I tried to use it for online credit card payment. However, when I entered the 4 digit pin no., system was displaying declined as such i am not able to use my new credit card. could you guide me?

    3. I lost my ICICI credit card yesterday . How i will get replacement card

    4. Very Useful information sir, I got ICICI platinum card and I have activated it successfully thanks for this post.

    5. s chandrashekar says:

      My renewed platinum visa credit card was received followed by a 4 digit pin no. I tried to use it for online credit card payment of my bsnl payment. However when i entered the 4 digit pin no., system is asking for a 6 digit pin no. i am not able to use my new credit card. could you guide me.

    6. Useful post buddy 🙂 You need to create a PIN by using the credit card in ATM.

      V K BERI

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