How to Add Email Accounts in Windows 8 Mail App

How to Add Email Accounts in Windows 8 Mail App – Windows 8 beta version offers a lot to its On-net or Off-net users. If you want to configure  Gmail account or Hotmail account in email client tool then follow given tips.
There are two methods to configure Gmail account online in Windows 8


How to Add Email Accounts in Windows 8 Mail App

First Method

  • Start the machine and keypunch Win key in order to launch Metro apps screen.
  • Click  the Mail apps link on the top side.
windows 8 start screen Mail apps
  • Account setting dialog box is appearing, click the Account button located at the  left bottom corner and choose Google button.

Account Settings in windows 8 mail app

  • Type Gmail user Id and Password and click on Connect button.
insert gmail account id and password
  • Now Gmail Account has been configured and you can access Gmail account automatically in Windows 8 email apps.

Configure Gmail account in Windows 8

Second Method

you can also configure Gmail account in Windows 8 from Charms bar settings.
  • Hit Windows key + C jointly to bring out the Charms bar settings  and tap on Settings button.
  • Click / tap on Account link which is the first choice situated at the Mail pane.
windows 8 charms bar setting
  • Promptly Accounts window comes to view, here click on the link – Add an account.
  • Now you will reach on username and password pop up. From here, you can create your Gmail account as usual.

How to Configure Email account in Windows 8 Mail App

If you want to add Hotmail account online in Windows 8 at first, you have to open any browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.).

  • Signing in is the initial task you need to perform.
  • Click on Options menu located on the top side right pane.
  • Now click / tap on the More options at the bottom of the drop down.
Windows 8 Hotmail account options
  • A new page opens up titled as Managing Your Account.
managing windows 8 hotmail account
  • Click the choice at the second position saying Sending/Receiving Email from Other Accounts.
  • A new window is opened, choose Add an Email Account and type your Hotmail account ID and Password.
choose Add an email account option
  • A new window is opening, and it asks to set output location of incoming and outgoing email message in either another folder or default Inbox tab.
  • Then Select the Inbox choice and hit the save button.
  • A confirmation email to ensure the account is added by you will be dispatched to your Hotmail account.
  • Check your mailbox and click the link sent to you in order to verify it.
  • After locating Metro Screen Mail app, you can navigate to the Hotmail and utilize it.
How to Add Email Accounts in Windows 8 Mail App


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