How to Register Mobile Number with PNB Bank Account For SMS Alert

You can register mobile number to get SMS Alert of your PNB Account to get update to your Account through mobile phone. Today Almost every bank facilitates SMS Alert service to consumers and register Mobile Number to provide lots of information through it. Updates like transactions, withdrawal and deposit in your bank account, Cheque clearance, internet banking activities loan EMI reminder  and more rush to you through SMS Alert. You have to fill up a form (PNB 1167 ) and submit it to the PNB Branch where your account exists for this purpose, but today it can be done on your own. You can get register your mobile number through ATM and calling Customer Care also. So here we are describing few steps which would help you in getting your mobile number to get SMS Alert of your PNB Account.

Ways to get Mobile Number Registered in PNB Account to get SMS Alert

  1. By visiting any PNB ATM
  2. By visiting any branch of PNB bank
  3. By calling to the customer care of PNB bank

Mobile Number Registration through PNB ATM to get SMS Alert

  1. Firstly you have to go in PNB ATM with your debit card or ATM Card, and then you have to insert it in ATM machine.
  2. After that you have to put your PIN number carefully.
  3. Then choose the option of mobile number registration at the screen of ATM machine.
  4. Thereafter you have to enter your own mobile number.
  5. Once again you have to enter your own mobile number for the confirmation that whether you have enter your mobile number is right or wrong.
  6. At last you have to follow to select your account type information. After following these steps your mobile number will be successively registered.

Mobile Number registration for SMS ALert on PNB ATM

By Visiting The PNB Branch to Register a Mobile Number

You can also get your mobile number registered by visiting to the branch of PNB bank. There you have to fill up a for named PNB 1167 and submit to the official. After few period of time they will register you mobile number for SMS Alert Service.

You can download this form from here also: Download PNB 1167 SMS Alert Form

Register a Mobile Number to PNB Account to Get SMS Alert by Calling Customer Care

An another easy process is also available to get your mobile number registered with PNB bank Account to get SMS alerts. Yous can  call to customer care for this.

1. Firstly you have to call to the customer care with your mobile. The contact number of customer care is 1800-180-2222.

2. After that the agent of call centre will authenticate your ID. Then your request of registration of mobile no. with PNB bank will be accepted after successfully authentication.

4. After that your mobile number will be successfully registered with your PNB bank Account.

 Cost of SMS Alert Service for PNB Bank Account

However you can get a lot of information through SMS Alert service of PNB, but you have to pay cost in return. For this service the bank deducted Rs. 15 in every quarter of a year. Few people like senior citizens, PNB Staffs, PNB Retired Staffs, Students are exempted from these fees.

Few Important things to know are you can get SMS alert on any mobile you have. Because these information are sent through mobile number, hence there is no condition about device. You can get your mobile number unregistered also if you want by submitting an application.


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