All About Backup, How to take backup of Windows and Outlook

Keeping the backup of all the files of the computer system should not only be a habit for every computer user, rather it should be a practice. Everyone is aware of the unexpected such as hard disk crashes and others which may cause a lot of data loss. This article is about how to go on with the backup files and how to recover data.


Importance of backup: File deletion is a chance process. There are no excuses once a file gets deleted. The file removals can be a casual deletion, virus attack, complete hard drive crash and others. The important documents of office work or family memories can get lost. Luckily, nowadays, people practice backing up the data to some other device which protects it from the virus attack. The Backup data can be done to a variety of the media, such as CDs, DVDs, External Hard Disks and even online cloud storage. It is better to store the data in multiple places such as both online and offline.

How to do Windows Backup and Restore: This feature has been improved over years in the Windows Operating System. Start typing Backup in the Search box and then click the desired option. For, the first time if the backup is being done then it is always recommended to have a full System backup which becomes very helpful when the system potentially stops working. It can be brought back to the initial state.

When Backup is being made for the first time then, it takes a lot of time depending on the number of files that have been chosen for the Backup. But the subsequent backups will be quicker. It is better to schedule the backup for a particular time.

How to Backup email in Microsoft Outlook: Microsoft Outlook saves the emails with the .Pst extension which is usually not detected in normal backups and hence they are not stored. So, these files have to be separately backed up. Let us see how:

Step 1: Start with launching Outlook.

Step 2: Choose the File tab, click on Open and then Click on Import.

Step 3: A list opens: Choose an action to perform list. From here select: Outlook Data File (.pst).

Step 4: Select the folder in which the Export is to be made such as some external media.

Step 5: Click Finish.

Hope, this article helped you a lot in knowing more about backups.

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