10 Best Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

Windows 7 is a very popular OS by Microsoft and even after the emergence of many new OS, people still keep Windows 7. Hence, knowing a Windows 7  tips and tricks, how to, would help improve your experience with this good OS. Here are some interesting tips:

(i) Windows Problem recorder

Windows Problem recorder is a very useful tool for those of you who are new and confused regarding handling and using any software, game, multimedia app etc in Windows 7. Instead of explaining to an expert step by step about how you tried to run an application unsuccessfully, you can just let this tool to do this for you. For that, you need to:

1. Go to the start menu.

2. Click on Run.

3. Type PSR in the RUN dialog box.

This starts the problem step recorder application. Now windows will record all your steps, mouse clicks and also the screen captures of the windows you visited. It will then pack them as a zipped MHTML file that you can show or mail someone to let them aware of your exact problem.

(ii) Burning ISO Images

Every other Operating System had this feature, but not Windows. But, Windows 7 finally brings out a feature that allows you to burn an ISO file on to a CD or DVD. The procedure is very easy. Just insert a disc in the drive and make a double-click on the ISO image present on your computer. Then select the drive of the disc you inserted and then select the option Burn. Your disc gets created.

(iii) Windows Power Consumption Status

You might want to know about the amount of power your system is using and also the ways to reduce it. You can do so by the Windows command prompt. The tips are:

1. Go to the start search menu and type cmd. The icon is displayed and then you need to right-click on it and select ‘Run As Administrator’.

2. The familiar command prompt screen appears before you. Type powercfg-energy and hit Return.

3. The windows then runs a power scan on your machine to collect the required data. It puts all the data in an HTML folder usually located in the System32 folder. In any case, the path to the data folder will be displayed on the command prompt screen. Follow it to know your power consumption status and the required steps to minimize it.

(iv) Connecting Projector

Windows 7 readily allows you to switch your display to a projector through simple tips. Just hit Win+P or run DisplaySwitch.exe. You will have a projector option that you can select to display visuals on a projector.

(v) Calculator

Windows 7 calculator initially looks to be a simple application that performs the most basic of all calculations, but if you care to go in the view mode then you will find a lot of modes in which the calculator can be operated to perform statistical, scientific, commercial or even fuel mileage calculations. That also includes unit conversion and history feature to record your steps.

(vi) Create VHD File

Windows 7 allows you to create a virtual PC where you can mount your VHD files and access them anytime. To do that, follow the tips below:

1. Go to the start search and type diskmgmt.msc and hit enter.

2. The disk management window opens up. Go to the Action tab and click on ‘attach VHD’ option in the drop down menu.

3. Then either type the file name or browse for it. Then click OK.

Your file is now present as virtual drive in the explorer and all drive operations can be performed.

(vii) System Repair Disc

Creating and keeping a system repair disk is wise as it can be very helpful if your Windows 7 has boot problems someday. The process is very easy. Go to start and then maintenance. Click on System repair disk and windows will create an emergency bootable disc for use in emergency.

(viii) Troubleshooting Pack

Windows 7 troubleshooting capabilities are very good and helpful if you care to use them. In order to troubleshoot a program, you think, is not working well, just go to the start menu and click on Control panel and then click troubleshooting in the control panel window. A host of troubleshooting packs are displayed from which you can choose the necessary.

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